Best Themes for Newspapers

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Can anybody tell me the best themes to use for newspapers? I just created my first newspaper site at but I have issues with the left column loading in IE7 and IE6.

What is the best theme for newspapers?


Zen is a good starting point

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I always like starting from Zen and then tweaking to it do whatever. Kind of the idea it's sometimes easier to add on to a pre-built frame than remodel a house.

I've been playing around

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I've been playing around with Zen a bit, though I am an absolute newbie at theming. Trouble is, though, that it doesn't seem to play nice with Explorer (at least not Explorer 6). I'm looking for a straightforward fix for this. Have you found one? Until I do, I'm hesitant to use Zen as a starting point...

I've never really had much

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I've never really had much trouble (beyond the normal stuff) with Zen subthemes in IE. Just out of the box, it should work just fine. What specifically isn't working? If you think it's something inherent with Zen, perhaps you should submit an issue with the Zen project about it.

panel layouts

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I agree, zen is a great starting point. Cant go wrong with ripping apart garland and learning either. Does anyone have any advice / know of good tutorial locations on theming panel payouts?

I think starting a theme

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I think starting a theme from scratch is a better idea than using an existing theme.

You could use the handbook theme-guide.
Download a three column css to meet you needs and print your variables in them!


Netlink Technologies Ltd

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Hunchbaque is pretty good too - it's a lot like Zen.

Zen, Zen, Zen. Check out

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Zen, Zen, Zen. Check out this issue for some ways to automate Zen subtheme creation.

Nice range of perspectives on that "newspaper" of yours, by the way.

Same here

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Well time goes by but I've got exactly the same problem as edialogue, and please don't tell me to make my own theme - this kind of answer isn't helpull <_<

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