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Many parent groups vs node-references

Is it better to have many levels of parent groups or just node references?

Given the following scenario:

|__ Products
|__ Clients
|__ Wish lists

It's easy to see that Vendor is the group, Products and Clients are that groups content, and Wish lists can be content of the Clients, which means that they would be "Group/Group Content"

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Documentation for data requirements for creating nodes through the JSON Restful Server (Services 3, Drupal 7)

We have a project to complete for a client that involves setting up a restful web service backend for a set of mobile apps for Android and iOS. We have elected to use Drupal as our restful server and utilize the JSON service available through Services 3 along with the spyc library.

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Leverage Modify Node Fields functionality to allow users to change referenced node CCK values

I have a site that was built specifically for a service company. They have content types for job and address. On any particular day, they will have a list of jobs and their associated addresses (one address per job) displayed in a view.

I have installed VBO and configured it to modify the node fields of the job in this daily job view. It also displays some information from the address. In particular, it shows the mapping coordinates for the address on each job.

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Widget setting for module Node Reference

I have a question:

In Story content type, create a CCK Node Reference as "author". Config Autocomplete for the matching is "Starts with".
In Page content type, add Existing field "author" and then config Autocomplete matching the is "Constrain".

But when I creating node in the Page, the "author" field is "Starts with" not "Constrain".
If I change the type of story is "Constrain" and Page as "Starts with", when add node in the Page is "Constrain".

I keep settings are different for each Content type when create node
(In widget settings work fine)
Please help me.

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Themeing Node Reference Fields

Is there a way to format a node reference field in d6 so that every time it appears it displays not only the title, but a collection of fields from the referenced node? I have a node reference field called field_investigations_reference that is used to reference articles (investigations) so that they can be place on a homepage in a curated way.

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Combine Content profile module with profiles node linked with a node reference field


I've just written a post of my blog on a mix usage of content profile module with other nodes called extended profiles linked to the content profile node.
I want to achieve a way for other user to create the profile node before the actual user this profile relates to, in a wiki way.
I would be interesting to have your feedback, your opinion on this method, and per aps ideas about things I've not solved concerning permissions and d7 porting.


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CCK Node reference y Views

Hola gente!

Tengo una consulta quería ver si podían ayudarme. Estoy montando una feature en un sitio Drupal 6 y tengo dos tipos de contenidos:


Los temas son como books, están jerarquizados y tienen un montón que cosas teóricas. Los recursos son archivos (filefield), sitios de referencia (link), vídeos (emfield), etc, etc. Cada recurso tiene de 0-n campos de Node Reference.

Ahora bien, quiero que en determinado nodo del tipo de contenido Tema aparezcan todos los recursos que están asociados a él mismo.

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Sorting on a fields from a referenced content type - NULL values

Hi again,

I tried searching for this but couldn't find the right keywords :P I'm sure this is a common requirement.

What I want to do is sort my view on a field from a referenced content type. But the problem is that the sort column is coming back with all NULLs.

For example, say I have 2 content types: Sales and Province, where the Sales table has a node reference to Province. The Province type has a Display Order field that I want the view to be sorted on.

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hierarchical select node reference proplem

I'm having a problem with Hierarchical Select, and I'm not sure where to post the question. Hopefully someone here can help me out.

I have 2 Node reference fields controlled by hierarchical select in a node type. This is for a sports site. I'm using the node type to input matches between teams.

Node reference 1: sport -> league -> team1
Node reference 2: sport(will be the same as 1) -> league(will be the same as 1) -> team (can be different).

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Making Groups show in "Advanced - Nodes that can be referenced"

I have an 'Event' content type that uses node reference to link 'Person' who attended that event.

When I edit the event, the nodereference field shows all 'Person' content types (a large list and growing). So I created a View to filter the options of who could attend which events. I want to break down this long list of people into Groups.

I tried to achieve this in two ways...

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