Discuss, collaborate on, and share code and information for developing and using taxonomy and its contributed modules (and, where relevant, the more general topic of relating content).

Have questions about categorizing, tagging, sorting, or organizing stuff in Drupal? Used taxonomy in such a great way that you have to share? Want to talk about taxonomy so advanced even more esoteric words like ontology and orthogonality are needed to describe it? Need to keep up with the latest tools for all this? We shouldn't label people, but this group is for you!

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Add term(s) automatically if another term is added to a node?

I am hoping this is possible or if someone could suggest an alternative method:

I have a site that uses a videogame title as a taxonomy term for a node. I'd like to also tag the node with other taxonomy terms based on that videogame title. For example, the node would also get tagged with the names of the consoles for which the game is available.

I was hoping there's a way that if I tag a node with a game title, I can program those game title terms to somehow automatically add the tags for the correct console names.

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Senior and Junior Drupal Developer (2 positions) | Natural History Museum, London

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

We seek two Drupal developers (one junior and one senior position) for 3-year (full-time) posts at the Natural History Museum London, as part of a major collaborative effort to help researchers share and manage biodiversity data on the Web ( The work will include design and implementation of web applications, web services, data schemas and other applications and services.

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Problems theming the taxonomy page

I am trying to follow excactlly this video -, with no success!
The taxonomy_term_page.tpl.php is working for me this way.
But, it shows no taxonomy on the page.

Maybe becuase I am using a free tag for adding the taxonomy?
Maybe becuase on my views, in the arg setup I don't see the "Only allow numeric UID"? I don't know why I don't have this... ???

I have also tried this - but did'nt understand what next with it? Create a node-taxonomy.tpl.php?

Thank's ahead..

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How to restrict the selection of childcategories to one parentcatergory?

I have a taxonomy with a structure like:

mode of transportation

  - Convertible
  - Pick-up
  - Race car
  - Van
  - ...
  - Classic bicycle
  - Mountainbike
  - Race cycle
  - Trike
  - ...
  - Canoe
  - Ferry
  - Skiff
  - U-boat
  - ...

I want the user to be able to choose 3 subcategories from only one parent category, but they should be able to choose from which parent category.

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Stupid Tagorder Question

Okay, this is undoubtedly a stupid question but ---

I am working on a site that has a taxonomy type which the client wants to have displayed in the taxonomy weight order -- the terms on the edit page are of course sorted by taxonomy weight, but since term order isn't saved anywhere, the terms don't show up in order when the node is displayed.

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Proposed Specs for Competency System

there are two parts: Competency repository and the competency-to-product mapping module

Competency Repository

The repository is a space/site dedicated to storing community defined Drupal-related competencies. But what is a competency? How are competencies organized? I have been doing some pondering and tested my thoughts with a google search.

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Taxonomy Session at DrupalCon Copenhagen

I've submitted a session about Drupal's taxonomy system, focusing on taxonomy management and Drupal 7.
If you are interested, vote for it :)

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Creating Taxonomy Vocabulary and Terms on Node Create

Is it possible to create a taxonomy vocabulary and terms on node create?

I am using a parent - child node relationship through node reference. And I would like to present the parents' taxonomy to it's children as options. I know that I can create a taxonomy vocabulary separately and then assign that vocabulary to the parent node. But from a user perspective it would be great if this could be done through a more streamlined method during node create and edit.

Create Parent Node
- Create vocabulary
- Create terms
Create Related Content

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Group rows in a view by a single vocabulary

I'm sure there is a module or a config option somewhere, but I just can't find it after a few hours of searching...

What I want to do is create a view that is grouped by the terms in a single vocabulary. Grouping by all of the terms in all vocabularies that the node belongs to is easy by adding the "Taxonomy: Term" field, and then grouping by that (it is fine for there to be the same node in more than one "group").

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Fast and powerful servers, but slow site


We recently launched a new website with drupal and to avoid the site to often break, we decided to buy to servers. One who handles http requests, and the other where all queries occur.

We thought it would be easy, but the site is offline every our (almost when the cache is flush). Additionnaly, the site cannot handle more than users ( we consider a user is connected if his access time is lower than to 500s).

Here are the specs of our servers:

On the both servers, we have 16 cpus - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU - , and each has 2.27GHz speed.
Ram is at 12Go on both servers too.

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How to use taxonomy with migrate module?

Hi all!

I have a few thousand entries I need to import from CSV. I was going to use migrate module. How do I tell migrate module to use the taxonomy I created for e.g. keywords? Finally, do I create the CCK fields like I normally would, e.g. Keyword 1, etc if I am using taxonomy?


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Digital Archivist | University of the Arts London - Ligatus Research Unit

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Digital Archivist – Shorter KTP Associate

£18,200 - pro rata

17.5 hours per week, 10 month fixed-term contract

University of the Arts London is a vibrant world centre for innovation,
drawing together six Colleges with international reputations in art,
design, fashion, communication, performing arts, conservation and

We are pleased to work with Book Works in a Knowledge Transfer
Partnership (KTP) on a high profile project to develop Book Works’
digital archive using innovative online archiving techniques to optimise

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Set default categories for each content type

Hi guys, I'm fairly new to Drupal and still figuring out some things. Is it possible to pre-populate the taxonomy field in a content-type with some terms, and if possible, require those terms to be there when the content is created, all while allowing users a free vocabulary to add their own terms?

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Link Taxonomy Terms to Custom Page or Panel

Hey all,

I just created a module that allows a person to enter individual custom paths for each taxonomy term in a vocabulary. May be ingested plain or with a sauce of Taxonomy Breadcrumbs.

Check it out. Any I'd be much obliged if someone would review my code.

I've been a longtime member of the Drupal community, and I'd like to get involved... ...who knows? Maybe even help maintain a module, your module, even.


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More user friendly taxonomy options

Hey guys,

I have been trying to get an image gallery setup at work and I noticed a few things that I think should be added to taxonomy.

First, a simply modification to _taxonomy_term_select() allows for checkboxes instead of the dreaded multiselect box, which requires the CTRL key in order to pick out certain terms. Less knowledgeable users cannot be expected to know of this CTRL function, and thus I believe that checkboxes would be much more desireable.

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container usability book taxonomy hierarchy?

I am a new one for drupal. I am facing with some problems like that....

product typeA
product typeB
Under groupA, B and C, there are my real nodes like product.So, how can I solve this problem.
Any suggestion?
Can I use 'book' for it?.
Sorry for my englilsh.

Thanks in advance!

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What would be the proper way to handle vocabulary modifications when the menu terms are locallized?

I am using taxonomy_menu 6.25. I have localized terms with the default language being English and the alternative Bulgarian.

Unfortunately, every time the vocabulary terms are updated or the menus are rebuilt, the mapping between the menu items and their Bulgarian translation is lost. This leaves the menus when Bulgarian is active in the default language (English). I can still see the translations in the locales_target database though.

Is it something that the taxonomy_menu module should handle when _taxonomy_menu_rebuild() and taxonomy_menu_taxonomy() are called?

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Would like to restrict list in Relevant Content to Workflow: Public

I have been looking for a good "related content" module ... after testing out a handful, I really like Relevant Content. My only complaint is that there's no way to restrict the output to stories whose Workflow state is Public; I end up getting stories on the list that are in Draft or Ready for Review status, as well as the Public stories.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Would like to combine Primary Term and Taxonomy Breadcrumb

I am building a website in ProsePoint for a small daily newspaper. The stories will likely be linked to more than one taxonomy term, but I would like to be able to use breadcrumbs to point users back along the path of one term for each story.

If I use Taxonomy Breadcrumb by itself, it doesn't always choose the term that I would like. I can use Primary Term and Custom Breadcrumb to set up a breadcrumb trail with just one term (the Primary Term), but I want the entire breadcrumb trail, the way it's displayed in Taxonomy Breadcrumb.

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Advantage to have in the url all terms: taxonomy/term/1 54 31 32 33 29 28 30 2

With drupal 5 I not haved this type of url; (module used taxonomy menu)
now in drupal 6 I have this type of url;which is the advantage?

for the subterms is possible to change in /all but only if one use a Default path
and work only for subterms; so not for vocabulary;

but is possible to not have all the list in the url?

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