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Alguien ha themeado con exito una view en Drupal 8?

Basándome en la api y el turorial que se vincula en los comentarios (de la api), logré que Drupal use mi versión custom de views-view-unformatted.html.twig, pero no logro que use mi versión custom de views-view-fields.html.twig

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D8 Launch Party - Sydney!

Let's Celebrate D8 in Sydney! Sign Up today: http://www.meetup.com/drupalsydney/events/226089455/

Come on down to the King St Brewhouse at King Street Wharf, Darling Harbour to celebrate the long awaited launch of Drupal 8. Free drinks and food will be available from 6pm through to 8pm. We will kick on long after that.

Want to get involved?

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D8 Release Party in Madison?

Would there be any interest in putting together a release party in Madison? How many people would we need to make a party? I'm willing to invest some resources in getting something going if we can reach a critical mass.

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Singlebrook Open Source Volunteer Day - Saturday, 9/19/15

Singlebrook would like to invite local / regional Drupal developers to join us here in Ithaca for an Open Source Volunteer Day on Sat., 9/19 from 9:30am-4:30pm.

More information about the event can be found via the Eventbrite registration link:

Please feel free to spread the word and/or sign up to code with us this weekend!



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D8 Layouts - Come Sprint with Us at Sydney, or Virtually during the conference!

To help push D8 Layouts initiative (fondly known as "Scotch") to the finish line for features, we need YOUR SUPPORT NOW MORE THAN EVER!!

We've planned a code sprint on site at DC Sydney, but we're officially inviting you to join no matter where you are via IRC in #drupal-scotch.


Top MVP issues before Feb 18th:



  • Context
  • Conditions
  • Responses
  • Assets
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    D8 Updates - VDC and Mobile info updated!

    Only local images are allowed. The lovely XJM updated the Views in core info -- Thanks Jess!! Read all about it here: http://drupal.org/community-initiatives/drupal-core#vdc

    Mobile info was updated - thanks for the update John! (He's on vacation folks, so don't expect quick answers!)
    Check out the updates here:

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