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Einladung: POST /bank Hackathon in Köln (Freitag - Sonntag; 03.06.-05.06.)

Liebe Drupal-Communy,
wie der ein oder andere schon erfahren hat, organisiere ich einen POST /bank Hackathon in Köln. Wir haben wegen der großen Nachfrage und ein paar Stornierungen noch ein paar Tickets nachgeschoben.

Der Hackathon findet ab kommenden Freitag (03.06.) bis Sonntag (05.06.) in der Wohngemeinschaft in Köln statt.

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How about a hackathon weekend in Goa in March?

Proposing a code sprint in Goa in month of march 15.
Lets spend a weekend coding for D8 while the sun is ablaze in the day and move to the beach as soon as sun starts setting down. The season is ending and there is lot of beer left in the stocks :)

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Hackathon at the Launch Festival in San Francisco

I'm interested in gathering a Drupal savvy team to join me for the hackathon at the Launch Festival in San Francisco, to join my team working on timeback.me. Here are the details:

When: Friday, February 27 - Sunday, March 1

Where: Fort Mason, San Francisco

Who: By application only 800+ vetted developers & designers

Door Prize: All attendees receive a free pass to the 2015 LAUNCH Festival

Philosophy: Supporting builders with awesome prizes, awesome food/service, awesome hackathons.

Judges: Influential tech investors & founders that startups want to impress.

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Software Engineering Intern | SlashRoots

Employment type: 
Part time
Not allowed

The SlashRoots Foundation is seeking bright young minds who are passionate about technology, design and social development to join our team as we expand our programmatic and community activities.

Our internship programme is now accepting applications for one Interaction Design Intern( https://bit.ly/srfdn_designIntern ) and one Software Engineer Intern( https://bit.ly/srfdn_engIntern ). Positions are based in Kingston, Jamaica and are available for immediate start. Terms of reference are also attached.

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La app ganadora en DAL2012 es base drupal + arduino

Estimados amigos,

Un saludo desde escuelab.org

Nos agrada compartir que la aplicación ganadora de la innovatón "Desarrollando América Latina 2012" es una solución medio ambiental que proporciona datos abiertos capturados con un arduino y publicados en un Drupal.

Conoce más del proyecto ganador aquí: http://bit.ly/11ECHwB

Felicitamos al equipo: Renzo Arauco Dextre (@the_dexter), Juan Peña Wagner (@piggito), Jordi Cook (@themoloch) y Antonio Cucho (@antoniocuga).

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Hackatón de Drupal Arequipa - Actualización

Se han juntado desarrolladores en Arequipa y Lima para reconstuir el sitio web MissionsHub.org desde cero en un solo día - un hackatón ([[http://groups.drupal.org/node/212393|10 Marzo]). Teníamos un desarrollador en Canadá y una tester en Malawi (Africa). Teníamos desarrolladores experimentados y estudiantes que asistieron para aprender mas. Conócelos mejor aqui...

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Geekslab Hackathon

Gostaria de divulgar um evento que, embora não seja à partida directamente Drupal, pode ser eventualmente ter uma «costelinha» deste. Trata-se de um hackathon dedicado à produção de «objectos úteis» recorrendo ao «mashup de APIs». As várias que compõe o Drupal podem bem ser utilizadas.
Abaixo mais informações para avaliarem do interesse. Não faço parte da organização, mas acompanho as actividades de alguns elementos do grupo e pareceu-me interessante.



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Great American Hackathon

This looks great - I wonder if Brillobox is available?

From: http://www.sunlightlabs.com/hackathon09/ :

On the weekend of December 12-13th, we're holding an open, distributed, nationwide hackathon to develop open source applications to open government. The goal is to solve as many open government problems as we can with as many hackathons across the country as possible. We've teamed up with Mozilla, Google, Redhat and Fedora, who will all be working with their developers to make things happen, and we've teamed up with Open Source for America and Code for America —there are opportunities for everyone to make a difference.

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Hosting a Drupal Users' "Hack Night"

Hi All,

I'm a co-organizer for the Triangle, NC Drupal User's group, and we're looking to increase our number of meetings to 2x/month and have one of those meetings be a "hack night" or sorts, where members come in with their problems and find someone to help them find a solution.

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience hosting an event of this type, and if you have any advice, tips, warnings, etc. to provide to those of us looking to do this for the first time.


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Drupal 7 Patch and Development Sprint at IIT Kanpur, India

From 12th to 15th February, IIT Kanpur will hold FOSSkriti (essentially an open-source-oriented conference with sprints and workshops). I have put in a proposal to hold a "Drupal Patch and Development Sprint". Below is the proposal mail that I sent...
website - http://techkriti.org/#/fosskriti

Our primary aim at the hackathon will be to try and tackle some of the
impending Drupal 7 patches in the pipeline. Drupal 7 is poised to be
the best Drupal release ever (with stuff like a completely re-written
DB layer, a unit-testing framework, improved usability, better file

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