Drupal 8 production sites

Have you built a site with Drupal 8 already? Are you interested in doing so soon? Let's discuss what is possible, common pitfalls, show cases and best practices.

This group was started at Drupal Dev Days Montpellier in April 2015 as part of a BoF with 9 people attending, and met again at DrupalCon Barcelona in September 2015.

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Thailand YellowPages on Drupal8 (7-8M PV a month)

Hi Everyone,

We have replaced the old Thailand YellowPages website (NO-CMS/NO-FRAMEWORK) with the new Drupal8 since the 2nd of September, 2015. You can access the site at http://www.yellowpages.co.th . I believe it to be one of the biggest bi-lingual Drupal 8 sites so far..

We mainly used Drupal8 for the Web Application Development Framework. The CMS part is just an additional feature on the site.

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Running off D8 Core Stable theme

Based on D8's core theme 'Stable', our new agency website http://www.internet.ltd.uk is designed to demonstrate presentation quality and speed/performance aspects of the new system. We achieved a Pagespeed result of 90 by careful optimisation and coding. We also used css flexbox to manage design elements.

The Debug tool helped greatly with the identification and customisation of twig templates.

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7 million pageviews per month on Drupal 8!

We just published www.filathlos.gr and www.kontranews.gr on Drupal 8!

The websites have more than 7 million page views per month and are hosted on a high availability cluster with Nginx servers. The websites target the Greek sportnews and news market respectively and both are in the top 200 websites in Greece (according to Alexa).

What is impressive, is that we don't use any other cache other than Drupal 8's internal cache (moved on memcache)!

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One pager site made with Drupal 8

You can surely make something big with Drupal 8, but why not do something small with D8 either :-)

Here's a small company profile site I recently made with D8, started shortly after release of 8.0.0:


Used no contrib modules on this page just D8 core, Forty Two as Theme (https://www.drupal.org/project/fortytwo) and some Jquery/Javascript Plugins.

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Not sure if this is best place, we are looking for a freelancer to help with a Drupal 8 site in dev now


We are looking for someone who already has experience building a production Drupal 8 site to provide freelance assistance.

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This could be a D8 feeds questions... looking for code examples.

I was looking for D8 code to create Nodes from a cvs file. I understand that this would normally be the work of a feeds module. But as D8 is kind of new, and I have this requirement anyway, I wanted to create a module that will create a couple of custom node/content types.. then populate the nodes with about 30 records from a cvs file.
My use case is that this would be a way to create a site with just modules, including real data. Then feeds could take over afterwards.
I also want to create the Views for these content types.

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Drupalcamp Cebu 2015 - Made with Drupal 8

For this year’s Drupalcamp in Cebu (Philippines), we decided to build the site ( https://2015.drupalcebu.org ) using Drupal 8.
Development started on beta-12, and we went live with RC 1.

Challenging but fun

Working with Drupal 8 beta versions was challenging. Specially before beta-15, we had some issues with core updates. But it was definitely fun and interesting.

We learned a lot about some of the great improvements of Drupal 8 : Twig, the Block system, the Configuration Management system ...

The whole project is Open Source and was released on Github.

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Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center- One of the first Drupal 8 sites Launched!

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center was one of the first enterprise sites to launch built on Drupal 8 on 5/6/15

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Drupal8: The Game Changer

Drupal8 is ready to meet the world officially after lot of hullabols, talks in community and offcourse tireless contribution from the global members.

Few questions I am curious to hear views from community members:

-- How would it be a 'Game Changer' among its competitors?
-- How many willing to use it over Drupal7 without any doubt/s?

Feel free to provide your views and queries I missed.

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letemps.ch - Large scale Drupal 8 for media

Recently, the website letemps.ch has been relaunched on Drupal 8 / NP8.

This is a major milestone for Drupal 8 readyness and Dries honored the project with his tweet "With 4.2 million page views per month, Le Temps is probably the largest website on Drupal 8"

A post about the relaunch can be found at the MD Systems blog:

We are excited about the successful relaunch and very happy to see so many people interested in the project.

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IP & IT Law Firm Launches DWW.com - The First Legal Sector Website Built in Drupal 8

Learn about how http://fosterinteractive.com used Drupal 8 to relaunch the new http://DWW.com.

Highlights of the project include including migrating ~2500 articles from a legacy wordpress site, using schema.org to improve SEO, improving social reach with a custom hootsuite.com feed, and simplified the distribution of the firm’s bi-monthly email newsletter.

Read the Case Study here:


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gbyte.co - company/blog/portfolio website ported to Drupal 8

gbyte.co has been ported to Drupal 8!

Upgrade path

Content types were created manually, after that most of the migration happened with custom scripts including all nodes, users and files.

The website was created between beta 13 and 15. Though beta-to-beta upgradability was first announced when beta 15 came out, in fact I had no serious issues upgrading core modules from beta 13 to 15. Upgrading contrib modules like colorbox, libraries, honeypot took code changes and patches.

Custom contributed module: Simple XML Sitemap

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[PR effort] Contrib maintainers should add composer.json

Over in the webmasters queue I have started a discussion around a PR effort to get contrib module maintainers to add composer.json files to their modules.

Please join in and spread the word.


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Caching question: Has (entity) render caching given you problems so far?

Within Drupal 8 we build an exiting new caching API (https://events.drupal.org/losangeles2015/sessions/making-drupal-fly-fast... + https://amsterdam2014.drupal.org/session/render-caching-drupal-7-and-8.html)

However that means that anyone building contrib or custom modules needs to declare their dependencies using cache tags and contexts.

That means, if you e.g. do:

if ($some_condition_from_route) {
// do something

then you need to add:

['#cache']['contexts'][] = route;
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Small site with freelancer company profile built on Drupal 8

I have built my own small company site (working as freelancer) on Drupal 8: http://www.stefan-korn.de. (Sorry only in German language for the moment)

I started with Beta 3 and had a real hard time to get it updated. Finally I have managed to bring it to Beta 11. But needed to more or less recreate the site. I know that it is clear there is no supported upgrade path between beta versions, but really did not think it would be that hard ...

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The first Drupal 8 conference website: drupalnorth.org

The inaugural Drupal North Regional Summit website was built by website sponsor Foster Interactive with Drupal 8. The website was produced on betas 6-10 with a multilingual component.

English: drupalnorth.org
French: drupalnorth.org/fr

The organizers wanted to make a bold statement about our region's talent and decided to launch the annual summit with a Drupal 8 theme and a multilingual Drupal 8 website.

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Amazee Labs publishes Drupal 8 alpha/beta migration scripts

Amazee Labs, which took part in the both recent BOFs at DevDays Montpellier and DrupalCon LA about Drupal8 Production sites, just published their internal migration scripts:


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Corporate website for Gravity R&D made by Brainsum

Case Study on Drupal.org: https://www.drupal.org/node/2490076
Announcement on their team blog: http://drupal-stories.blogspot.hu/2015/05/our-first-drupal-8-site-was-la...
Client's site running on Drupal 8: http://www.gravityrd.com/

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DrupalDevDays BOF on Drupal 8 in production

2015-04-17 14:30 - 15:30 Europe/Paris
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Raw and unedited notes from the BOF (french + english) are available on https://lite6.framapad.org/p/ddd2015-5

Scroll down to "BOF: Production websites in Drupal 8" to find them. Edited versions coming up.

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