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Why is a date field posted in one format and returned in a different?

I started working on a C++/Qt library for accessing a Drupal site via Services and a REST server (I'm more into C++ than PHP and Drupal module hacking), when I ran into the following problem: When I retrieve a node via node.retreive request, modify some fields of the returned JSON object and repost the changes via node.update request, Date field content will be killed.

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Documentation for data requirements for creating nodes through the JSON Restful Server (Services 3, Drupal 7)

We have a project to complete for a client that involves setting up a restful web service backend for a set of mobile apps for Android and iOS. We have elected to use Drupal as our restful server and utilize the JSON service available through Services 3 along with the spyc library.

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Views and WordReference API, can this work?

I am wondering if the Service module can work with Wordreference API @


It is a JSON server. Do you think I can retrieve data from Wordreference in my Views search using the Servicde module? Any tutorials on how to do this? What I am trying to achieve is that when you search in my Views search for a term for example, it will get the English>German translation from Wordreference displayed as well? Any ideas?

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Getting Started - Help!


I've just started using Services 3 for a project where (eventually) we will be accessing Drupal via webservices. I have the modules installed and everything seems to be working in my tests.

However, as I try to start to try to create nodes, I am running into problems.

I have setup a REST server, with node as one of the resources available. I can create a node, which is stored in the database, but it is only creating the title. It appears that my formatting of the JSON query is not correct, but I can find little to suggest where my problem might lie.

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Configuring Services for consumption by external site.

I'm looking to create an api for my site where another site can consume and display certain data from my site. Ideally I would like to limit access to only those domains that have applied for an API key. I also am think that the JSON server makes the most sense. I've tried to go through the documentation, but there are stil a number of think that are not clear.

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