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January DUG Meeting - Thursday 19th Jan 2012

This months Drupal Users Meetup.

I've had to push this meeting back 1 week due to having to deliver a Drupal site the day following the original scheduled date.
So it's now on the 19th (instead of the usual 2nd Thursday which was the 12th)

This month:
We will be looking at 2 useful modules.

Flag and NodeQueue.

I will also be going over the 960 grid system for CSS for anyone who hasn't used it yet.

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Leveraging Facebook, and efficiently managing the tools available for community communication and growth

I'm wanting to get a discussion going, primarily about creating a Facebook page for the South African Drupal community, secondarily about the other communication tools at our disposal and how best to use them.

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A Summary Report of Your Drupal User Group

Please take a few minutes to briefly summarize how your local group is doing, and what kinds of things you are doing, perhaps include the following stats:
* How Long Have You been Meeting
* Average Attendance
* What kind of Venue do you meet in (donated office space, cafe, pub)
* Sample Agenda
* How do you do introductions

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Organizing effective (and fun) local user groups session at Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit

Andy Laken organized a great panel discussion about Organizing effective (and fun) local user groups at the Pacific Northwest DrupalSummit in Vancouver. There were a number of people who took notes, and I hope they will post them here on this discussion.

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Topics that our User Group Meeting might have?

Some topics I can think of that I would be interested in sharing and also learning about:

  • How to use Drupal 7
  • Case Studies of Successful Drupal Sites
  • Automating Drupal development

Please add your take on this!

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Drupal powered Job database for NGO

Last Saturday August 1, members of the Hackerspace Brussels gathered to build a job database for the NGO Zuiddag.

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Fun times with Drupal in Halifax?

Well, we just had our second meeting. There were only two of us present (Ryan and I) but this is great news as Ryan wasn't there for the first meeting.
Then, to follow - I was @ Carlito's on Quinpool the other morning and ran in to another Drupal dev I've been meaning to track down for a little bit (will be inviting him in to the group).

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Towards a Drupal User Group Installation Profile


I am the founder of the Belgian Drupal User Group (http://drupal.be), we also have a lot of visitors from the Netherlands.
This weekend I organised two User Group related meetings at FOSDEM2008 (http://www.fosdem.org/2008/schedule/devroom/drupal).

Meeting: Dutch speaking Drupal User Groups
During the first meeting we made an sitestructure + actionplan (which will be published here when it is ready) to create a common installation. More details will follow but the general idea was

  • a single installation for both drupal.be and drupal.nl
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