Google Summer of Code 2014 Project: Port into D8

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Over the past few months we organized an initiative with Google Code-In students to learn, edit, and create ladders. During this time I truly learned the value of the ladder program and how quickly it can help new users learn Drupal with proper documentation. In fact, we plan for GCI students to work on the DrupalLadder every year which will greatly help the project grow in terms of content. Code-In is for high school students taking on basic tasks. Learning and creating ladders was the perfect scenario for high school students introducing them to Drupal (we gained several D8 core contributors!)

Now my university student in the Google Summer of Code will port into Drupal 8. Some might say this is too easy, but project will cover many aspects of Drupal including migration of content and users (w/permissions), data export/import, improved site structured, PHP/Symfony, and hopefully a bit of theme work. Maybe we put in a bit of work prior to GSoC preparing wireframes/designs/mockups providing an even more "real project experience" for the student? If the project seems too basic, add a requirement that lessons are responsively viewed on mobile/tablet devices? Discussing a hosting infrastructure upgrade, researching/recommending providers, and accomplishing the system administration tasks will help take project up a few levels with exposure to plenty of open-source tools along the way.

Is this a good or bad idea? If good idea, is anyone interested in mentoring? Maybe you have another project in mind for GSoC or a friend interested in mentoring? Please add project ideas into the 2014 GSoC Drupal Idea Wiki ( ). We hope to finish reviewing GSoC ideas by this Wednesday night Feb 12th at midnight UTC-6.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC)? - an annual program for university students organized by Google with projects managed by open source organization mentors such as us (Drupal!) In other words...a university student will be paid all summer by Google to port to Drupal 8.

Learn more at our group ( ) and more specifically at announcement node with exact details of GSoC 2014 (


Status of migration

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Its great to know that the project was approved, what is the status of migration?

Kishan Raval

Drupal Hyderabad


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This is from 2014 and the student's project failed. If you want to contribute, provide a standard project plan same as any other contribution.