Discuss, collaborate on, and share code and information for developing and using taxonomy and its contributed modules (and, where relevant, the more general topic of relating content).

Have questions about categorizing, tagging, sorting, or organizing stuff in Drupal? Used taxonomy in such a great way that you have to share? Want to talk about taxonomy so advanced even more esoteric words like ontology and orthogonality are needed to describe it? Need to keep up with the latest tools for all this? We shouldn't label people, but this group is for you!

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Categories/Taxonomy Question - parent and child terms

Note- this was originally posted to the Drupal in Education Group. I thought it might be more relevant here:

I'm working with a few groups of instructors on sites that facilitate lesson plan creation, sharing, and discussion.

We're using taxonomy to create several vocabularies like the following:

* Syllabii
* Course Calendars
* Sequence 1 (4)
* Sequence 2
* Sequence 3 (2)
* Themes (2)
      o Art (1)
      o Identity (1)
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Where are the DrupalCon sessions on taxonomy?

I've been reviewing the list of proposed sessions for DrupalCon DC, and I'm shocked, saddened and surprised to see (n)one about taxonomy! (There is one about taxonomy, but it's primarily about a contrib module.)

This state of affairs is unacceptable. There are some tremendous improvements to taxonomy module in core for Drupal 7 (thanks to Catch and Benjamin Melançon). With fields in core and the new database layer, Drupal's taxonomy features ache to be rediscovered by the community at large. It would be a shame to miss the opportunity to promote these improvements at Drupalcon.

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Core taxonomy patches

Taxonomy module is undergoing an overhaul at the moment. This is happening in multiple small to medium-sized patches which will be tracked here as far as possible, otherwise check the taxonomy issue queue

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Sorting on Specific Taxonomy Term (not all)

Is there a way to sort (views) nodes based on one taxonomy term.

Node: Vendor
Taxonomy Term for Vendor: Vendor Donation Level
Taxonomy Term for Vendor: Vendor Industry

We show a table of vendors and their vendor industry sorted by vendor name alphabetically. We would like to group the vendors based on Vendor Donation Level. We can't sort on a specific Taxonomy Term. It only allows us to sort on ALL terms.

What would be the approach? Is there a module that allows us to add each Term to views?


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Term Data dump for devel.module

I'm looking for a bit of testing/support for
a "dev load" page view for taxonomy terms I just made a patch for in devel.module.
If anyone would like to have a look at it, that would be helpful.
Follow-up in the issue queue over there.

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How can you set Default catogories on the fly?

Is there a way I can set a default term for the "node add" form?

Here is my problem:

1.When a user first comes to a site they pick a geographic location which is taxonomy term for the "Location" vocabulary.
2.That term id is stored as a session variable.
3. The user later clicks a link to add a node, which also has the "Location" vocabulary .
4. I want the "Location" vocabulary to default to the term that is stored in their session.
5. they should still be able to change the term.

I am also using the Hierarchy Select Module.

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problem with AND and OR in taxonomy: no difference

I am experiencing the following problem: there is no difference in outcome when I specifiy

  • /taxonomy/term/7,80
  • /taxonomy/term/7+80

The result is the same list of nodes.

This is also an issue discussed on the Taxonomy Browser support request pages:
Specifying "and" or "all" on the TB settings page doesn't make a difference.

However, I just found out that I get the same problem when creating the URLs as above which makes me wonder if the problem is TB related or something else.

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EOL Taxonomy Sprint: Goals and Progress


The goals for this Encyclopedia Of Life sponsored sprint are many, but the primary focus is to be able to attach metadata to terms, permit better handling of relationships between terms, and deal with the user interface and performance implications of large taxonomies.

Use Cases

  • A vocabulary with millions of terms: ability to move terms, search terms, even autocomplete.
  • Attaching meta-data to terms: like images, location information, species information, flags
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Taxonomy Code Sprint Participants and their Projects

This wiki is for listing taxonomy code sprint participants and their projects, including attached presentations about how their goals and needs relate to Drupal and our beloved Taxonomy module.

Presentations about taxonomy as preamble for the sprint:
Slideshare presentations (May later embed them here)

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EOL Taxonomy Sprint core issues

This is a quick list of taxonomy issues we're working on at the EOL sprint this week.

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Is the following possible...


I'd like to use Taxonomy in order to define site-wide filters.

What I mean is the following:
On the start page you select a region and one or more Music styles. When you then enter the site, the selections for Regions and music styles should be used as a "global filter" so that one can navigate the site without having to re-select the region and/or Music styles over and over again.

How can this be done?


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Taxonomy term page to display list of nodes instead of full node

If I click on a term in a taxonomy term page I would like to have a list of associated nodes with only titles and not a page with the full nodes.

I have found various possible solutions but they don't seem to work. To be clear: I use the Zen theme and I am pretty much a beginner in php..:
- creating a special node-taxonomy.tpl.php : something then needs to be changed in template.tpl.php but I am not sure what?
- inside the node.tpl.php file do it via $page;
- do it via modules: it can be done with Taxonomy VTN but then I lose the feeds that the normal taxonomy module provides.

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Creating a menu with links to all the nodes associated with a term

Hi there! I'm trying to set up a menu that contains links to all the nodes/stories associated with a term, is there a module for doing that? I've tried looking at "taxonomy menu" and "taxonomy context" but they only seemed to create links to terms in a vocabulary, not to nodes in a term..
Basically, I have a vocabulary called "categories", with 2 terms in it "health" and "food" and I'd like to have two menus in the right column with links to all the articles in each category (and they should update whenever I add a new article)


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Taxonomy vs Node reference

We are in a debate as to whether we should use taxonomy or node reference!

Our website enables selling of Products, especially for Schools and Colleges. Users can create products or purchase products on the site. The Products have some categories associated with it.
Has a tree structure, root, L1, L2,L3. Parts of the categories are repetitive.

eg. Books
-- Education
---- Grade I
---- Grade II
---- Grade III

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Taxonomy improvements for Drupal 7

I think it's time taxonomy module got some more love in core. Drag and drop etc. was nice to get in D6, but there's much more we could do. Also I keep seeing various taxonomy administration helper modules cropping up - which is good, but there's no core patches cropping up alongside them, which is a shame, so I'm starting this in the hope of generating some discussion about things we could do this release cycle.

There's three obvious areas where Taxonomy could use some help.


Merging terms.
Moving terms between vocabularies.
Mass operations (delete, edit).

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Displaying Taxonomy (Free Tag) Terms in the Order Entered?

Has anyone in this group found an elegant way to override the order in which Taxonomy Terms are displayed on a node? Or any way, for that matter...

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Content type specific taxonomy settings.

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has played with the idea of content type specific taxonomy settings.

Currently, the only way to implement a 1-1 and a 1-n relationship between two different content types that I know of would be to do this manually via CCK or the fapi for the two types. Similar situation for required fields.

A quick look at the code, albeit a very very short look, seems that this would not be to hard to implement this. Free tagging could be more interesting. Has anyone tried this in the past?

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Content recommendation modules

I think it'd be useful to have an overview of the various content recommendation modules in this group, and eventually a comparison review in the Handbook.

Warning: several of the modules listed below are under-maintained or abandoned. I've marked the more actively maintained ones (as of 01/2013). If it's not marked maintained, it's probably not.

Featured Content (Maintained)

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The "auto search children" module?

In a discussion on the main site- it has been hinted that there is a module available to automatically do this:

When the user selects a taxonomy term to search, and that term is in a hierarchical vocabulary, automatically search the children of the term, to some predefined depth

I.e. when the user clicks on a link for "/taxonomy/term/tid" the system actually performs "/taxonomy/term/tid/1", or "/taxonomy/term/tid/all".

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First term disappears

I'm having a strange issue with my taxonomy terms. It is quite possibly a views issue, but I figure I'd ask here first to see if anyone has experienced this before. Whenever I'm creating a view and want to filter by taxonomy vocab, the first term in my vocabulary is not visible in the filter. Whenever I give that term a heavier weight, it shows up in the view filter, but then the new first term disappears. Strange. Any thoughts, suggestions? Thanks all, in advance.

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