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This group will discuss and devlop email solutions within Drupal. There are lots of modules that contain duplicate mailing efforts, and various modules that deal with small pieces of the overall mail puzzle. The goal of this group is to investigate existing and new modules that unify these efforts and form end-to-end solutions.

Possible areas of focus:

  • Reusing mail-sending code site-wide (for user mails, subscriptions, project, etc.)
  • Themeing and mime mail
  • User Preferences (do not contact, text-only, etc)
  • Scalable announcement/mail campaign strategies
  • MLM/forum/group integration
  • Inbound/mail parsing code (for forum mails, tickets, etc.)
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Error reporting through e-mail in Drupal

I'm looking for a solution that would mail me errors from "/admin/reports/dblog" site in Drupal-6. The best would be a daily summary.

Is there any module or a trigger+action solution for that?

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High performance mail sending out of Drupal site

Hi there,

Building classified ads project which will use some heavy emailing: reminders, subscriptions, order confirmations and so on. Expect to be tens or hundreds thousand of emails per day. It may seem not huge quantity and standard Drupal email sending just works, but server and Drupal itself has more important tasks to do as sending batches of emails.
Which alternate and faster email sending modules would you recommend? Reliability and "set and forget" modules are also a priority.

Thank you!

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Webform & SMTP Authentication Configuration w/ MX Records

I have a number of hosted webforms (using the webform module) that get integrated into client sites via iframes. I'm also using SMTP Authentication with a sending domain of, which is my server. When I set up each webform, I'd like to set the webform up so that sending email address is, where customersite is the site where the form is hosted on.

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short term Drupal developer | Cognisync, Inc.

Employment type: 

Looking for a Drupal developer to make forum, blog and wysiwyg enhancements on an existing D6 site.

  1. Fixing some issues with the Drupal forums (WYSIWYG editor, formatting, code block)
  2. Fixing issues with existing WYSIWYG editor (in forums and blogs)
  3. Blogging API and integration with blogging tools (i.e. ScribeFire)
  4. Mailing list integration with forums (already have bridges in place, need a couple fixed)

This is a short term engagement with the possibility for additional work depending on your experience.

Please contact me for details.

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Rules Integration?

I would like to notify people who have subscribed to a node, only when a specific field has changed.

The simplest way to do this that I am aware of would seem to be with Rules.

Are any subscription / notification modules which are compatible with Rules?

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New Approach of Mass Mailing

I like to present a new approach on how a subscription / notification mechanism can be implemented on a more generic layer. The concept is easy:
We are using Views to query the recipients, the subject, the body and so on. This query can be extended and manipulated by a user over the admin interface. The sending of the messages itself can be triggered by rules.
We have implemented this approach in a new module: Mass Messaging

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Simplenews test email not sending

Hello all,

I assume I installed the Simplenews module correctly because I am not seeing any error messages. I am using HTML mail module with Simplenews. HTML works fine. Can someone help me figure out why I cannot send test emails with Simplenews? I have configured the Simplenews block, added 'Actions', adjusted Cron (to 'immediate' and '20000' emails sent), and I have cleared 'Cache' several times. Still I can't send a test email with simplenews.

When I check the site's Log I find that there's no record of simplenews executing a test email. Any suggestions? Please help.

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Contact Form not visible

Hi everybody,

I recently set up a contact page on my site. I put a link on my menu bar for the contact form by following these steps:

1.Go to Structure > Menus
2.Click "list links" for the Navigation menu
3.Click "edit" for the menu item "Contact"
4.Select the "enable" checkbox
5.Change the "Parent link" to "Main menu"
6.Click "Save"

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How to prevent email with username+password being treated as junk

This is about that first email that is sent out by Drupal sites to newly registered Drupal users, welcoming them and telling them what their initial username and password are.

We've found that:
1) these emails often end up in people's junk/SPAM folder (depending on the email client and SPAM filters used)
2) people don't check their junk/SPAM folder enough, so many never return to our site

Apart from more clearly stating on the registration form that newly registered users should check their junk folders, we've been wondering what can be done to reduce chances of this happening?

Read more's picture

Mailman Groups

Anybody here using Mailman Groups - and have a live public site where it's visible? Please post url if so.

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Thank you!

The first Romanian Drupalcamp is over. There were a lot of exciting presentations and a lot of fun too.

Here are some statistics:

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Drupal Focus On Enterprise

2010-05-26 14:00 - 21:00 Europe/London
Event type: 
User group meeting

Only local images are allowed.

MySQL and the UK Drupal community are pleased to invite you to a half day event in London focusing on the benefits and challenges of using Drupal in your business.

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Sending personalized messages with Views Send

Simplenews is a great module and a lot of Drupal sites use it to send mass mailing to users or subscribers. However, IMO this module has some per-design limitations:

  1. The messages cannot be personalized based on the recipient data. You cannot insert formulas like "Dear [first-name] [last-name]" or "Your account balance is $[amount]".
  2. It doesn't accept other kind of data as recipient list. Subscriptions are basically stored as a list of E-mail addresses in a specific table. For example you cannot use nodes as recipient list.
  3. While subscribers list is a simple E-mail addresses list, you cannot perform advanced filtering on recipients data in order to target very fine subsets of subscribers.
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MailChimp add-on module to import newsletters from MailChimp as Drupal nodes

This month, I wrote a custom module for a client, that import newsletters (or "campaigns", as MailChimp calls them) from a given MailChimp account into a Drupal site as nodes. (As many of you know, MailChimp is a rather nice third-party newsletter service.)

How it works:
- Depends on mailchimp.module, using the same account configured in mailchimp.module settings.
- Uses a custom table to store ID's of imported messages.
- Checks MailChimp account for new messages on every cron run, or when an admin pushes the big shiny "Import campaigns" button.

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New Module for Email Newsletters

Attached is the code for a potential new module for email newsletters (everything has .txt appended to the filename so I can attach it). It's called SunMailer; the code is based on the module The Cornell Daily Sun currently uses to send out its email newsletter.

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How to add the color into the email?

I want to know How can I add the color into the email?

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Future of the SimpleNews Module

This discussion is an extension of an IRC session with Sutha and others, with a goal of finding the best way forward.

Simplenews is in an unfortunate situation right now where it is OK for text newsletters but difficult for HTML, and also doesn't provide a good framework for going outside the box. The module needs to be small enough to be maintainable, but still capable of meeting all needs.

I believe we'll need to reorganize the module into different components to accomplish this.

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Mailhander "gotchas"... what are future plans?


I'm using the mailhandler module to allow healthcare professionals to add content to websites via email. Our sites use tags to organize content, so it's necessary that the e-mail submission contains the proper tags. I've played a lot with the 6.x-1.8 release of mailhandler. It works, but there are a few "gotchas". I'd like to know future plans for the module to see if these might be addressed.

Here are the "gotchas".

  • If the e-mail contains HTML content, tags don't work
  • there is no 'free-tagging'. The tag sent in the email must already exist.
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problematics with return path in emails

Hello guys and girls,

We are a provider for PHP solutions, and our house cms is drupal. But we have the problem , that we can't set a return path. We must provide a special parameter to mail() . For sendmail is "" .

That's really a problem. But the solution is very simple. So why this feature is not planned or discussed in this group.

We must patch every installation of our drupal services and i hate this ;- (

Solution for 5 parameter

function drupal_mail_send($message) {
// Allow for a custom mail backend.

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Newbie: Is it possible? Grabbing a webpage and sending it out as an email.

HI All,
I'm a newbie to this so please forgive the might be silly question.
Currently we have a mailing list that we send news out to.
What i want to have is the ability to 'grab' out news page and email it out to our mailing list with just a few simple clicks. Is this possible??
What i would like is to also have the ability to create an control the mailing list. The closes thing that we have is a Groupmail which means that we have to triple work.

Any advice on this matter??

thanks in advance.

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