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Drupal 8 for mobile native app

Hey guys

I would love to know any thought on developing native apps "powered by Drupal" (TM).

I have plenty of experience developing responsive websites which work great on a phone. However, for this new project the phone app should:

(a) appear in the app store/Google Play
(b) be able to take photos

I'm going to develop using D8 even though it's not quite ready yet (not long now, though!)

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Power To Connect with VoIP Drupal - Beta Launch!!!

The agaric team has launched the BETA version of We are using VoIP Drupal to enable Event Organizers and participants to send and receive messages using a regular phone.

BoF (Birds of a feather) organizers can send text updates to interested people that have signed up, or attendees can call +1 617 648-5578 and enter the extension of the BoF to hear updates, or subscribe to a Bof and receive txt updates.

Come help us test it out by posting your BoF session, or subscribing to one for DrupalCon Austin!

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Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo Campaign

Hey Everyone,

Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu, have started an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for a highly innovative, leading edge technology phone called the Ubuntu Edge. Here's the link.

It'll be a converged device that will act as a PC with Ubuntu OS when connected to a monitor/keyboard. It'll cost $830 dollars but there are still lower priced perks still available.

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Sending directions from computer to phone

I am trying to make it easier for customers to send directions to a phone off of a website. Is there any new technology out there that can help with this? I have been reading on drupal and I have found that you can send phone to computer but I have not heard of anything that does computer to phone technology.

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Choice of mandatory fields: How to in CCK

I have 2 fields called "local tele" and "non-geo telephone" for the phone field for cck

so users can enter either a 01233 or 08xx number, or even both.

Of these 2 fields I want at least one to be mandatory when creating the node

  1. so if a user doesn't enter either of the two, a "required field" error is rendered and node won't submit

  2. If a user enters "local tele" then non-geo can be ignored and vice-versa

  3. if user enters both fields, then both will appear on the node


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