Blockers for Drupal 7

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This is the current list of blockers for me with Drupal 7. This is split into three areas: Drupal as a Course (1 course per Drupal site), Ulmus, and ELMS. Drupal as a course is a different distribution that has yet to be named.

Drupal as Course: MOOC Distribution

  • HTML Export - Allow for dump to a tar package (now ArchiveTar is core in D7)


  • Upgrade elms_features package, clean it up based on requirements


ping me for node.js with drupal

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Exciting stuff. Hit me up if you decide to do anything with node.js and chat. I've been slowly adding improvements to chatroom module including a couple recent improvements like: and Chat and node.js still a bit wild west at times though.

Currently working through

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Currently working through accessibility, responsive design, style guide and user experience stuff but very interested in a nodejs chat integration that I saw the other day. Any pitfalls / issues with the current chatroom module I should know about before pursuing it at all? I know you can do other stuff with node.js but really don't want to go too dig (yet)

Accessibility and Responsive

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Accessibility and Responsive design work has been improved upon over the last month. There's also been movement on User progress, node reference highlighter, and general bug fixes in 5 or 6 community projects.

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