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This is Jason Cooper, I am a journalist at The Tiraspol Times & Weekly Review in Tiraspol, which is the capital of a new and emerging country (Pridnestrovie or Transnistria, depending of your language) which used to be part of the Soviet Union in the past.

I am one of the two people who are responsible for running the website of the newspaper, www.tiraspoltimes.com, which is updated throughout the day. Runs Drupal 4.7. In addition to the website, we also print a tabloid version of the newspaper (not daily, however) and we have a weekly news magazine called WEEKLY REVIEW.

I guess that I got here as the result of too much booze and some wrong career choices but it is a great experience and sometimes we feel like we are part of history. Since the United Nations was founded, more than one new country has been created on average per year, and joined the U.N., and this place is in line to be one of the next ones in the near future.

One of my colleagues compared my job in Tiraspol with being hired for a job in Rwanda or some such place, but it is really not that bad. I am not the only foreigner here. The city's soccer club even hired four Brazilian contract players recently. We wrote about this in the newspaper, of course.



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Hi Jason:

Can you share a few things with us... like something that Nikolai had mentioned here: http://groups.drupal.org/node/2359

  • Which modules do you use?
  • Which content types do you have? Custom made or by CCK?
  • How do you use taxonomy?
  • Do you use one or more themes?
  • How about performance - do you use caching?
  • How did you build your front page?
  • How do you handle images?

TIA. :)

On Pridnestrovie

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Hi Jason,

I use the T'pol Times frequently for my research (see: http://www.fischka.com/e_index.html). I'd like to get in touch with you. Are you actually situated in Tiraspol?

you can reach me via the email on the contact page of the fischka website...

have a good time,



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Dear Jason!

My name is Wojtek Smieja. I'm a journalist and the author of the Polish tourist guide about Moldova. I'm looking for people who are artists in Pridnestrovie. Are there any painters, musicians or writers/ intellectuals who are against the regime? I've heard about some breakdancers.
If you could help me and send me some adresses, I'd be greatful.

Wojtek Smieja

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