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php7 + memcache: stable?

We'd like to run our Drupal 7 sites with php7. The only trouble we have so far has to do with the PECL memcache(d) extensions - no stable release supporting php7 has been published yet:



  • The PECL/memcached package is being discussed in this issue where people are actively waiting for a stable release to move to php7 (some of them ended up moving to Redis because it was taking too long)
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    Implementing Couchbase vs Redis for Drupal 7 site with horizontal scaling

    We're ll the process of moving our Drupal 7 online app platform site to a major cloud provider that will include horizontal scaling (multiple nodes for Frontend as well as multiple nodes for MariaDB). We're now considering the optimal solution to scale caching.

    We are contemplating substituting standard memcache server with either internal Couchbase memcache server or Redis. The goal is to optimize performance of the site.

    We are also contemplating upgrading from php v5.4 to php7.

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    Varnish, Memcache y RAM de servidor

    Saludos amigos

    Tengo instalado Varnish y Memcache en un Server virtual con 3.5 de memoria RAM. Mi duda es si realmente necesito ambos ya que he soportado hasta 700 usuarios conectados simultáneamente sin problemas. No obstante ahora requiero instalar otros servicios adicionales en el Server. Me gustaría ahorrar RAM y según leí, Memcached usaba regular RAM en un servidor ¿si retiro memcached y no solo lo desactivo, lograré un ahorro de RAM? ¿Es efectivo reemplazar Memcache por Boost?

    Gracias por su apoyo

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    Varnish with Apache or NginX & php-fpm

    I "think" I managed to get php-fpm working reasonably well with my Centos apache server. Running memcached and apc with 2GB of RAM on a VPS.

    I am now planning to tackle Varnish. My question is should I be running Nginx for the varnish "static" anon content and/or the entire Drupal 7 site?

    Looking around the web, there appear to be many examples of deploying Varnish with Nginx, not so much with apache?

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    Found this link useful for cache discussion

    I found this discussion useful while exploring cache and cron issues for my site, real Life English.

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    Memcached Optimization

    I have a large website that uses memcached. All users of the website are authenticated (no anonymous users). In addition to users always being authenticated, the content they see is very customized based on user (profile) fields and properties; like social media sites including facebook, linkedin, etc. Also, this site has several thousand users.

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    Nginx native caching and memcached


    I use Nginx and his native caching system (Perusio's configuration) to quickly serve web pages to anonymous visitors.

    I wonder if it makes sense to use memcached, along with the nginx cache system ? Or rather, instead of the Nginx cache ?

    The only advantage I can see is to store the cached pages in RAM rather than on the HDD.

    Have you ever used memcached with / along nginx caching system ? And for what use cases ?


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    Duda sobre Varnish, Memcached y views

    Saludos. Tengo un sitio con drupal y un colage de Varnish y Memcached. Recientemente mi server sufrió varias caídas y según mi proveedor todo indica que la culpa fue del bot de MSN (MsnBot). Temporalmente bloquee BOTMsn por robots.txt. Paralelamente puse la opción Cache en views adicionalmente. Mi duda es si no hay alguna opción para controlar el ingreso del BotMsn sin anularlo del todo y si en algo me ayuda a la carga el poner cache adicional para views. Mi servidor tiene 2gb de RAM.

    Saludos y espero algunas sugerencias

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    Senior Drupal / PHP Web Developer – London Based Investment Bank | Caspian One

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Not allowed

    Job Type – Permanent

    Salary Range - £50,000 - £65,000 + Bonus + Pension + Healthcare

    Caspian One has been given a fantastic opportunity to work with a global leader in capital markets, forex and CFD trading facilities that are looking to hire a senior Drupal web developer.

    The developer’s responsibilities will include working on a number of high profile web development projects, on both mobile and desktop devices. The key technologies used within the business are CMS Configuration, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.

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    Algunas dudas sobre Varnish problemas con edición Mobile y Memcached

    Saludos amigos, instalé Varnish en un sitio web con Drupal 7 y tengo algunas dudas y problemillas:

    1- Además de Varnish el sitio tiene Memcached corriendo, mi duda es si se disminuye el rendimiento si desinstalo (Memcached). Leí que Memcached utiliza memoria del server y yo tengo sólo 2GB de RAM, entonces me vendría a bien un ahorro.

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