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Create term with specific tid

Hi all!

I'd like to know whether there is a way (via code) to force a specific tid when creating a term, or a specific vid when creating a vocabulary.

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Integrate Taxonomy with Organic Groups

Has anybody come across trying to integrate Taxonomy with Organic Groups?

I have a site with following structure:
= Home (Main Page)
= = News (Sub-page / Primary Menu Link)
= = Business (Sub-page / Primary Menu Link)
= = Technology (Sub-page / Primary Menu Link)
= = Entertainment (Sub-page / Primary Menu Link)
= = Sports (Sub-page / Primary Menu Link)
= = LifeStyle (Sub-page / Primary Menu Link)
= = Travel (Sub-page / Primary Menu Link)

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Best way to enable triple tags

Hi there! New to Drupal. I need help.

What module(s) or resources are best to help me enable triple tags, where:
1. Each tag is composed of a subject, predicate, and object.
2. The subject, predicate, and object can be chosen by users from specific nodes on my site. Each field can suggest nodes as you type.
3. Two nodes with the same name can be differentiated by an ID or something.

My goal is to link my nodes into a linked graph that can be queried by something like views. I want to display the relationships between nodes (the graph).

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Taxonomy Terms Pages With Panels & Views

Hey all,

I'm trying to create a site using taxonomy term pages with panels and views as described in this fantastic Drupaleasy blog post:

I've managed now to set-up the site so that all content is automatically categorised onto individual pages according to its taxonomy term so I'm all good there. The problem I'm having is in creating a panel which will display all of the term descriptions of for the children of any given top-level term.

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My taxonomy menu links to non-existing pages after one link is used

Can anybody give me a hint please...

I have created a menu that shows my taxonomy. After clicking on one term, you are taken to the list view of all nodes with this term.
when I click on this term I takes you to the site.
So far so good.
But: the menue is still shown also on this side (which is supposed to be that way too) and takes you when clicked on it to a non existing site.
I realised that the link it points to adds the current path to the site path.

When clicked on, it shows the result, lets say "hufflepuff".

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Taxonomy link to organic group throws Access-Denied

Hello out there,

I wanted to group the Organic groups to form a higher hierarchy above the OG. I do not need anything like permission nesting, so Taxonomy feels like a good solution.

But I encountered a problem. Here is what I tried step by step:
- installed the taxonomy-menu and menu-block modules.
- created a taxonomy and entered some terms.
- referenced some Organic groups to some terms.
- created a menu block containing this taxonomy and let it display on front page

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What is the best taxonomy layout for this site?

I have a website which will have 7 different categories. Each category has between 1-60 terms underneath it. Should I make 7 vocabularies then or make only one which has a hierarchal structure underneath it with the 7 parents with their terms underneath?

I'm trying to save some space on the content type form since I don't want 7 drop down menus everywhere. Ideally, I'd like to have an autocomplete box which has a controlled vocabulary...

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Context sensitive sub-trees


Searched but didn't find this particular functionality being discussed. What I'm trying to do is use different parts of the same hierarchical vocabulary when creating 2 different content types.

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Depth Taxonomy Menu

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make a taxonomy menu for tags, but I would like this menu to add on to the current URL of the page the person is on. I would like to achieve this for the purpose of users being able to sort my websites default categories by user submitted tags.

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How to allow users to add Tags (free-tagging) to Taxonomy Terms and not Taxonomy Vocabulary?

I want to group Tags under each Taxonomy Term and make more sense of it, and allow to display Tags in respective Terms Pages.
However, these Tags will have separate identity and will not just be added as child Terms under the parent term.
So I will have a Taxonomy Terms List Block (either a Views List OR a dynamic expandable block by DHTML Menu/ Taxonomy Menu modules).
And another block of free Tags associated only to this Term.

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Tagging old Content with new Taxonomy Terms

I've been using a Drupal site for a while now but just started playing around with views. It became clear that I would need taxonomy terms to catagorize my content correctly.

So though my site has probably a month's worth of content on it, today I created taxonomy vocabulary and terms. Volia! Everythings great... All NEW content gives the option to add the taxonomy tags. Problem is... all the OLD content, the previous books that I had created are not allowing me to link them to the taxonomy terms from the "Edit" page.

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Missing vocabulary on create content form

Not sure what's going on with this. I have several content types that use three vocabularies:

Region: Single-select, required, fixed list of terms
Type: Multi-select, required, fixed list of terms
Tags: Free-tagging

The first two vocabularies have been in use for weeks and work fine. I just added the third this morning. It is assigned to all the content types that are meant to use it -- but it is not showing up on the content creation pages. The other two vocabularies do, but no input field is available for tags.

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Help /taxonomy/term/<tid> failing when term created in a certain way

this is a real scull scratcher for me.
I have been doing a database migration from an old mambo CMS.

Everything goes fine... the nodes get created in two languages, the relationships between translated nodes is preserverved, the mambo tags get transformed into drupal taxonomy terms.... all great.

But then...
For the content in spanish, I have to transform the terms into new spanish tags.

my process goes something like this.

I create the vocabularies
I create the english terms, including adding entries in the term_hierarchy that indicates a flat hierarchy

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Using the taxonomy features to import (and use) ontologies

We are developing, or better testing, whether Drupal is the CMS we should use to build an ontology-centric data management tool. We're very much in the exploratory phase, and are therefore exploring the options.

There are various tasks and goals we need to check, but regarding the taxonomy/ontology, we want to be able to import ontologies (e.g. as the ones posted on BioPortal) including the relations, synonyms and properties (very important).

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Add term(s) automatically if another term is added to a node?

I am hoping this is possible or if someone could suggest an alternative method:

I have a site that uses a videogame title as a taxonomy term for a node. I'd like to also tag the node with other taxonomy terms based on that videogame title. For example, the node would also get tagged with the names of the consoles for which the game is available.

I was hoping there's a way that if I tag a node with a game title, I can program those game title terms to somehow automatically add the tags for the correct console names.

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Senior and Junior Drupal Developer (2 positions) | Natural History Museum, London

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

We seek two Drupal developers (one junior and one senior position) for 3-year (full-time) posts at the Natural History Museum London, as part of a major collaborative effort to help researchers share and manage biodiversity data on the Web ( The work will include design and implementation of web applications, web services, data schemas and other applications and services.

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Problems theming the taxonomy page

I am trying to follow excactlly this video -, with no success!
The taxonomy_term_page.tpl.php is working for me this way.
But, it shows no taxonomy on the page.

Maybe becuase I am using a free tag for adding the taxonomy?
Maybe becuase on my views, in the arg setup I don't see the "Only allow numeric UID"? I don't know why I don't have this... ???

I have also tried this - but did'nt understand what next with it? Create a node-taxonomy.tpl.php?

Thank's ahead..

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How to restrict the selection of childcategories to one parentcatergory?

I have a taxonomy with a structure like:

mode of transportation

  - Convertible
  - Pick-up
  - Race car
  - Van
  - ...
  - Classic bicycle
  - Mountainbike
  - Race cycle
  - Trike
  - ...
  - Canoe
  - Ferry
  - Skiff
  - U-boat
  - ...

I want the user to be able to choose 3 subcategories from only one parent category, but they should be able to choose from which parent category.

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Stupid Tagorder Question

Okay, this is undoubtedly a stupid question but ---

I am working on a site that has a taxonomy type which the client wants to have displayed in the taxonomy weight order -- the terms on the edit page are of course sorted by taxonomy weight, but since term order isn't saved anywhere, the terms don't show up in order when the node is displayed.

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Proposed Specs for Competency System

there are two parts: Competency repository and the competency-to-product mapping module

Competency Repository

The repository is a space/site dedicated to storing community defined Drupal-related competencies. But what is a competency? How are competencies organized? I have been doing some pondering and tested my thoughts with a google search.

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