Goal for this group is to figure out and communicating best practices for adopting Composer in the Drupal community and infrastructure.

There is already some Documentation on on using Composer with Drupal.

It aims to improve communication between multiple projects and point to relevant discussions in or github issues.

Everybody is invited to create new discussions for any composer-related topic. If you are working with composer already, want to start or simply have some ideas regarding Drupal and composer, feel free to simply share your experience, thoughts and concepts.

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Directory Structure with drupal-composer/drupal-project  

The directory structure of the popular drupal-composer/drupal-project uses "/web" as the Drupal project root. Clarification could be helpful for beginner/intermediate developers.

What is the current best-practice placement of everything (files/folders, etc) in a Drupal project in relation to web document root -- in a sub-folder (like the drupal-composer/drupal-project appears to use) -- or in web document root proper.

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Why does the "best practice" of using composer to manage a site result in so many composer.lock merge conflicts?

Disclaimer: I haven't been living and breathing Composer for the last few years. I took some much needed time off from Drupal to get an album out and to reestablish some balance in my life. But I'm back in it again, and discovering all the joys and sorrows of our evolving Composer support. I'm not philosophically opposed, and I'm all in favor of the Get Off The Island(tm) movement.

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Composer Meet Drush

Hey Guys -

What do you think about a composer plugin to run Drush or Drupal console commands based on a composer operation? As I was wanting to streamline the Drupal composer workflow. I came up with a project that tried to provide a solution.

Would like to get suggestions about using this approach? Or other solutions that you've came up with in recent Drupal 8 projects.

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Composer switched to https only, needs update

About a month ago composer switched to https-only downloads.

This broke my composer-only setup, as it relied on "composer create-project drupal/drupal:8.0.5". The package for drupal/drupal still has a http url, see
Locally I can fix that with the secure-http option, but it's not advised and it's also not possible on the devops platform I am using.

drupal/core looks to be ok, as it points the drupal-composer git repository.
drupal/drupal also exists on, but seems to only have the 8.0.0 (& 8.1.0) version.

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The Drupal-Install Borg-Cube: "We seek peaceful coexistence ..."

... of Composer & Drush, anyway.

Composer may be the NewDrupalWay(tm), but Drush is still indispensible for much workflow. Working with both is a necessity.

So what's a Drone to do?

Here's a scenario from a (intended to be) Composer-only install. The how-to was cobbled together from the 1000-or-so blog posts, etc that keep telling us to "Get off the island" ... If anyone cares to share a/the "Definitive Current Composer HowTo for Drupal8", please pipe in!

(1) Install Drupal

  composer create-project --keep-vcs drupal/drupal d8 8.0.3
  cd d8
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Who is behind

Hi all,

After reading I take it as Composer is a real thing within the community and the way to go to develope Drupal 8 websites to get a lot of really smooth and clever automation going.

The article also pointed me to the resource and I created an account there.

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[PR effort] Contrib maintainers should add composer.json

Over in the webmasters queue I have started a discussion around a PR effort to get contrib module maintainers to add composer.json files to their modules.

Please join in and spread the word.

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admin_views link incorrect

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Project name and Module name not matching up problem in composer

I don't expect a lot of feedback, however, I thought that I would post this here, so that it gets more visibility.

I've turned this into a blog post over here.

Literally, I wanted to convey that, if you are having problems with a specific module is required that has a package with a different name. For example in this error:

Problem 1
    - drupal/api 7.1.9 requires drupal/gplib >=7.2.1, <7.3.0 -> no matching package found.
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DrupalCon LA Composer session proposals?

I am submitting a session proposal on using Drush with Composer at DrupalCon LA.

Primary topics:

  • The old and the new
    • drush make => composer install
    • drush dl => composer require
    • drush pm-update => composer update
  • drush composer-generate
    • Drupal 7
    • Drupal 8 "split core"
    • Drupal 8 without "split core"
  • site-local Drush
    • Single autoload.php for Drupal core, Drupal modules, and global Drush extensions
    • Separate autoload.php for Drush extensions
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Dev days session

I submitted a session for the dev days about drupal and composer, but after the sessions got official, I now see that also another session were submitted.

I would like to drawback my proposed session, and maybe join up in making the other session, don know who submitted the session though...

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I registered the domain and put some simple html page on that domain to direkt to different sources relevant for Drupal Composer. The source code is managed in and directly hosted as Github Page.

Feel free to make changes to it by posting PRs:)

Additionally I created a first version of a Drupal Composer icon some time ago and put in .

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Improve integration from and drupal-packagist

Posed an issue to the infrastructure queue to ask for the virtually impossible :)

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Move drupal-composer-project repo to drupal-composer org

The drupal-composer-project template currently resides within the Reload organisation on GitHub.

derhasi has been doing a great job keeping his fork up to date with his latest development and the fork is currently a better template for starting out new Drupal 7 projects with Composer.

How about we transfer the repository to the drupal-composer organisation and merge in derhasis changes to the composer.json file?

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Update on Drupal 8 core and Composer

After weeks of back and forth the Drupal 8 core's composer.json file has now been moved to the core directory to facilitate fetching only the contents of the core directory via Composer.

The relevant issue is A big shoutout to everyone who moved that issue forward, most notably dawidwbaratt, daffie, bojanz and alexpott.

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Custom composer installer for Drupal projects

I'd like to share some thoughts on composer installers that we can use for supporting setting up a Drupal project with composer. I'd like to know about your assumptions and how we may be able to build common installer, that we can use maybe as a standard in the future.

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[Meta] Existing Projects, Resources and Discussions

This Wiki page should provide an up to date state of discussions and projects. So be bold and update and add resources!

Main resources

Drupal projects


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