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Chattanooga is a rapidly developing community of folks who need and use open source software. We are dedicated to open discussion and proliferation of Drupal in the community and region. Join us and be welcome. We all benefit from the joint possession and sharing of knowledge.

We have meetups every 3rd Thursday the month at 6.00pm.

Location of meetups:

Offices of Code Journeymen LLC
Business Development Center
300 Cherokee Blvd
Suite #332
Chattanooga, TN

We use the offices of Code Journeymen LLC for our meetups. Room for 20+ Drupalers.
You can park around the building. Come in the front door, and walk up the stairs to the 3rd floor then follow the corridor around to the manufacturing side (concrete floors), keep walking the door will be open. Suite #332.
The exterior doors lock at 6pm automatically, and you will need to go in the front door. If that is locked too, knock and the security guard will let you in. If all else fails call Lee on 404-405-119(four) and we'll get you in.

If you use, you can also sign up there

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For those of you who build on Linux, which mail server do you use?

Debian defaults to Exim for its mail server. Can it handle a robust e-commerce site with some Customer Relationship Management behind the scenes? In other words does Exim scale or should I use another mail server?

Also has anyone used the Boron theme or the Mobile JQuery Theme?

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Beyond Drush 6

Hey Drupalers, all y'all use drush, right?

Have you tried to update it lately? Can you get beyond drush 6.0 without going down a serious rabbit hole?

If you're used to using drush, and want to dabble in Drupal 8, you gotta get beyond drush 6.

Is there anybody out there that's done that and is still alive to tell about it, and if so, would you come to a Nashville Drupaler meeting and tell us about it, so we can all learn?

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Chattanooga Drupal Users Group meeting April 2014

2014-04-17 18:00 - 21:00 America/New_York

Regular group meeting.
We'll discuss Drupal Camp Chattanooga 2014, plus have a presentation on something to be decided.

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Getting back in the game

Couldn't get into my old account so I created a new one.

I've got a couple of new projects coming up. One will be a video site for a local Air Personality.
So I'm looking into the the best media players in Drupal 7. Is HTML5 players ready for primetime yet? I may also build a file upload/submit area as the client works for Friends of the Festival and needs some way to get media from bands.

Second project is for my cousin's daughter. She has started an anti bullying group for her mid/high school.

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Drupal Website Developer (Contractor) | Develop CENTS

Employment type: 
Not allowed

If you're a Drupal freelancer in Chattanooga, and are highly trustworthy, you could be a good fit. We're looking for Drupal contractors to be available for freelance work.

Please note: We are looking for someone local to the Chattanooga area, with whom we can meet face-to-face on occasion. If you cannot commit to this, we are likely not interested.

Duties could include (but are not limited to):

Fixing bugs on existing Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 websites
Upgrading Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, or upgrading D6 or D7 sites over to Drupal 8 (when it is released)
Building new Drupal websites

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Chattanooga DUG Feb 2014 meeting

2014-02-20 18:00 - 21:00 America/New_York

The next Drupal Meetup.

We had 4 new signups last month (even if only 2 showed up).
We will be discussing Panels this month.
Since Panels has gone into Drupal 8 core, it's the default way to do layout now. Everyone should be able to drive it.
Come and show off your Panels skills.

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February Meeting - Nashville Drupal User's Group

2014-02-04 18:30 America/Chicago

Our February meeting will be hosted at:

Location: Idea Den
Address: 2818 Azalea Place, Nashville TN 37204

Location: CentreSource Interactive Agency
Address: 1313 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208

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N/A | N/A

Not allowed

This has been closed. Please disregard, I can't delete it.

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DrupalCamp Chicago 2013 - Saturday Dec 7th

2013-12-07 09:00 - 17:00 America/Chicago

DrupalCamp Chicago 2013

Date: Saturday, December 7th, 2013
Time: 9am-5pm (plus after party!)
Cost: $30

UBS Tower Conference Center
One North Wacker Drive, Second Floor
Chicago, IL 60606

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December Meeting - Nashville Drupal User's Group

2013-12-03 18:30 America/Chicago

Nashville's Drupal user group is aiming to get back on to a monthly schedule. On that note we're meeting on Tuesday, December 3rd @ 6:30PM.

Location: CentreSource Interactive Agency
Address: 1313 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208

Evan Willhite will be presenting a session on creating custom Context plugins.

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Drupal Camp Chattanooga Nov 9th 2013 - This saturday

This Saturday is our first Drupal Camp Chattanooga. Nov 9th 2013.

Tickets are $25, and include lunch and a camp t-shirt. Buy on line now.
Held at Chattanooga State, registration opens at 8.00am

For the beginners track we have a whole days training "Drupal in a Day" included in the ticket price. This is a great way to get up to speed with Drupal and start building websites.
This training normally goes for $250/seat - so it's a bargain.
Bring a laptop.

Lots of other sessions too.
See you there !


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Drupal Camp Chattanooga 2013 Nov 9th - site is live.

The site is up, go register today.

$25 a ticket. Add a personal sponsorship of +$20 if you are feeling the community vibe - and want a shout out on the website.
You get lunch and a t-shirt, and get to enjoy the famous Drupal community.

We are running Doug Vann's 'Drupal in a Day' training as our beginners track. Start knowing nothing, leave building websites with Drupal.

The keynote is by Josh Taylor from Acquia on Drupal 8.

Come do Drupal in Gig City (yes - we have gigabit internet here in Chattanooga - have done for years - can't beat $70/month).

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Chattanooga Drupal Users Group - Sept 2013 meetup

2013-09-19 18:00 - 21:00 America/New_York

This months meeting is discussing Organic Groups.
Come meet local Drupalers.
Also sign up on if you can.

See you there

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Drupal Developer | Spartan Systems

Employment type: 

Update: This position has been filled. Any further inquiries will be discarded. Thank you for your interest.

Spartan Systems is looking for a talented Drupal developer for some immediate project work for a local Chattanooga non-profit, with the additional potential for other long term project contract work or future employment. Must have experience with Drupal 7 setup, configuration and module customization experience, and Git.

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July Chattanooga Drupal Users Group Meetup,

2013-07-18 18:30 - 21:00 America/New_York

Dan Eveland will be showing how to run memcached.

Quick discussion of Drupal 8.

We'll also discuss DrupalCamp Chattanooga 2013

And a beginners tutorial for Drupal.

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Group meetup in August?

Hello folks

I'm wondering if you will have a User group meetup in August, I'm from Costa Rica but I will be in your city between August 3rd to 17th.

If there any change, please let me know the date and location.


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Drupal Camp Chattanooga 2013

2013-11-09 09:00 - 16:30 America/New_York

Drupal Camp Chattanooga has been set for Nov 9th 2013
We are hosting at Chattanooga State Community College, and we have room for 300.

We are looking for session submissions and sponsorship.
Drop me a line if you want to help with anything.

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Help4Ok Challenge - National Day of Civic Hacking (NDoCH)

2013-06-01 (All day) - 2013-06-02 (All day) America/New_York

Join people from all over the world June 1 and 2, 2013 for a national Hack for Change event.

Click Here to signup for regular updates!

In conjunction with RHOK Boston -
and the National Day of Civic Hacking (NDoCH), a team of passionate team members will come together and Hack for Good! Join us!

History and Goals
Connect people who need help with people who can give help.

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Chattanooga Drupal Users Group meetup

2013-06-20 18:00 - 20:30 America/New_York

Intending to run a Q&A event this month.
Got a Drupal problem, big or small, noobie or expert, come and ask.
Lets see where the conversation goes.

We will also discuss DrupalCamp Chattanooga 2013

There will be a Goggle Hangout live from the session too. Send me your gmail address if you can't make it in person.

Signup on please.

Offices of Code Journeymen LLC
300 Cherokee Blvd,
Suite #332
Chattanooga, TN

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Chattanooga Drupal User Group Meetup Thurs 18th April 2013

This months topic - Beginners Up To Speed.

Since we have a bunch of new guys, lets run though installing, and setting up Drupal.
We will walk you through essential modules to use on every site, and resources to help you.

This will be a round table Q&A helping you get up to speed. All the members can contribute to help the new guys.
Bring a laptop, leave with a Drupal site....

Some topics we'll cover :-

Drupal install fest
Content Types
Omega and Responsive web sites

Have a Drupal/web problem then come ask.

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