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Drupal company on Clutch’s Top Developers List

Hey guys, we would like to share with you our pleasant news. Our company InternetDevels was included into annual rating of 12 Top Web and Software Developers in Ukraine, recently announced by Clutch, experienced US researcher of world’s IT industry. We were the only Drupal developer on the list, by the way.

InternetDevels is almost 8 years old, and during last two years we have been developing our scores in order to meet the most demanding customer’s expectations. In particular, we:

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New Star-rating module: Raty

Raty uses the jQuery Raty library: http://wbotelhos.com/raty to enable a 'no-hassle' field input widget &/or output formatter for any numeric-storage field. It also provides a new Views filter for any numeric field.

Unlike Rate & Fivestar (which are awesome modules!), there is no major voting backend to Raty. However, you can still simulate this behavior to a degree since you can use Raty as the input widget for any numeric field on an entity.


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Module Development | Fivestorm Media & Investments

Employment type: 

We're looking for a custom module. The Module should do the following:

Example: User A creates story node
Story node has fileds -
-End Time (preferably a count down timer on node)
System calculates amount of words in story
User A pays for node creation based on word count ( eg. 20 words = 3$ )
User B, C & D submit content to story node
User A selects content based on admin rating
User selects (example User B's) content
User B gets 50% of purchase price (eg. $1.50)

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Fivestar ratings *almost* working through views (NE GiveCamp wrap up)

We're trying to implement a Q&A side for our news site, and got through 95%-ish of it this weekend at GiveCamp following this tutorial, but I'm running into problems getting the fivestar to save the rating properly ... I think I've messed up the relationship somehow but I can't figure what gives.

The site is live on our dev, and everything looks perfect except that if you click one of the rating options, you get the following:

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Rating in Quiz


It's the first time I use this module, so please forgive my ignorance. I have looked around about whether I could use rating or not in my quiz but I could'n find something relevant. I suppose that it's not straightforward, but since this module has a lot o features, probably I can do what I would like to do indirectly.

Le't say that I have the following quiz

1. Answer 11
2. Answer 12
3. Answer 13
4. Answer 14

1. Answer 21
2. Answer 22
3. Answer 23
4. Answer 24

1. Answer 31
2. Answer 32
3. Answer 33
4. Answer 34

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Looking for a rating system and contractor

I am looking for any Drupal community site that has a multi-question rating system. Actually, I’m looking for Contractors who have built Drupal communities with multi-question rating systems.

We want to build a Drupal community where the members rate or evaluate services. Not a simple voting plugin where we can only ask one question, but a series of questions. We need to be able to ask several questions and our members will be able to give a numerical value (1-10) AND have the option to comment on each question.

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content contest site

I need to build a video contest site. User manolism has described here http://drupal.org/node/275649 a site he built with some custom modules. I do not yet have the ability to write my own module. I need to build a site where people can register, embed a YouTube or Google video, and selected one of 9 categories (entered as taxonomies). For this I am using the Video module, and have it working fine. I need to have registered users to vote for one video per taxonomy.

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Drupal Developer | Me and Her Designs

Employment type: 

Hi there, I'm new-ish to Drupal, and have a multi-media design company in Eugene, Oregon. I have two potential projects coming up this summer, and I'm looking to contract/collaborate with someone(s) who is a drupal developer, and all around nice person.

Both sites will have an emphasis on community -- so friending, rating posts, and users being served up personalized content depending on what they have expressed interest in.

I'd prefer to find someone in the Eugene or Portland area, but, it's not essential that you are an Oregonian.

If you're interested, please send me:

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GoDaddy installs Drupal using Hosting Connection

Via this story, I see that GoDaddy now has their own auto installer, called Hosting Connection.

It installs Drupal amongst other scripts, and also includes a rating component.

We should:

  • reach out to GoDaddy and see how Hosting Connection is run and updated with Drupal out of the box
  • encourage people on GoDaddy to rate Drupal highly
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