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Views block pager


I have a calendar block which is present in a sidebar next to a list of events, and the events details themselves.

What I need is for the view to show the date of the current event where appropriate. I know this isn't really a date issue so more generally I need to be able to set the start page of a paged view based on a contextual filter.

Any ideas?



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Clean URLs working fine, pager, overlay and other queries not

In D7 (upgraded from D6) I have managed to get clean URLs working with Nginx thanks to the various help and documentation available here and there online.

What doesn't work are queries of the ?page=1 or ?destination= type, for some reason.

The config is very similar to:, particulary the line:

  location @rewrite {
        rewrite ^/(.*)$ /index.php?q=$1;

and the few preceding lines.

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Pager Simples com Next e Previous sempre presente

Olá a todos

Tenho conhecimentos limitados de php, mas imagino que isto seja fácil de resolver. Não estou a conseguir alterar o pager de modo a ter um previous sem link, ou com link vazio, na primeira página.

Encontrei posts que referem ser necessário alterar a função theme_pager_next e a theme_pager_previous mas não entendo muito bem como.


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how to include pager page number in links produced by a view?

Hi. I'm working on a new Drupal site (using D7) and am struggling to figure out how to do something that I think must be very basic. I'm using Panels to lay out a page with two panes. One pane (call it the "link view pane") contains a view of links to nodes of type "Event" (a custom content type that I've defined in my site), and the other pane (call it the "node display pane") contains the content (title, body, etc) of one of the Event nodes. Clicking on one of the links in the link view pane causes that Event node's content to be displayed in the node display pane.

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Theming Pagers

Is there a way to theme pagers? I'm fairly new to Drupal, so I hope this isn't a dumb question. Specifically, I've designed a themed pager that would augment the pager used by the views module, but not sure what to use to implement my theme- a theme hook? theme hook suggestion? template file?

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Looking to create a custom pager

Hello guys,

I was hoping to get some insight as to how I can go about not displaying my sites pager in the default location but display it another region on my site. Would like to move it from content bock to post script block 2.

Would I create a block then include some PHP code to render the pager in that particular block?

Any good tuts?

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Ajax-ified View creating problems with pager

I have a view which accepts taxonomy terms as arguments. I have accomplished the basic functionality using an ajax request.

Problem is, now the pager href is in the format of the ajax request (I'm guessing this is because the output came from that url) as opposed to: "?page=2" etc.

Does anyone have any tips on overcoming this? Cheers

Ajax code:

var container = $('#content-inner');

$('#block-menu-secondary-links a').bind('click', function(){
    var trigger = $(this);
    var arg = trigger.attr('title');

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Have an existing website with multiple Views on a single page built with Panels module. Each of the views uses Pager. When any of the Pagers are clicked all of them advance. How can I make it so that each of the Pagers work interdependently?

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Views block - how to keep the current selected page active between page reloads?


I have a simple list of node references, which has been been produced via Views - and is being displayed as a block.

When the list is full, it's spans multiple pages. I've enabled the pager which allows the user to navigate between these pages. I'm also making use of the ajax feature to allow each page to be loaded without a page refresh.

My question is, how would it be possible to keep the current selected page active between page reloads?

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Themining .. Client wants XYZ, Drupal gives ABC

Yes, I'm using devel w/theming, and I get "theme_pager()" as the function to override for this full pager at the bottom of my View. Ok. So all I did was copy theme_pager() over into my template.php, rename "theme", and suddenly, my pager is stripped down to just the pages-- it no longer has the prev next, first last links.

I tried removing that theme override again, and instead use the theme_pager_first(), and that one I can play with all day.

Can someone provide some knowledge on what's not right for me?

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