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DrupalCon Barcelona - GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums) BoF

A quick heads-up that I've just added a Birds of a Feather session at DrupalCon Barcelona, to discuss Drupal for GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums). If anyone with interest or experience in using Drupal for this is going to be there next week, it'd be great to see you there.

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"All galleries" layout settings do not work after installing i18n

My "All galleries" layout settings do not work after installing i18n.
I am kinda new to Drupal7 so it may be me, but any ideas?


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tips for a video gallery with controlled access?

Hi everyone,

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Simple way for site editors to create image gallery?

OK all,

I've tried emfield with feedapi and flickr. I only get 20 photos from rss on flickr. I tried the Flickr module, but the blocks don't take arguments, and so I can't display and more than one photoset per block, and I have multiple users and programs on my site. I've tried Image with Image Gallery, but a standalone FTP client is too hard for my users.

What should I use for my not-so-tech-savvy users to create image galleries on their lonesome? Third party or site hosted, as long as I get the original or sufficient quality, I care not.



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Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe just released Photoshop Express - a free online photo hosting service and editor. It looks really promising; this app really impressed me. It has tons of little features but all presented very well and simple, in my opinion. The application was done in Flex and offers these features that anyone can use for free.

  • Photo hosting (2GB)
  • Load/Browse photos from Facebook, PhotoBucket, and Picasa (Google)
  • Edit photos
  • Preview edits in live mode and with scenario example previews
  • Make 2D/3D slideshows (that rock!) and even share them (perfect for portfolios and photographers)
  • Full-screen mode (awesome!)
  • Share photos/galleries
  • Rate photos
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