Drupal.org content audit approach

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We did it! Auditing phase now over.

A Drupal.org content audit will help us determine what we content have, where it is, and what work it needs (whether it's redundant, outdated or just not worthy). I haven't determined if this project should exclude Documentation book nodes, which obviously add a lot more nodes to the mix!

This content audit will be the first step towards a content strategy for Drupal.org.

I've got a copy of Drupal.org on a dev environment, but I think for efficiency, we'll want to work from a google docs spreadsheet (plus Views can't display non-node content items, e.g. landing pages). I can extract relevant node info from Views to the spreadsheet (e.g. our content inventory) but it's the assessment that needs volunteers.

Let's start small, and inventory the top level of all the book nodes, then we'll do level 2, etc.

I don't expect we'll get into level 4 of book nodes, particularly Documentation, since they have a lot of eyes on them anyway.

If you don't know what a content audit is, a few blog posts:


(I've written a blog post about conducting content audits on Drupal sites, but it's still being revised!)

Thoughts? Can you spare several hours over the next couple weeks?



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Great idea Lisa!

We could set priorities by taking a look at the Google Analytics data to see in what content the visitors of drupal.org are most interested.

Hi ... If you could create a

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Hi ... If you could create a new wiki page with this data, that would be great. I am particularly interested in what people are looking for beyond the landing pages. I know that project nodes such as views are very popular, but what about pages within the about or FAQ sections? Those are the sections we audited.


Count me in

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Sounds fantastic Lisa.

I think maybe it's better to do it level by level rather then jumping to particular pages.

Please count me in

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Please count me in too.

Flag module?

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Flag module is now deployed on drupal.org. You may want to make the changes required to flag content as needed and then do a query to update your audit. It's more repeatable than dumping stuff into an external spreadsheet.

Hoping that you're collaborating directly with the docs team on this, as I can see a lot of benefits.

Sounds like a great project

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From what I understand, you are looking for people to help categorize and assess content after paths are imported into some sort of master Google Doc. Sounds great to me. Count me in!

I can also see how using a tool like flag or perhaps the Migrate might make the process easier. Then again, I've done a bunch of content audits before and it always seems like there ends up being a good deal of manual work involved.

Thanks everyone. @lewis, I've

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Thanks everyone.

@lewis, I've heard some experts say to audit across sections, then go down. I think the first step will be to get the top level structure noted down. Then perhaps we do a deep dive in one section just to see how the process goes (working with a team!! This is often a solo task)

@rfay Randy, yep, I will ensure the Docs team is aware of this monumental task :) But I don't want to focus on Docs at this point, because they have dedicated team and it's the rest of the d.o. content (About pages etc) that are wallowing.

I've thought a lot about content auditing Drupal sites. I also agree that audits should be kept in the database ... here's the start to that solution:


Having multiple flags would work (needs updating, needs deleting, needs merging) but really we need the ability to store comments. Since I've got a separate copy of d.o. I could add a notes fields to the top existing nodes.... long term, I want my content Audit module to create a button on nodes to create a node that's for audit notes only, and automatically create a node attachement to the node that needs work... then once the work is done, those audit notes nodes can be deleted, unpublished, whatever. Not sure I should pursue that now, but it's kinda of temping.

What do others think?


Another flag: Promote

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Another flag: Promote Comment. Some comments are more useful than the article, and those comments need to be folded in to the content.

Really this will only work if it's distributed, so that many eyes can rate content without even really trying, or having to volunteer for a project. Just click thumbs-down, or 'Needs editing' or something. Volunteers then edit.

Also: http://drupal.org/project/annotate seems to give a bit of what you're asking for, in terms of keeping audit notes. It wouldn't be that hard to mutate into something else.

Sign me up for whatever. :-)

@mile23, we're not including

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@mile23, we're not including comments in this audit.

Thanks for pointing out the annotate module. that seems good. I'm also interested in exploring Workflow, though it could be overkill.


I'm in

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I'll help.

I'm in too

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I'm happy to help too.

Me too.

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Me too.

I am in too

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I would be happy to participate in this great activity

~~~~~~~~~~: http://gdzine.net | http://twitter.com/gdzinenet |info@gdzine.net :~~~~~~~~~~

Plenty of volunteers!

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Hi, I think we have enough volunteers now. wickedgeekie and wurdwise also contacted me via twitter. I've asked wickedgeekie to co-lead with me, but if she can't, is there another experienced IA or content strategist who can co-lead with me?

Completion date: 31 May 2011

It's a goal anyway. With that in mind, communicating in comments is probably not efficient enough. What works for folks? IRC? We can use #drupal-redesign. Skype? Email? (I hate email. Let's not use email). The issue queue could also work. Probably Webmasters. Thoughts?

What we're auditing; assign thyself

We're going to audit content of Drupal.org that is supposed to explain what Drupal does, and what Drupal can do for others. We're not yet auditing Documentation, and I don't think we want to audit Forum content.

I've listed out the parent books on the wiki page at http://groups.drupal.org/content-audit-assignments.

Please self-assign yourself a section there.

Dedicated content audit site

drumm kindly set us up with our own copy of drupal.org, and it's at http://content.redesign.devdrupal.org/... use drupal/drupal to authenticate.

UPDATE: You will log in with your regular drupal.org account name plus a password that I'll send you (once you've signed up for a section).


I'm pretty sure annotate won't let us attach notes to non-nodes, so I'm going ask volunteers to audit the landing page that ties in with their content. I'll add that to the assignment wiki.

Next steps

I'm going to install the Annotate module and come up with some instructions/guidelines so we're all working in a similar way.


Accessing the Content Audit

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Accessing the Content Audit site

In order to login to the content audit site, you'll need a password. Once you've self-assigned yourself a section on http://groups.drupal.org/content-audit-assignments, I'll mail you with a password and instructions.

How Annotate works

In the meantime, the Annotate module is enabled at the content audit site. Currently, any authenticated user can create and read the annotated notes, which appear under the node body.

Multiple users can add annotations to the same node. There's a second module for editorial notes, but I'm not sure which is better for our purposes. Anyone know?

So, once you're logged into the site, you are ready to get started on auditing your sections!

What to Audit

UPDATE: I've moved the instructions for this to http://groups.drupal.org/content-audit-assignments


Flag + annotate will be really useful (thanks Randy)

I will create some flags "Needs copy/style review" "Needs technical review" , largely borrowed from the vocabulary used on the current documentation pages. Flag is a good option (over assigning a single term) because I am sure some of the pages have multiple problems.

Next steps

I will create all the flags needed to quickly audit each node.
I'll work with each auditor and advise whenever possible.
I'll create some views that shows our problem nodes along with annotations....

Thanks everyone!


@goalgorilla - I've had a

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@goalgorilla - I've had a look at the Google analytics on d.o. but not in any great depth. If you could produce some info on content that visitors to d.o. seem to be interested in, that would be great. Are you looking at their path to the content, plus # of views and time on each page? Or something else (Not an analytics person)


Happy to help.

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Will sign up just now.

Flags have been added

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Flags have been added for:

Out of date
Needs style review
Needs technical review
Needs URL alias
Needs graphic

Update -- we are ready to get started!

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Quick update: David Hernandez has been helping me with the setup of the content audit site.

If you've signed up to do a section on http://groups.drupal.org/content-audit-assignments, the next thing to do is ensure you can access this View:

We are actually going to build separate views for each of the top-level books, as it will be easier for you to focus on your section.

Contact me directly if you can't, and I'll get you set up.

PS - I've locked comments on me assignments wiki. Let's keep comments on this node.

@alltooeasy, why don't you sign up to help Richard or Jean, since they indicated they like a co-auditor?


I've signed up for FAQ.

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I've signed up for Co-auditor on the FAQ.

I can't access http://content.redesign.devdrupal.org/drupalorg-content-audit

Are you logged in to the

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Are you logged in to the site? It is only accessible to authenticated users. Make sure you use the account details Lisa sent you. If she hasn't, please contact her.

Views for what needs

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Views for what needs auditing, has been audited, and has been flagged are setup. All can be found here - http://content.redesign.devdrupal.org/content-audit . There are displays for each section. This page should appear as a link at the top of most pages, so don't worry about losing it. If anything isn't working right, let Lisa or me know.

You should everything you need to start auditing.

Auditing has begun! If you

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Auditing has begun!

If you are an auditor

  • I've moved the instructions to http://groups.drupal.org/content-audit-assignments so they're in one public place. If that location doesn't work as well, let me know.
    • Instructions now say to split annotation into subheaded sections
    • I added some examples of what the audited nodes look like

Any questions, concerns, problems? Contact davidhernandez or I. #drupal-redesign on IRC is a good place (or #drupal-contribute) to get answers more quickly. I'm in IRC a lot :)


FYI - The views that display

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FYI - The views that display what needs to be audited have the depth filter exposed, so you can make it display just the top level of the guide. Since we are starting from the top level and then working down, set it to depth 2 and you'll see only the nodes you have left. You'll still need to navigate through the actual guide, just to double-check. A few of the pages (like main landing pages) are not nodes, so they won't show up in the views.

Jobs content - add expiration?

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Would it be possible to add an expiration date to job listings?

There are still live listings for our organization that have long since been filled, including,


Hi, this discussion is about

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Hi, this discussion is about the content audit. You may want to look for an existing discussion about job listings, or start another one in this group? http://groups.drupal.org/maintenance


I unpublished those two nodes

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I unpublished those two nodes anyway :)

Need Co-Authors for About section

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Have comments been disabled on the Wiki Page? I was going to make a plea for a couple co-authors for the About section. I was slow to realize how huge that section is.

You edited the wiki and that

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You edited the wiki and that was the right place to ask for co-auditors. Thanks Lynn. If you can start with one 2nd level page and all it's child pages, we can see if someone else can pick up another 2nd level page. You an make a placeholder annotation on one of the those 2nd level pages to claim it as your own.


Okie doke

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I have already started in the About > Mission and Principles. This book is manageable, and the content is brief, but judging from the 150 nodes in the about-needs-auditing list, there are big pockets of children elsewhere in About. Thanks!

Several sections are complete

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Several sections are complete or nearly complete! Keep up the good work!

If anyone has any input on how content on drupal.org should be maintained, please contribute to the Drupal.org Content Overview: http://groups.drupal.org/node/144984


Still need help?

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If you still have a need for assistance, please let me know and I would by happy to assist.

Audit update and a challenge!

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We've audited approx 112 nodes of the 1209 book nodes that have been targeted for this initial content audit. The Features and Getting Started books are completely audited. Not bad! I'd still like to get as much done by end of May as possible.

The next step will be to take a hard look at how we've organized the books, and see if there's some improvement to be made. Next, we'll need to find an easy way to share the results with the Drupal community, list the nodes that need work in relevant issues, and then find some content writers to help fix the content, as needed.

As a reminder, make a note of any content gaps you identify, and create an issue in the Webmaster queue if you think we need to write content that doesn't currently exist.


I also challenge auditors to find embedded link spam in the content. The more funny or amusing, please let us know! And btw, stuff like that ought to be fixed asap. If you can't fix it yourself, create an issue in the Webmasters queue.

Message to volunteers

If you've volunteered and want access to the audit site (or I haven't given it to you yet), please leave a comment here and I"ll send you the details. @justin.wellman, I'll email you info on how to access.



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Been working hard on re-designing our Drupal 7 Site so been trawling the docs a lot.

Can you send me some more details please.


Audit update

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I finished Drupal.org FAQ. About Drupal, Reference, and Getting Involved Guide still to go. These are the big ones. We'll need a lot of help with these!

I would like to help

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I can help a little, I'm more of a programmer than a writer, but I can spend some time or co-audit with someone. Who should I contact? Is there a link?

Great, thanks. Shouting to

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Great, thanks. Shouting to everyone, "No special skills are required!" Contact lisarex, so she can set up an account for you.


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Been slowly working on About section, but there still are 126 pages left! Anyone who wants to help...
Hey David, what did you mean by "* Use filters to audit the 2nd level pages; those will be fine."? In the About Drupal (needs auditing) list?

I believe Lisa wrote that. I

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I believe Lisa wrote that. I assume she is referring to the depth of pages. In the view list, they actually have depth of 2 and 3, because the root is level one of a book. This is a "2nd level" page - http://content.redesign.devdrupal.org/logo-special-events . We don't need to go further than this, since there is too much to do. In the small guides we did all the pages, but the larger guides are going to be tough, so we should focus our efforts on the upper levels.

All the views have an exposed filter for book depth. Feel free to just do depth 2 and 3. If we have time and people hours, we can dig deeper at a later time.

Cool, thanks for the

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Cool, thanks for the clarification. That takes a LOT off my plate!

The only level 1 I haven't done is /about because there is no annotate module appearing on that page. Thoughts?

This might have to be added

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This might have to be added as an issue in the webmasters queue. /about is a node, but I'm assuming it doesn't display the annotation form because that page is themed differently. That is, unless lisarex has a different idea.

It's not a node ;) It's a

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It's not a node ;)

It's a tpl.php file. But Lynn, if you think that the existing about page form the main page for the Features, page, feel free to +1 that idea here: http://drupal.org/node/947386#comment-4498382

Update: and Lynn, if you want to audit the /about page as well, snow down your thoughts, and you can add it to the issue (unless you want to create the issue)

If it is going to move, it needs to be it's own issue. I also need to sort out my d.o. access so I can start doing work / committing stuff again as these issues seem to be pretty stalled.


It is partly a node; node 1.

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It is partly a node; node 1. The sentence at the top is the only thing it contains. Everything else is in the template. I agree that it desperately needs the navigation. The About pages are impossible to navigate to otherwise..

About landing page issue

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I have a comprehensive list of changes I think should be made to About Drupal level 1 page (/about )

I was looking at About book navigation inaccessible from /about page and think that ticket might be too specific, since adding navigation is just one line item in my list.

Guess it needs a new ticket http://drupal.org/node/1210094

(fyi the About pg on the live site has been updated so doesn't exactly match content audit site )

Actually, tickets should be

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Actually, tickets should be specific. otherwise we could have tickets that can never be closed because there's just SO MUCH to fix/ argue about :)

Plus, sometimes they will need different decisions/folks to look at them.

The ticket you created can be a "meta issue" but we do need more specific issues, probably. I'll have a look at it and will see if we can update some of the many existing tickets about the About page .... but generally would like to start closing them out.


I think it is all one big

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I think it is all one big fix-the-content task, but you know the issue workflow waaay better than I so update/change as needed.

And .. .thanks for posting

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And .. .thanks for posting it! Lots of stuff wrong with the current About page for sure. I think it should be the first thing we tackle...


Less than 100 nodes to go!

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Hi Auditors,

Use this view to chip away at auditing: http://content.redesign.devdrupal.org/drupalorg-needs-auditing
David discovered it wasn't filtering out the books we aren't interested in, so thanks davidhernandez!

This view is just showing levels 1-3, which is all we're going to do in this project. we're getting close!


We are down to 75 pages.

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We are down to 75 pages. There are only Getting Involved and About pages left, so forget about section assignments. If you have time, log in and do a couple audits. If everyone chips in, we can get this done this week.

Down to 30.

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Down to 30.

Getting Involved guide is

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Getting Involved guide is done. Just 15 About pages left.

We've done it!

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The content audit pilot project is now moving onto the next phase, which is to fix what currently exists. I will be creating separate wiki pages for each list of nodes that needs work. They will be posted to this group.



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Wow David. You rock! Sorry I couldn't get through all them Abouts.