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Visual Content Layout - A very friendly way for creating content layouts in Drupal

Visual Content Layout is a Drupal 8 Module developed to manage text filters HTML content layout and visual elements like iconography, accordions, tabs, non table columns, images, videos, list, CTA’s, etc.

The HTML output of module is based on Bootstrap components and grid system.




  • Open pre-configured sandbox on
  • Click Launch sandbox and wait.
  • Click Log in (email and password should be pre-filled).
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    From Zen to Starterkit... lost column layout

    Hi all, I just started experimenting with my own Zen subtheme. A stupid problem I can't fix is I lost the 2 column layout in the original Zen theme when I changed to the subtheme. I thought these 2 were supposed to be identical at the start... My navigation now shows on the bottem of the page, after content. How can I solve this?

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    Theming cck

    Does anyone know of a way in the create content section to have two columns I have never seen it, but need to be able to do it. Thanks

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    Creating a "columnists" view...

    I'm trying to create a columnist view for a client, wherein each user's name and photo will appear along with their most recent columns (blog postings). It should look somewhat like this:

    I cannot figure how to leverage views to display more than one node title for each user. Any ideas? thanks.

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