Contributed Module Ideas

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

When a developer has an idea for a module, they are often not the only one with that idea.

By announcing module ideas here, this group aims to:

  • Reduce module duplication. We can prevent two independent developers from writing separate, duplicate modules.
  • Increase developer collaboration. We can get interested developers working together at an early stage of development.
  • Improve module quality. Others can shape and improve the ideas, leading to a better module from the beginning (or, at the least, a better road map for future development.)

Before submitting a new module idea, please do a little research and search for an existing module with the same functionality.

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sudo by email

Users with the right permission can email themselves a link with a token and clicking that adds a role to their session. This allows elevating yourself to admin when necessary but not being an admin all the time.

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Message of the Day

I have written a Message of the Day module which defines a block that rotates a different message every day. The messages are selected from a pool of nodes designated as messages of the day. The block displays the title of the node as a link to the node.

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Simpler views?

Again, on the topic of simplicity: despite the power of Views, I find it too cumbersome for my clients and so, about a year ago, began building a module that provides some of the basic features of views with a more accessible interface. As with workflows, in my experience 90% of the time clients just want the basics-- a listing of news articles, a staff directory, a calendar of events, that sort of thing.

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Simpler workflows?

Not to undermine the fine work done by the maintainers of the Workflow module and others, but in my experience a large majority of our clients don't need all of the bells & whistles but a basic, easy-to-configure-and-use system that allows editors to oversee contributors. In response-- and also due to my frustration at trying to set up and then dumb down the available modules (often requiring getting more than one module to sync in the way I want)-- I created a simple module (not yet hosted here) that I've been using on a few production sites.

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Arbitrary Lists of Drupal Users

We already have flag and nodequeue, but there is no easy way for an end user to create arbitrary lists of other users.

This would probably use flag's api on the back end, but provide a super easy interface to manage these lists without exposing all the details to the end user.

Have a look at what Facebook and Twitter do with their user lists for inspiration of what is possible with this kind of feature.

The idea came up in this User Relationship issue but I think this would make a really useful module on its own.

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Template suggestions based on Path alias

I have written a module for my own use and wonder 1) if I have reinvented the wheel and 2) if others would find this useful. Thanks in advance for feedback.

As we know, we can create a unique template for the front page: page--front.tpl.php. But let's say we have an entire subsection of the site we want to theme with a template. Or perhaps just one specific page in a subsection. There is no easy way to do this, and using node ids in the template name is just poor programming practice.

Assume this site structure:

-- Trees
---- Deciduous
------- How to plant

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Ability for Administrator to send an e-mail to a user with a link to reset their password

I often have users who need to know that they have an account on a site or have forgotten their password and need to reset it.
Often I find myself going to the Reset password page and entering their user name or e-mail address and requesting that the
password reset e-mail be sent to them.

I would like an easier way to initiate a password e-mail to a user or group of users. It would be nice to be able to
check the boxes on the user listing page and select "Email Password Reset Links" from the actions Dropdown box.

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Web developer | Microfinance Information Exchange, Inc.

Employment type: 

Microfinance Information Exchange - Web Developer position

We are looking for a developer to join our industry-leading technical team. That developer will work with our team of expert analysts to produce and maintain the reference tools for the microfinance world.

Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX) is a non-profit that collects and exposes data about the global microfinance industry. We believe that greater transparency will lead to helping the poorest of the poor rise from their station. Learn more about us at

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ShrinkTheWeb module


I am working on a ShrinkTheWeb module, for Drupal 7. This module uses the ShrnkTheWeb () API functionality to generate thumbnails of web pages.

I couldn't find such module although similar module exists, . The WebSite ScreenShot module does not have a Drupal 7 version and I decided to start working on my own module.

What features do you want to be integrated in the ShrinkTheWeb module?

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SAML Authentication Module

I have recently taken over the maintenance of the simplesamlphp_auth module, which is not currently hosted at I would like to move the project to but wanted to follow the Drupal protocol of posting here for discussion first.

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Imagecache image sprite

Nutty idea of mine. Have an imagecache image sprite module. But you say you can't use a sprite in an img tag. That is incorrect because we currently do that. Proof: Do an inspect element on the deals image. Cool eh? (location hint pic)

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Sidebar Filling

This idea is based on the post.

Simply described, the idea is to automatically show/add blocks, or panes in Panels, so that they only take up the same height space as the content. Then unused space will be filled with content, making the pages look better and content aligned on the height.

This could be done in various ways such as:



  • Global list of additional blocks/panes that are used in an orderly or random way to fill the spaces when the user scrolls down the page.
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    I didn't have time to float the idea beforehand, because this was a module created for a client site, which I've now cleaned up and released.

    Mediapool is used to fill a placeholder in a node with a random taxonomy-driven piece of media when the node is displayed. The initial (D6) release contains Imagepool for images.

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    Batch API without a browser

    I already use code that does batch processing in the background (no browser window used) in any hosting environment. The question is would something like this be useful to the Drupal community; if yes how can one override Drupal's batch operations to use my processor.

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    Entity Construction Kit (ECK)

    One of the new things in drupal 7 are entities. But currently only a programmer can create one. In my opinion there should be a module that creates us entities without any programming.

    Things that could be handled by the module:

    • Create new simple entity type
    • Are subtypes allowed?
    • Is it fieldable?
    • Is it translatable?
    • Make it exportable
    • Register a path for the entity so it displays something
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    Context subdomains

    My idea is to provide a simple way to create subdomains using contexts. The setup would look like this:
    * Multiple domains point to one drupal installation with a single site.
    * Some contexts are defined that should show in their own subdomain.
    * All links pointing to content in one of this subdomain contexts should be altered to point to that subdomain.

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    A simple "Add" button

    I searched around for this and didn't find anything. I guess it is something so simple that nobody has bothered before.

    The idea is to create a block with just a simple "Add content-type" button. For user interface, I like to have an add button in the same context as view content.

    EG. if you have a view of News Releases, it is nice to have an "Add News Release" button at the top of the view. In the same way that a user can just go to a page and edit, they can just go to a view and add a new node.

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    Import files into nodes

    i need to import a bunch of files and create a node for each one. The file should be added into a cck-filefield and the nodetitle sould be created out of the filename. Additionally I should be able to select some taxonomy terms for all nodes.

    Simple task, but there is no module which can do that!

    So I wrote one (link below), but before I commit it to the CVS, I just want to start a discussion about the module and its features.

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    Desktop/browser editors - Drupal WYSIWYG & specific modules

    Started with this post: Add editor: XStandard (+ other desktop/browser side plug-ins?). Add info & edit to get more structured. Researching for solutions eating lesser server resources, so a desktop/browser side plug-in might be the solution. I haven't seen another like (the quality of) XStandard. But then I found many other browser/desktop editors:

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    Features Selector


    Just finished a module whose main purpose is to maintain a map of existing Drupal UI form elements responsible for setting or listing something that could be exported to a feature related to its particular features components. It then displays a widget in that place for selecting to which feature this component is intended to belong.

    Mainly functional for selecting which variables you want to export to a feature if you don't know which strongarm component that was you changed in the form you just submitted. At this time it works only with Features, but i see possibilities of other uses and the API is capable of that. Selecting whatever in the Drupal UI for other modules.

    Your feedback wanted.

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