Discuss, collaborate on, and share code and information for developing and using taxonomy and its contributed modules (and, where relevant, the more general topic of relating content).

Have questions about categorizing, tagging, sorting, or organizing stuff in Drupal? Used taxonomy in such a great way that you have to share? Want to talk about taxonomy so advanced even more esoteric words like ontology and orthogonality are needed to describe it? Need to keep up with the latest tools for all this? We shouldn't label people, but this group is for you!

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Term index node?

Is it possible replace a specific taxonomy term page with a custom (panels) node?

Content Type: albums
--britney spears
--cristina aguilera
--bob dylan
--the doors

and in one moment i want to create a page for dod dylan, with flash, panels, views and others silly things. But don't want to make custom page for the hole vocabularies, just for one term.

Conditional panels, blocks or in content code, are not serious options because don't provide full node features (keywords, title, internationalization, search result, etc).

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Taxonomy permissions

Controlling Access to Apply Taxonomy Terms to Nodes

Module 5.x 6.x 7.x Notes Module Updated Info as of
Taxonomy Role - Yes - Restrict which roles can assign which vocabularies 2011.02.21 2012.06.06
Vocabulary Permissions Yes Yes - Restrict which roles can assign which vocabularies 2010.06.25 2012.06.06
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Vocab Index -- Not rendering empty terms

Hello everyone,

So I'm working on this project, and it's been going pretty great thus far. I'm incredibly close to being done and really kicking ass at getting the site perfect. Then I stumble accross this big pitfall with vocabulary index: I don't want to display terms with no nodes assosciated with them.

Explenation of where the problem occurs:

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Automatic children


Been trying to find a way to use taxonomy to create "automatic" children.

Basically I am working on a site that will display content based on location. So there will be a taxonomy with this kind of structure:

  • Country
    • Region
      • City
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How to make CCK fields do some of the same tricks as taxonomy terms

In Drupal, taxonomy.module implements hook_term to provide links among content which shares a given term. Site builders often use this feature to provide indexes and RSS feeds of their content.

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Does Taxonomy Still Matters?

Hello there,
I´m working with Drupal some years now, and everytime I need to set some sort of classification, I think always in taxonomy. So I create some taxo vocabs and terms and everything goes smooth.

But recently I started to rethink my way of doing it, and started to play with CCK list fields.
You can work with them in a flexible manner, and it does have excellent Views support. You can show them in views and use them as filters, exposed or not.

So, overall, replacing Taxonomy terms for CCK text list fields are OK in my book.

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Taxonomy Reloaded


Taxonomy is Drupal's well-known classification system. It is both powerful and outdated. As chx put it: "Taxonomy is beyond saving.". Taxonomy is slow, doesn't use modern APIs like FAPI and it needs Field integration. Updating existing code would be a long and painful process, since so many things need to be changed: all sorts of code needs to be cleaned up, Field integration, Node.module independency, etc.


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Taxonomy as session

Is there a way i can define terms as session variable and check them in views as argument ?

I have few view blocks on page and i want users to pick terms in header of page, once term is selected i want all blocks to show data related to that term only. Any ideas will be appreciated.

hoping this group is active group and some will write back soon


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Multisites and shared databases


I am planning a multisite project where I want to be able to share users and some content between sites.

All sites will be more or less clones of each other, but they will have different target markets (countries mainly).

What I want to do is:



  • Use Drupal 6.x
  • Have one Drupal installation with many sites
  • Be able to quickly deploy a new site based on a master site
  • Multilingual support (using the Internationalization modules)
  • Share the user database between them
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    Taxonony into views... "This should be simple"

    Hello everyone!

    I am having odifficulty building a view which renders the the taxonomy "tree" for a specific term, displaying like so:(I'm using snowboards since snowboarding is near and dear to me, heh)

    • Snowboards
      • Mens
        • Freesyle
        • Freeride
      • Womens
      • Kids
    • Bindings
      • Mens
      • kids
    • Boots
      • Mens

    ...You get the idea...

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    GUID on taxonomy terms?

    I remember hearing talk about the need for a new database field to be added to Drupal core taxonomy.module's term_data table to stash the GUID/UUID/URI associated with a term. This was particularly relevant for sharing/importing/exporting taxonomies and using standard vocabularies. I suspect it also has relevance to RDF, but my comprehension is still a bit hazy on it.

    OpenCalais calais.module adds a column 'guid' to the term_data table. I can't imagine that there would be any collision risks if other modules insert in this field as well for their own vocabularies.

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    Taxonomy with huge data

    Hello Community,

    for a Web 2.0 Community Page i need some tables with Data. E.G. Zipcodes, Countrys or other Tables with Sportswear ...

    The Question is, can Taxonomy handles Big Tables or is the Bestter Way to make custom Tables and Read with PHP Code?

    Best Regards!

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    Linking two vocabularies

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to taxonomies and am looking for some advice on how i can achieve the following functionality:

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    Intelligent display of multi-level taxonomy

    Hello everyone.

    I am trying to solve the following problem and am wondering if I overlooked anything:

    I am working on a listings directory. I'm creating a content type with CCK and want to use taxonomy to organize the different categories. The structure would be something akin to:

    Directory Vocabulary
    -- Business Category 1
    ---- Subterm 1
    ------ Sub-sub term 1
    ------ Sub-sub term 2
    ------ Sub-sub term 3
    ---- Subterm 2
    ------ Subterm 3
    -- Business Category 2
    -- Business Category 3

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    Where to change the $terms <li>

    Im trying to find where the taxonomy $terms <li>'s

    are created when listed within a node. I need to change the class information that is associated.

    Please see my site here:

    Im trying to get each <li> to float so that I can apply a width to each of them, as you can see they dont align properly.

    I have a custom taxonomy page template with the following code:

            <?php if (count($taxonomy)): ?>
                <?php print $terms ?>
            <?php endif; ?>

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    Hierarchical taxonomy to show all child tags

    hi All

    I've been asked to post my feature request here/.
    I think when a node is tagged with a child tag, the node should also be shown in the parent tag.
    For example, if blog post "A" is tagged with the term "Banking" and blog post "B" is tagged with the term "Investment" and the term "Banking" is a parent of "Investment", then clicking on the "Banking" tag in Post "A" will display post "B" (as well as posts tagged with "Banking").

    Somebody suggested a workaround to this and it works.
    But shouldn't this be the default behavior? Something to consider in Drupal 7?

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    Can blocks show the tags attached to nodes in a list view

    I have created a content type to which I have recently added a tags field. I display the content type in a block from a custom view. I have the block configured to list view. I added a taxonomy term field for the view. However, the tags are not showing in the block.

    Does the block not display tags or have I done something wrong?


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    Categories/Taxonomy Question - parent and child terms

    Note- this was originally posted to the Drupal in Education Group. I thought it might be more relevant here:

    I'm working with a few groups of instructors on sites that facilitate lesson plan creation, sharing, and discussion.

    We're using taxonomy to create several vocabularies like the following:

    * Syllabii
    * Course Calendars
    * Sequence 1 (4)
    * Sequence 2
    * Sequence 3 (2)
    * Themes (2)
          o Art (1)
          o Identity (1)
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    Where are the DrupalCon sessions on taxonomy?

    I've been reviewing the list of proposed sessions for DrupalCon DC, and I'm shocked, saddened and surprised to see (n)one about taxonomy! (There is one about taxonomy, but it's primarily about a contrib module.)

    This state of affairs is unacceptable. There are some tremendous improvements to taxonomy module in core for Drupal 7 (thanks to Catch and Benjamin Melançon). With fields in core and the new database layer, Drupal's taxonomy features ache to be rediscovered by the community at large. It would be a shame to miss the opportunity to promote these improvements at Drupalcon.

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