High Performance Drupal meetup in Santa Monica on October 11, 2011 at Yahoo!

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2011-10-11 19:30 - 21:30 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting
Video: http://blip.tv/ladrupal/episode/5638398  

The High Performance Drupal meetup has moved to Yahoo! at the Yahoo Center in Santa Monica and we're meeting this time on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. Join us!

The meetup begins at 7:30pm but the doors open a little earlier at 7pm for Users Helping Users, which is a chance for members of the community to help and be helped by others with whatever questions and problems they're having with Drupal. Several of us may be going to a local bar or restaurant after the meetup for a Drupal After Dark.

If you'd like to give a presentation, announce a job position or ask any questions of the group, please leave a comment below and plan to come a few minutes early. If presenting, be sure to bring your laptop (and power and display cables) and whatever else you need.

This event is free – in fact, there will be raffle prizes and food and drinks will be provided – and no RSVP is required. Those who sign up, however, will have last-minute details (if there are any) sent to them before the meeting. It's also good to know how many to expect so that we can arrange adequate seating, food, drinks, and so on, so please sign up by logging in and clicking the Signup button at http://groups.drupal.org/node/175834#signup

We want your feedback!

During the meetup, we'll be gathered in the #drupal-la IRC channel and all are welcome to join us. The event organizers will also be checking Twitter for feedback and questions that mention @ladrupal or use the #ladrupal hashtag.


   Users Helping Users
   Projector and tables / chairs setup

   Introductions and job announcements
   Community questions and answers

   Steve Tchorzewski presents "Improving Front-end Performance with YSlow"
   Ali Anwar and Christefano present "Profiling Drupal with XDebug to Improve Performance"
   Raffle prizes!

   Wrap-up, Clean-up and Close-up
   Drupal After Dark and networking session

Users Helping Users

The meetup begins at 7:30pm but the doors open a little earlier at 6:30pm for Users Helping Users, which is a chance for members of the community to help and be helped by others with whatever questions and problems they're having with Drupal.

Please note that while Users Helping Users is not designed to be a replacement for bona fide consulting from a Drupal professional that there are plenty of Drupal experts and professionals who attend our meetups and sometimes they need help, too!


Improving Front-end Performance with YSlow

Did you know that search engines now rank fast websites in search results higher than slow websites? Do you want to get the most out of your site's performance but are limited by the options from your shared hosting? Steve Tchorzewski (@stevethewebguy) introduces Yahoo's YSlow browser tool that measure page load time and explains their checklists of performance-enhancing suggestions.

This presentation is geared toward getting 100% validation with YSlow and includes tips and tricks that are valuable for everyone (goblins not included). The CDN module, cookie domains and Apache rewrite rules will also be covered in this presentation.

Profiling Drupal with XDebug to Improve Performance

If there is time, we will give a general introduction to improving performance by profiling Drupal code. Ali Anwar and Christefano (@christefano) will demonstrate XDebug, a debugging and profiling tool for PHP applications. We'll be using Quickstart, an out-of-the-box Drupal development environment that includes Eclipse, XDebug, WebGrind, XHProf and more, all running in a Linux virtual machine in VirtualBox.

Get your copy of Quickstart and VirtualBox in advance of this presentation and you can follow along as Ali shows how to use XDebug to tune your Drupal site for more performance.

Location and directions

   Yahoo Center
   2400 Broadway
   Santa Monica, CA 90404

There is on-street parking as well as validated parking in the parking structure. Remember where you parked! This is the largest parking structure on the Westside and the last time we had an LA Drupal event here (at a code sprint at Riot Games), several people had trouble finding their cars.

The Yahoo Center is accessible by public transportation. Take the #1 Big Blue Bus line to Santa Monica and 26th.

What to bring

Just bring your laptop, your business cards or whatever else you need. Food, drinks and parking validation are provided by our venue sponsor.

About LA Drupal

LA Drupal is one of the world's largest regional Drupal user groups and is Southern California's largest hub for all things Drupal. In addition to scheduling 4 regular meetups a month and occasional trainings and social gatherings, LA Drupal members produce special events, code sprints, and the annual DrupalCamp LA and Drupal Design Camp LA conferences.

Attending LA Drupal events is one of the best ways to meet and talk with other Drupaleros and we encourage you to attend meetings and special events regularly. Whether it's to find solutions to problems you've been having, sharing something you've learned or just meeting interesting like-minded people, the LA Drupal events are an essential resource for Drupal professionals and hobbyists alike.

If you aren't already part of LA Drupal, it's easy to become a member and find events in our community calendar at http://groups.drupal.org/la/events

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SOLR lightning talk

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Hey there--
I'm down to do a SOLR lightning talk to. Can plan out something or just field questions... thoughts?

Los Angeles, CA

SOLR lightning talk

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A talk would be awesome!

We've had a few requests to

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We've had a few requests to broadcast our events (including this one) with Hangouts On Air on Google+ so that others can attend remotely. Would anyone be interested in set that up for us at this meetup?

Oh Linsey Broham...I'm on it

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See how it runs on win7 if you want. Air is adobes thing right? Pretty sure I keep that up to date with the rest of the creative suite on my lappy.

By the by... You WERE almost RIGHT about my redirects afterall! They should be 404s. Way less logic to deal with on each request &, just more logical of a response header for the wrong resources on a subdomain. Much better plan now! Thanks;) maybe down the road there could be an option on the install screen for "dumb 404s" by default, or "smart 301 redirects" with a performance warning & use case description maybe. THAT will be sick, did you see I started a sandbox project for it? Calling her FastFlow, for now. Hoping go have a release by October sometime, maybe before the 19th, hmm.. Maybe not:) well see if anyone Tries to help out at all, that could make it much faster if there's any other developedr intrest in such a deployment.

stevethewebguy's picture

I would probably end up transferring hosting to one of THESE BADASS companies and letting them go all "Biggest Looser" on the Drupal/Server setup.
So, yeah, you'll have to probably pay a lot more to have a much faster site in a short amount of time, especally when there are no glaring issues to fix, the two I've used them for were just too frickn fat for their pant's on my VPS I think really, putting them on the optimized host was the "resolution" to the problem as far as the clients ever need to know, but I'd sure like all the inside basseball on how they do all that black vudoo magic to make Drupal jump before you say how many nodes almost:) Let me know if youall know some stuff about what makes these sites so fast (and pricey), I'm guessing custom scripts they're not planning on releasing at BAD camp, but I dunno, they released some mean ass code for installing Aegir witha bash script, a stick of gum, Deb 6 64 (squeeze), and two pieces of sock elastic. I still wonder as I fall asleep some nights (no joke <--nerd!) "What's making they're hosting shit so much faster anyway1?!?!............... Probably something awesome...zzz....zzzz.

There are a bunch of companies and solutions I suggest checking out now:
I'LL throw down the client money on on both/EITHER of these to see if it gets my install running way faster, like omega8 is known for in my mind: http://omega8.cc/library/development

And these new guys are A LOT LESS of an Aegir specif environment solution
They launched VERY recently (to the sound of me cheering and doing the Balkie happy dance with unwilling family members and droppers, Tux the cat & Ali know what I'm sayin'),
AND, as it turns out, if you sign up SOON & tell them you're a developer: They'll give you a free trial of their Drupal optimized VPS, plus they made this insanity:
https://www.voxel.net/vse THAT'S etiquette. It's honestly too new for me to recommend it (for optimizing Aegir installs especially). PLUS, HOW SICK IS THIS! http://www.voxel.net/global-ip-network SUPER SICK IS THE CORRECT ANSWER THERE:)

Hey now! Sounds like a fee-free project!
I've never litmus tested this one - but still, worth a look: http://groups.drupal.org/node/181034 you'll have to pay is still hosting still though.

In case you din know:
-- Pressflow http://pressflow.org/ is faster then Drupal 6/7 out of the box for sure.
-- https://getpantheon.com/ is SUPER fast and an awesome performance solution for large Drupal websites that dragg ass, from what I hear only on this one too though.


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Dude...Tux is a penguin

Your post (possibly in

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Your post (possibly in association with this can of coffee) has made me very excited, though I'm not quite sure what I should be excited about.

Update on the meetup:

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  1. Location is specifically: Training Room D 128.
  2. Projector will be available.
  3. There is no food sponsorship. But you can get some drinks and popcorn from the kitchen.
  4. We will have the venue from 6 pm to 10 pm. I will be at the venue from 5:30 onwards.
  5. Parking validation will be provided for the visitors at the front desk.

No comment

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never mind

Nice Venue

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informative talks - fun after dark.
Thanks to everyone involved in making that happen!

Video and slides from last

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Video and slides from last night's meetup are now available:

To open the sides in PowerPoint, change the file extension from ".ppt" to ".pptx". Sorry for the inconvenience! I've opened a request to add pptx (and docx, xslx and ppsx) to the list of allowed file upload formats.

The next High Performance Drupal meetup will be on November 8, 2011. Is there a topic that folks would like to learn more about? Is there something that anyone would like to present? Let us know by posting a comment here.

SOLR support links

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Hi all--
Here are some useful links with more info about SOLR. The talk I gave was largely based on the info I got at SF DrupalCon-- original session is here with a bunch of supporting links:

Here's pretty much the approach I followed to create custom facets...

Custom search paths with different filters

How to build custom callbacks for CCK fields in SOLR-- haven't looked through this one

Los Angeles, CA

Nice job

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The talks were informative and the venue was nice - nice job everyone.

Great time

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I had a great time at my first Drupal meetup. Nice Venue, good discussions .. Thanks everyone

High performance

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