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Server Programmer for Facebook Games | Large Animal Games

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We're looking for a server programmer hungry to create games that connect people through entertainment. You'll be working on implementing features for specific games and enhancing our in-house cross social network platform along the way. You'll need to think creatively, be able to provide efficient solutions to programming challenges and communicate technical issues in a non-technical way.

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Is there any MySpace analog to this group?

MySpace is apparently opening up their platform, creating the possibility for a Facebook-API-type module that lets people sign into Drupal sites with their MySpace account.

Info here:

Is there a Group for MySpace just as there is for Facebook on I searched, and couldn't find anything. Would anyone else here be interested in starting one?

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Facebook Connect

What do you guys think about new API's launched by Facebook last week? It seems like it's going to make dataportability really easy. Here's the announcement on Facebook's site:

Are there any drupal apps that enable you to do this already? I know of the Authentication module.

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Niche/Themed Site

My daughter has asked me to create a niche social site themed around her favorite anime character...

I am planning on building the site on Drupal and I already know most of the modules I want to use.

However, I am not sure if there is a module available for allowing the end-user to create customized graphics, backgrounds, or colors on their start page (short of allowing them to change their personal theme for the entire site).

Any help would be appreciated.

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Azhar Drupal Malaysia's picture - a good idea, now gone; Proposal for Malaysian/SouthEastAsian Friendster Facebook MySpace

Wow long title and long list of tags :)

I checked out today and it was not renewed; it was owned by MENJ and it used the `Handshake' SNS software.

Whereas uses the PHP-Fox software

Cyworld is advanced SNS (you can try the English version

Habbo Hotel, Gaia Online, are for younger teens and kids

Cyworld/Habbo/Gaia earn money by `micro transactions' - kids pay around 30 cents - these SNS earned millions in profits

My proposal is:

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How to create a Social Networking Site like Orkut, MySpace using Open Source Drupal ?

Hi All,
After reading a lot of forums around and deciding to build my own social networking site, I have created a list of modules that I think we might need to build one:

I am working on the complete tutorial and probably, later a code base as well to be released back to Drupal community as I progress in my project.


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