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A "chautauqua" for developing a Drupal application that tracks employee time off

I am developing my first module and decided that the application I'm building would make a good case study for learning a lot of aspects of Drupal (including cck, workflow and actions), and so I'm putting it here, with an eye towards posting how I've accomplished the various functionalities, soliciting input for how to approach certain aspects of the application (a few of which are stumping me), and finishing up with a demo and/or webcast of the finished product. I will contribute the module, too, once I figure out how to do that :-). Bottom line - we need learners AND experts in this "chautauqua" to make it a real learning experience. So please jump in and follow along, comment, ask questions, and provide expert opinion!

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Workflow for Drupalversity - how to contribute!

Now that this project has started to move, I've started to think about it less in terms of something that I can build myself and more in terms of a bigger project that lots of different people can contribute to, usually in a relatively small way.

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Possible idea for acheiving publishing workflow complete with post editing restrictions

I am building a site that is in need of a publishing workflow that needs to be able to revoke editing of posts after a certain transition occurs. A few ideas seem like they could work. The one that seems relatively easy to implement I will outline here.

Drupal Version:

Modules used:

Possible method:

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