Contributed Module Ideas

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

When a developer has an idea for a module, they are often not the only one with that idea.

By announcing module ideas here, this group aims to:

  • Reduce module duplication. We can prevent two independent developers from writing separate, duplicate modules.
  • Increase developer collaboration. We can get interested developers working together at an early stage of development.
  • Improve module quality. Others can shape and improve the ideas, leading to a better module from the beginning (or, at the least, a better road map for future development.)

Before submitting a new module idea, please do a little research and search for an existing module with the same functionality.

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If somebody's up to create a stock module

with lots of graphs - I would like to know which graphing library you are planning to use and how you think you will interface it.


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An Introductory Message

Here is the current state of affairs: there are two modules (created by Khalid Baheyeldin) that deal with the stock market: stock and stockapi. The first one deals with displaying stock pricing information in both a page format and in a block format. The second one is an API that the first one uses to get the stock information. The API uses Yahoo! Finance as it's source of stock information.

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