Open Media Camp

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2009-04-18 09:00 - 2009-04-19 18:00 America/Denver
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User group meeting

UPDATE: Open Media Camp planning, session proposals, conversations, rsvp, etc have all been moved to the new camp site at:

On the weekend of April 19th, we will be hosting a Drupal Media Camp (unconference style) here in Denver, Colorado. We want to bring together as many people as possible who are already using the numerous Drupal media modules in a significant way, as well as the developers behind them. I'm not even going to try and list all the possible modules at this point -- but think in the realm of Media Mover, Filefield, Station, SWFtools, Youtube API,Embedded Media Field, Media....and on and on. There will likely be an emphasis on video and audio over other media types, but then again whoever shows up gets to make the rules =)

At this point we foresee two loose 'tracks' within the summit, one being a mashup of presentations and knowledge sharing amongst users, and the other being code sprints and general strategizing amongst the developers. Ideally this summit will leave everyone with:

  1. A more comprehensive understanding of the modules available and the ways they are being used
  2. Increased collaboration & relationships between users with similar goals (join forces in collaboratively generating the resources(not just money) necessary to push this work forward!)
  3. Increased collaboration & relationships between developers working on the modules (more unity, opportunity through code sprints to integrate various patches/functionality we've got locked up on individual sites, clearer vision for moving forward)
  4. A warm fuzzy feeling about the power of Drupal to handle media

The summit will be held in Denver Open Media's space, Denver's public access television station, so there will be ample opportunity to record sessions, bring in remote presenters, and in general geek out with the media resources available here depending on attendee interest. We'd love to see as many of the sessions as possible recorded and then uploaded back to Drupal shortly after the summit but will need volunteers to help us man the cameras, do some basic digitizing and upload.

We'll come up with a system shortly for organizing the presentations & presenter signup (we're interested in local & remote) -- likely something added to the Open Media Project group. We're also open to the idea of groups sponsoring this summit, but not depending on it. Two days isn't a lot of time, so we probably won't allocate much for vendor specific sessions -- but everyone has to break for lunch, and we could hang banners, make short announcements, etc so let us know if you're interested. All potential attendees should RSVP. We're prepared to handle about 75 attendees based on our staff availability. The space itself could accommodate up to 150 participants, so if we get to 75 we'll start asking for volunteers to help with the coordination of the space.

Until we get the presentation/presenter signup page setup, all requests for more information etc should go to


clarifying times

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Just to clarify . . . is this set to start at 9:00 AM on Saturday, April 18, and end at 6:00 PM on Sunday, April 19. Am I reading that right?

The exact details of the

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The exact details of the schedule will be determined by who and how many people decide to attend, but yes.

FlashVideo Module and SWFTools

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I have a bit of experience using FileField with SWFTools for uploading/displaying podcasts/MP3s. I've also started helping out as a co-maintainer for the FlashVideo module which we're using for user-contributed video. I'll be interested to hear what others in the area have going on.

Mark W. Jarrell
Manager of Web Services
Jones Knowledge Integration Group, Inc.
Twitter: attheshow

Mark W. Jarrell
Online Applications Developer
Richland Library
Twitter: attheshow

Media Mover Talk and Code Sprint

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I'd be happy to do a talk on my work with Media Mover (as well as the impending Media project) as well as do a code sprint around the D6 version of Media Mover if folks are interested.

Ongoing media sprints and sessions

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This looks like a great event! - Hope to make it up that way. The goals/objectives are very similar to the ongoing media sprint and Drupal Dojo's Media Ninja class. Ideally we'll be able to leverage our virtual training and collaboration platform to bridge and complement the in-person sprints, camps, and sessions.

There's a whole shaking in Drupal Multimedia!

Gus Austin
PepperAlley Productions

Gus Austin

I'm 100% interested and

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I'm 100% interested and 89.4% sure I can attend that weekend. Great idea!

Mike McQueen
School Librarian / Entrepreneur Wannabe

Mike McQueen
School Librarian / Entrepreneur Wannabe


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Hey! How about a BoF meetup (and a drink) at DrupalConDC? Whose going? My wife Alicia and I are.Looks like some great related sessions.


Markus Sandy

Unfortunately most of the

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Unfortunately most of the Denver Open Media staff (Brian, John, and I included) are going to Austin to implement the Open Media System at channelAustin and take in some of SXSW. DrupalCon always seems to end up being really close to SXSW. I know Denise from Portland Community Media is going to be at SXSW. Is anyone else going to be in Austin for SXSW or the big Bar Camp that always happens that week?

Some Travel and Lodging Advice

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Denver Open Media's studios are just a few blocks from a light rail station. Downtown Denver is just two stops away. Every train going north through that station goes 1 of 2 routes through downtown and every train going south out of downtown stops at the 10th and Osage station.

Airport hotels are cheap, but Denver's airport is a long drive (30 minutes without traffic, up to an hour in traffic) so I'd avoid those hotels. There are very cheap ($50-60), but nice hotels in Denver's "tech center". The Tech Center is on the light rail too, but several stops south (away from downtown out in the burbs).

My advice is to Priceline ( a hotel in downtown Denver. My wife and recently had a trip go bad in FL and had to find hotels in Miami and Tampa. We were able to get room for $50-65 in a Double Tree and Hyatt that normally charged $350-$450 per night. Might as well take advantage of the fact that the economy sucks.

see you there

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I'm looking forward to this event. I'll go to anything with Kevin "Rain Man" Reynen tells me, because he is the coolest.

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Looks great!

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I'm very excited about this as well. Thanks for putting this on guys!

Mike H.

Mike Hostelter

Looks like I'm clear to come

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Looks like I'm clear to come for the weekend; count me in!

Aaron Winborn
Drupal Multimedia (book, in October!) (blog)
Advomatic (work)

Aaron Winborn
Drupal Multimedia (my book, available now!)

i'd love to be there but i'm

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i'd love to be there but i'm moving to nyc at the beginning on the month and won't be able to get away. hopefully you're able to do some writeups.

Look for cheap/free place to stay

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Should our budget prevent us from hotel accommodations, we are looking for low-cost or free lodging? Tony offered his couch, and said there is also space in the unit next door to his. (Thanks Tony!)

Since there may be three of us we are looking at other options as well.

Anyone else in Denver willing to give us a place to sleep?

Should our budget allow us to get a hotel room, can anyone recommend a hotel with a suite (multiple beds/rooms) for three people? I noticed the Mariott has a place that's just 1/2 miles from DOM, but maybe there are other hotels worth looking into that are competitively priced.

Alain LeTourneau, Operations Manager
Portland Community Media

Alain LeTourneau, Operations Manager
Portland Community Media

This looks like a fun event

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This looks like a fun event and I'd love to join. I want to work on Patternizing some these modules/features so that they can be reusable for people. ;-)

Gravitek Labs

how to RSVP?

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I would like to attend. but can't see where to RSVP. :)

Whatever your first issue of concern, media had better be your second, because without change in the media, the chances of progress in your primary area are far less likely.

The RSVP option is at the

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The RSVP option is at the bottom of the post before the comments start, but we're now registering attendees at

Sessions Posted

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Just booked my flight and RSVP'd for some of sessions.

Shaping up to be a great (un)conference…!

Denver / Boulder Colorado (DBUG)

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