Help translate the Drupal 8 announcement and press release

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Drupal 8 makes huge strides in terms of supporting languages. So it is just natural, that similar to how we did with the Drupal 7 press release and release announcement, we would love to make the same two announcements for Drupal 8 available in as many languages as possible on its release day on November 19th. We need your help to do that though! We'd love at least one translator and one reviewer for each language.


Language Translator Reviewer Press release status Release announcement status
Arabic Mohammed J. Razem mkhamash , MohamedAli Started Ready
Catalan rvilar calbasi Queued for publication Started
Chinese, Traditional Jeffrey C., amouro, jamesliu78, KayL Jeffrey C., amouro, jamesliu78, KayL Queued for publication Started
Chinese, Simplified skyredwang balawang, ztl8702 Queued for publication Started
Croatian Kristina Katalinic (sponsored by Webmar), Kristijan Lukacin (sponsored by WEBSOLUTIONS HR) Valter Beakovic Started Started
Czech petr-illek radimklaska Started Started
Dutch btriest, Calraen bertboerland (with Stichting Drupal Nederland) Queued for publication Started
Estonian nonsie ???? Started Started
French machour, onewomanbiz, Liaz colorfield, joseph.olstad, cFreed, chipway Queued for publication Started
Finnish emma.makinen kekkis Queued for publication Started
German k4v no2e Queued for publication Started
Greek kostask thpoul Started Started
Gujarati Ujval Shah, Mayank Kamothi Ujval Shah Started Started
Hebrew RoySegall maayan Started Started
Hindi a_thakur Narendra, RavindraSingh Queued for publication Ready
Hungarian Balu Ertl zsofi.major Queued for publication Started
Indonesian wismoyo, el7cosmos, kanser-tjr Indonesian Team Queued for publication Started
Italian plach marco Queued for publication Started
Japanese dokumori qchan, bkenro, yas Started Started
Korean mozodev ??? - -
Macedonian Vasil Grozdanoski Bidik Queued for publication Started
Malayalam Aneesh Thankachan, Rakesh James aneeshthankachan, rakesh.gectcr Started Started
Marathi Dinesh Waghmare, Prashant Dandekar Rahul Shinde Started Started
Norwegian Bokmål eiriksm eevensen Started Started
Norwegian Nynorsk wizonesolutions 2rB Started Started
Persian, Farsi Ka1 Bashiri herom, drupalnewie @berfi Started Started
Polish bialy12 zaporylie Queued for publication Started
Portugese (brazilian) btriest frubim Started Started
Romanian mfernea prics mmrares Queued for publication Ready
Russian Nikolay Shapovalov, Nikita Malyshev, Alexander Dubovskoy, Alan Bondarchuk Viktor Stepankov, Vadim Valuev, VasilyKraev Not Started Published
Serbian Vladimir Čurčić Dragan Eror, Miljenko Vujaklija Published Published
Slovak mirom david.lukac Started Started
Slovenian Aleš Rebec, Ben Rajnović, Boštjan Kovač, David Ličen, Gašper Zavrl, Jernej Baša, Tadej Baša, Primož Hmeljak, Uršula Lavrenčič, Simon Birsa, Janez Urevc Aleš Rebec, Ben Rajnović, Boštjan Kovač, David Ličen, Gašper Zavrl, Jernej Baša, Tadej Baša, Primož Hmeljak, Uršula Lavrenčič, Simon Birsa, Janez Urevc Started Started
Spanish penyaskito, intfrr paviles, interdruper Started Started
Swedish Magnus Klokie Started Started
Tamil Gurunathan S, Vijaya Sankar N Indhumathi Srinivasan Started Started
Telugu Sree Veturi Sree Veturi, Krishna Kanth Ready Ready
Turkish Serhat Ozkara Tigin Ozturk Queued for publication Queued for publication
Ukrainian InternetDevels gumanist Queued for publication Ready
Vietnamese tuthanh, williampham williampham Queued for publication Started
Welsh prestonso ???? Started Started

If you want to provide translation for a language which is not listed here just add it. If you can help review translations or make translations for a language already present, add yourself to the corresponding cell. Please use your username, so we can contact you as needed.

When can you start translating?

The texts of announcement and press release will be available no later than one week before the release itself. We'll contact those who signed up immediately when the translations can start. All finished translations will be posted on



bertboerland's picture

I will work with btriest and the Stichting (foundation) Drupal Nederland to have this done in time. The second listed person ( ) seems to be 404?


bert boerland

It's Calraen with a capital

Calraen's picture

It's Calraen with a capital C...

My contribution is not wanted? Pity. Was hoping to be able to help out.


bertboerland's picture

Dear Calraen. Sure your contribution is needed. Wanted. I just could not find you(r account).


bert boerland

Vietnamese translation

tuthanh's picture

I am willing to help translating the announcement to Vietnamese, as I did for the Drupal 7 release.

Symphony Themes
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added you

Gábor Hojtsy's picture

Added you.

Great. I forgot, my Drupal

tuthanh's picture

Great. I forgot, my Drupal profile is

Symphony Themes
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Review Farsi

drupalnewie @berfi's picture

I can review Farsi language.

please update the list

Gábor Hojtsy's picture

Please add yourself to the list. We'll use the information in the table to contact people :)

avoid duplicate translation

drupalnewie @berfi's picture i saw "Afghanistan Persian" here. I think Iranian persian and afghanistan persian are same, with some minor changes. Forexample the names of month in calendar. To avoid duplicate we should make a sub-group of persian language to only add the translations for differences for the language in question.


Volunteering to help

a_thakur's picture

Volunteering to help translate in Hindi. Have added my name as well.


I can help on TELUGU

krknth's picture

Hi @sree(Sree Veturi),

Please let me know if you need any help on translating to telugu.

Hello Krknth, Yes please go

dineshw's picture

Hello Krknth,
Yes please go ahead and add your self as Translator against Telugu in list above, by editing page. Also invite more people who can help to translate in telugu.

Also join below group which aims to bring all translators from indian in one group.

Plan is to call for translation sprint during weekends till for few months so that we can achieve considerable progress in translation.


Sree's picture

Hi @krknth,
Did you get a chance to look at the details?


Amharic translation

wgetca's picture

I will support Amharic translation.

please add yourself

Gábor Hojtsy's picture

Please add yourself, thanks!

Ukrainian translation

InternetDevels's picture

We will handle Ukrainian for both translations.

Should we add ourselves into the table?

yes please add yourself

Gábor Hojtsy's picture

Yes, please add yourself.

@a_thakur, @Narendra, Please

RavindraSingh's picture

@a_thakur, @Narendra, Please let me know when we can have a discussion on translation.

@ravindrsingh, @narendra:

a_thakur's picture

@ravindrsingh, @narendra: would send over the hindi translation by tomorrow for both of you to review, so that we can mail the final version to @Gábor Hojtsy by Monday.

ok, thanks.

NarendraR's picture

ok, thanks.

sounds good

RavindraSingh's picture

sounds good

Hi, Is there a kind of

chipway's picture


Is there a kind of workflow for review?

nothing imposed on you

Gábor Hojtsy's picture

Nothing imposed on you. Discuss among your peers doing the translation the best workflow for you :)

Assamese Translation

DhrubaJyotiDeka's picture

I want to translate Drupal 8 to Assamese(an Indian language).

Hence Senior Volunteer should grunt me for it.

I have tried to contribute to current version translation, but it seems the "Manager" is not an active user anymore.

Hence I appeal to look after the issue and grunt me.


Dhruba Jyoti Deka
Guwahati, Assam


bertboerland's picture

When will the source text be available?


bert boerland

press release is in translation

Gábor Hojtsy's picture

I sent out the press release for translation 5 days ago with a request to translators to send them over for review to reviewers as per this table. If that did not happen yet, I suggest to contact the translators (I see you are listed as a reviewer). Unfortunately the announcement was ready later than expected, about to send that out now for translation.


bertboerland's picture


I contacted btriest via hist contact form (Calraen didnt have the contact enabled), just to be sure, could you send it to me as well? there are only a couple of days left and I really dont want to miss /waste this oppertunity for the Dutch audience.


bert boerland

Hi Bert, I think you didn´t

b_triest's picture

Hi Bert,

I think you didn´t received the press-release as well. If you received it could you send it to me as well?


Gábor Hojtsy's picture


Hi Gabor, Announcement was

Mohammed J. Razem's picture

Hi Gabor,

Announcement was never sent to me. I don't know if there's enough time, but would work on it real quick if you send it.

erm, you just sent it back?

Gábor Hojtsy's picture


Oh I mean Press Release.

Mohammed J. Razem's picture

Oh I mean Press Release.

Check your email associated

nonsie's picture

Check your email associated with d.o account. I was wondering as well until I found it in spam folder this morning.


bertboerland's picture

thanks, but nothing showing up :-(


bert boerland

@Narendra, I posted a msg you

RavindraSingh's picture

@Narendra, I posted a msg you to ping your mail id. Please respond ASAP.


@Gábor Hojtsy, We are done

RavindraSingh's picture

@Gábor Hojtsy, We are done with translation and review process of Hindi press release. Ashish will be sending the final translated version.


Spanish translation.

intfrr's picture

Great!. Adding myself to spanish translation.

How about tranlation of the Drupal 8 announcement?

williampham's picture

@Gábor Hojtsy: my peer (tuthanh) and I have done translation of the Drupal 8 Press Release to Vietnamese. How about translation of the Drupal 8 Announcement Release? Should we translate the page ?

Kind regards,
William Pham

ThemeBrain Solutions
"We believe our solid brainwork helps the Drupal community to build a better web."


Gábor Hojtsy's picture

No, you got the text by email :)

Dutch translation

Volluta's picture

Hello everyone,

I'm willing to contribute on the Dutch translation.



Dutch translation

btriest's picture

Hello Volluta,

You could contact bertboerland. He and his team is taking on the part of revisioning the the documents today. Maybe you could help.

Benjamin van Triest

Hi, I reviewed the french

chipway's picture


I reviewed the french translation. How can I upload it on the right place?



send it along to me :)

Gábor Hojtsy's picture :) The content is on a new section of the site that is just being built out and staged for the release, so unfortunately cannot give out access yet to add yourself.

processed press releases received so far

Gábor Hojtsy's picture

All the languages that now have "Queued for publication" for the press release are done for their part there and we'll just need to flip the publication flag on our part when the time comes. Awaiting the rest of the translations and the announcement/product page as well of course :) Thanks again for your help, it will be amazing to see Drupal 8 announced in all these languages in two days.


chipway's picture


@Gàbor Please clarify!

cFreed's picture

Due to the Paris attempts we (the French translation team) experienced some issues to keep coordinated, so the translation you've already received has not been totally reviewed.

It doesn't really matter, in that it is mostly correct. But we think we could improve it, especially about 2 peculiar points where opinions differ between us about how to interpret the original text.

It's why I ask clarification if possible about this:

  1. Approximately half of the document.
    Drupal 8 ships with important advances in content modeling and decoupled API-first publishing: could you explain, using different words, what the bolded text above means?
  2. Not far after "Some organizations are already using Drupal 8."
    (CH2M) is a global corporation that works to keep governments, infrastructure, and environments sustainable.: here we wonder what it really means "keep sustainable" (we obviously can think of "sustainable development" but don't see how it may be related to CH2M, which apparently doesn't have any of these preoccupations).

Thanks in advance



Gábor Hojtsy's picture

Decoupled API-first publishing is meant to say that Drupal 8 is both equipped with content submission via APIs as well as content display via REST and so effectively capable of being a content repository where content is submitted/updated from and consumed on 3rd party devices. Drupal 8 may store data collected from your smart watch and serve it for an app on your tablet. (BTW its structured content approach lays itself even more to this, but keep it to what the English text says :D)

As for CH2M's mission, looking at the short summary our text says about the same thing even with similar words, eg. "Helping governments move forward sustainably, protecting and creating economic opportunity for citizens worldwide."

Actual French translation transmitted

cFreed's picture

Thanks for taking time to answer this.
Now the actual French translation has been transmitted.

upload file after review

drupalnewie @berfi's picture

I review a translation, need to upload it now so, need some guides guys please?

the email included clear instructions

Gábor Hojtsy's picture

If people did not forward the request email, ask them to do so.

Review portugese text

btriest's picture

If there are some people who could help with the review of the portugese text we would gladly apriciate it :) It´s ready to roll, but needs some attention. ;)

Benjamin van Triest

Uploading translations

onewomanbiz's picture

Here is what was in the email from Gabor concerning submitting your translation.

"6. Once ready and reviewed, please send back the translated page in the same format via email to me. I'll make sure that the translation ends up at the right place on and will be published alongside the English version when time comes."

Tamil translation ready

gurunathan's picture

@Gábor Hojtsy,

We reviewed and sent you the Tamil translation. Please check your inbox.

Review the Arabic

MohamedAli's picture

I didn't get the Arabic translation from @Mohammed J. Razem yet, to review it... not sure if it's ready for reviewing or not?

Dutch translation

btriest's picture

Dutch press release is created, reviewed and sent to gabor.

Benjamin van Triest

persian translation

Ka1 Bashiri's picture

@Gábor Hojtsy,
I sent Persian translation via email couple hours ago, Please check your inbox.

Turkish translation

sozkara's picture

Turkish translation has been reviewed and sent to Gábor.

How to get access to translate to Russian?

andypost's picture

I'd like to help translate/review on today's party

best way to ask the people listed above

Gábor Hojtsy's picture

Best way to ask the people above.

Tried that yesterday evening

Shevchuk's picture

Tried that yesterday evening (UTC+3), no response yet :(

Chinese Simplified

ztl8702's picture

@Gábor Hojtsy The Chinese Simplified version of the product page has been sent to your email address yesterday.