D8 UX study: Moving between site and admin interface (overlay alternative)

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We are planning to run a usability study with 12 participants on Drupal 8 based on the issue #787896 Add a link so that administrators can return to their most recently visited non-admin page. The Drupal 8 will be a default installation, with the addition of the patch posted in comment #64, and some basic content to give the participant something to work with.

In particular, we want to learn from three types of people (content editors that use Overlay, site builders that use Overlay, content creators without Drupal experience):

  • What do users think "Back to site" will do when pressed?
  • How well do users interact with the 'Back to site button?'
  • Do they know where they are when the move between node, admin pages, and then back to previous location?
  • Any issues with placement interfering with their normal tasks?
  • Do they miss the presence of overlay? Do they even notice it's gone?
  • And do they find it easy to follow the difference between administering the site and browsing the site without it?

Study plan and script in google doc

(comments are enabled; include your username on your comment please)


Before doing the testing, we like to post these plans on the groups.drupal.org/usability for further feedback. We will review the draft on the received feedback for 1 week, and then begin scheduling the sessions.

We need participants and moderators!

  1. We need help recruiting people who fit into one of the 3 types of people. Do you know content editors? Please send them to our recruitment form.
  2. We need at least 1 person to attend each session to observe, take notes, and debrief afterwards. (training will be provided)
  3. If you are an experienced moderator, you could run sessions and I'll observe and take notes

Participant recruitment form

People you know that would qualify, content editors/site builders (not core/contrib developers).


How well do users interact

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How well do users interact with the 'Back to site button?'

We should also keep track of if users end up using the built-in browser Back button more frequently than the "Back to site button". The addition of this button might prove to be entirely unneeded or ignored by users.

Added it to the script

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I added that as a stakeholder question as well as a note for observers. Thanks Nate!


Is this over, I could help

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Is this over, I could help with as moderator. (currently no experience in moderating)

would you be interested in taking notes?

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In order to get the best data we can out of this study, I'd only want experienced moderators running sessions, but you should totally take notes / observations.



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Sessins should start kicking off this week. I was busy for several weeks moving to the UK from the US, but I'm getting internet installed tomorrow, so I'll be ready to get these done! Bojhan is also running a few sessions, and I'll be contacting the few people have signed up to moderate to learn about their moderation experience.


Sorry for being MIA on this.

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Sorry for being MIA on this. I can also moderate if you still need people. Just as a little background, I've been doing usability work for the past 6 or 7 years and am a Certified Usability Analyst through HFI.

Danielle Sheffler
Engagement Manager at Acquia

Moderating would be great,

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Moderating would be great, but I need help scheduling / recruiting participants. Or I need a project admin to help me... see next post!


I need a coordinator

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I need help recruiting and scheduling participants for sessions with moderators and note takers. There are 4 moderators (including me) and a few notetakers. I'm keen to get around 6 more sessions done; 4 have been done so far.

The issue is that we're all in different time zones. Sometimes participants have to cancel at the last minute. Everyone has questions. I need help emailing participants, creating calendar invites, and spreading out the participants amongst the mods & note takers.

It'll probably be half hour per day, 4 or 5 days a week. So, 1 person, who can be dedicated over the next week or so.

Thank you thank you!


Findings are posted at

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Findings are posted at https://groups.drupal.org/node/375153