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An Ad Module That's Not an Ad Module

I use the simple ads module and sell my own ads.
Local, smallish town news can't survive on 3rd party ads.

For a time I used the google chrome ad block so I could get rid of the annoying popups that lead to malware on weird channels that stream sports sites.

But I realized that was hiding the ads on my site, so I stopped.

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Daily Times Nigeria re-launches website in OP2 (D6)

While there has been a lot of discussion about OP in D6 & D7, I believe you can still do a lot with OP2 (D6).

When faced with the task of redesigning the DailyTimesNG website, the "no upgrade path from OP2 to OP3" reluctantly and grudgingly made us decide to stick to OP2 (D6).

Four weeks of theming & tweaking & here is the result. Depending on when you visit this post the new DailyTimesNG version 2.0 website will either reside at (beta, being developed & tested) or

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New Daily Times Nigeria Website & Mobile Apps running on Drupal

The New DaiilyTimesNG ( website will be launched in less than 48 hours... Lots of new features, mobile device detection & support, hybrid & native apps for BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Nokia & Windows Phone 7.

Code sprint on right now!!!

For a sneak peek, send a blank email to

We are Hiring!!!
If you would love to develop web & mobile apps, send a brief CV to Drupal knowledge not required per se, but could be an advantage.

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Newspaper taxonomy best practices

As newspapers, we are taxonomy nuts. Surprisingly, there isn't any documented best practices for how to form and use a taxonomy tree.

I am in the early phase of deciding on a main taxonomy tree for 6 newspapers and would be very interested in knowing how others run things.

Some questions:

  • Did your main taxonomy start from a pre-made tree? Associated Press offers one but are there others?

  • Do you include geographical information (State, Region, City) in your main taxonomy tree or do you rely on a set of address fields.

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ProsePoint Express, A Drupal-based multisite newspaper CMS

Hi all,

Good day. Just wanted to pop my head in and let everyone know about the new newspaper cms we've been developing. I did a Drupal showcase write up on it a couple of months ago but that seems to have faded away into obscurity.

And then I thought it might be an interesting point for discussion here on this group.

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Web Developer | Sun Journal

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Are you passionate about bringing your knowledge of building websites to journalism? Are you a news junkie? Sun Media Group is looking for an energetic, team-oriented in-house Web designer who can drive the development of our Web sites, most of which are built with Drupal. Check us out at

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Drupal distributions for newspapers and magazines: OpenPublish, ProsePoint...

I'm collecting some info about distributions including Drupal and a selection of modules for newspapers and magazines. Examples are OpenPublish (project), ProsePoint, and the Innovation News installation profile.

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Daily Texan uses Drupal

FYI, I just noticed that the newly revamped website for The Daily Texan is based on Drupal. This should be a dead giveaway to you:

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Am I crazy for doing dozens of roles?

I'm working on building out user badges as a major feature on a news site, where users can submit or vote on various amounts of various types of content to get X or Y badge, some of which give the users new permissions and some of which are merely decoration.

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Case Study: Fight Back! Newspaper Re-Launched Using Drupal

Only local images are allowed.Fight Back! is a grassroots newspaper that exists to build the people's struggle and “provides coverage and analysis of some of the key battles facing working and low-income people”. The newspaper was founded in 1999 by a core of activists who wanted an independent publication to help with their organizing efforts for social justice, peace, and equality. Ten years and nearly two thousand articles later, an all-volunteer staff and dozens of correspondents across the country report (in English and Spanish) from the front lines of the most important struggles facing working and oppressed peoples in the United States and internationally.

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