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Error EntityIsOfBundle::doEvaluate() en rules 8.

He estado tratando de crear una regla que se ejecute con el evento “después de crear un comentario”, pero he tenido algunos problemas puesto que me lanza el error:
TypeError: Argument 1 passed to Drupal\rules\Plugin\Condition\EntityIsOfBundle::doEvaluate() must implement interface Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityInterface

He estado buscando algunas posibles opciones de solución pero sin resultados positivos, probé otros condicionales para el evento “después de crear un comentario” pero no he logrado tener mayores resultados incluso para otros condicionales.

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Help for Newbies for Rules 3 (for D8)

It seems that the Rules community is very tied up with getting Rules 3 past the alpha stage and thus it is difficult to get documentation and help for it. It is very challenging to find solution using Google, Youtube, Reddit, IRC and StackExchange (the usual ports-of-call)

Can we use this Discussion for people who are new to Rules, particularly to Rules for D8. The target audience are more site builders than coders.

We can also aggregate any links we might find online which may help.

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How to send notifications only for OA team members?

I have a rule to send an html mail when new content is created, but is not respecting the user permission to access content.

Is an Open Atrium site that works with OG. I have a space with 7 teams and only team members can view team contents (7 sections asociated to 7 teams). All users have the same role (filter by role is not a solution for me).

The content type in question have two entity reference fields: group audience and section (one per team).

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Enviar notificaciones vía rules


Tengo un problema con el envío de notifiaciones vía rules haber si alguien me puede ayudar...

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Trigger a rule based on the time in a date field..


Seem to be a little stuck..

I have content that has a date field with a start and end date and time..

I want a rule to trigger if the node:field-date:value is between 8am and 8:30am.. I have been trying to create a condition of "Data Comparison" where node:field-date:value is greater than "07:59:59" and another condition where node:field-date:value is lower than "08:31:00".. Even running where node:field-date:value is lower than "08:31:00" on it's own doesn't seem to work..

I assume the correct strtotime syntax is simply hh:mm:ss to apply to any date?

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Rules components running other components..

I need to create a situation where a rules component is scheduled to run on certain nodes selected from a VBO view on a certain date, the component then runs another component as part of it's actions..

So in other words..

VBO View schedules Component 1 for a certain date..

On that date Component 1 runs and executes its actions and executes Component 2 which executes its actions..

The issue is that the Component 1 is running but Component 2 isn't..

If I execute Component 2 manually it works fine so the component is working..

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Commerce + Rules | Private Firm

Employment type: 

UPDATE (July 22) - Problem solved!!!! Many thanks to Brad Jones for the solutions & the rest of the community for reaching out to help me.

UPDATE (July 18 - Afternoon): Progress has been made, but the remaining issue still exists:

Trying to tailor this rule, however I'm not able to find the data selector which houses the coupon code that's been entered...

DEV site is: http://bi.dev3.webenabled.net , add something to the cart & checkout (use 1st item under Summer Specials), once on the cart review page there is an opportunity to add a coupon, which is what I'm trying to access.

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Rules + flags

Hi guys.
I got an issue. I got 2 content types. Place and Event. Events using 1 field with Place name. People can bookmark Places. So the issue is. I want to make a rule on event: After saving a new content, to send an e-mail to user, who bookmarked the Place with new Events of this place.

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Need help fixing Registration Code's integration with Rules

I need to fix Registration Codes integration with Rules. I already contacted the maintainer for help and he is no longer actively maintaining Regcode.

I have also tried the IRC support channels and haven't had any luck there.

The problem is some where in the condition function in regcode.rules.inc. When I try to choose the either condition " Code comparison or Tagged with", it doesn't register in Rules configuration and nothing happens.

I need to get this working so I can get my site up and running. I'm really new to coding, but willing to learn.

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envio de correo cada 3 meses con rules

buenas noches, tengo una duda con rules, a ver si me pueden ayudar. tengo una pagina web funciona para ayudar a adoptar las mascotas abandonadas http://www.mascota.t15.org/ la pregunta es la siguiente, me gustaría mediante el uso de rules a los tres meses de publicado y luego cada tres meses le envíe un correo al creador del nodo si esa mascota (nodo) no la han adoptado , como podría hacerlo con rules.? gracias

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