Richer experiences with Drupal 7 and H5P!

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The H5P module is finally available for Drupal 7! Now you can download H5P and H5P content types empowering you to create great rich experiences for your users to enjoy. Content like interactive videos, presentations, drag and drop, fill in the blanks questions and more are available from

We have received many enthusiastic requests for an H5P D7 module and we are proud to present the newly released version. You can find it available on the H5P project page.

You create the content with your web-browser and the content will work just as great on smartphones and tablets, as on you desktop computer.

Below is a summary of the H5P content types that are currently available for Drupal 7 (and all other platforms we support).

Interactive video

Perhaps the most powerful tool in the H5P toolbox. Upload videos and animations, and make them interactive by adding quizzes, images and text along the way.

Interactive video


Create a presentation slideshow with interactions along the way. Add text, images, video and various quiz tasks to your presentation.



A level based board game where the user must complete tasks in various levels to win. Depending on whether the user completes or fails, a video is shown at the end of each level. The game is fully customizable.



An image is displayed and the user has to insert a corresponding text by using the keyboard. The card turns to display the solution. Several cards can be added in a sequence.


Fill in the blanks

Create sentences and leave out words, adjectives, conjugations etc. for the user to complete by typing the missing text on the keyboard.

Fill in the blanks

Question set

Your staple quiz question tool. Add a mix of multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks & drag and drop tasks.

Question set

Contact button

A simple widget that allows users of your website to get in touch with you using their preferred channel, such as email, Facebook or Twitter.

Contact buttont

For those that are new to H5P, H5P is short for HTML5 Package, and is a simple way to create and share rich and interactive web content. H5P is modular and consists of several content types and applications, perfect for use in e-learning and advertising.

See all the content types in action on

With H5P you can:

  • Export and import content types and applications between sites, e.g. from a Joomla site to a Drupal site
  • Use existing content types and applications, and build on these to create your own content
  • Create and edit rich web content directly in your browser. No technical skills are needed.
  • As a developer, build upon existing content types and applications, or create you own from scratch. Share your work with the rest of the world on the!


still need to get back to it

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still need to get back to it but I just wanted to say that I'll be adding H5P into my icor distribution when I get around to working on it (pending accessibility testing). Bravo, fantastic direction and progress so far with it!


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Please contact me if you find anything that stops you from adding it to icor.

Fixed problem with invalid H5P packages

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Some of the people who tried to install H5P had problems when uploading packages from They got error messages like this one:

"Missing required library H5PEditor.DragQuestion 1.0
The uploaded file was not a valid h5p package "

The interactive video and boardgame packages was missing a library. This has now been fixed. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We tested some of the packages before making the announcement, but there was an error in some of the packages we didn't test :/

contact buttom

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love this modules, am concern on how to hide the download H5P and how to add it to block thanks

How to hide export button

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In the H5P settings you can disable the H5P export. This will make the download button go away.

I think there are several ways to make a node being displayed in a Block. You can even use views to accomplish this, but there are probably better ways.

In the future we will create an H5P Field type.

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