D8 Core Indian Language Translators Group

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

Hello Folks,
With Drupal 8 release coming up and Drupal 8 has 200+ new features and improvements, We look forward to the active participation, and cooperation of people genuinely interested in translating Drupal 8 Core by making Drupal 8 Core Translations available in most of indian languages and help to gear up translation work on https://localize.drupal.org/translate

Drupal 8 allows to
- Translate anything in the system with built-in user interfaces
- Build pages with Views language filtering and block visibility
- Get software translation updates automatically from the Drupal community

In Drupal 8 From the first installation screen all the way to translating views and image fields, the entire experience is made simpler. With such key features Drupal 8 is going to be key CMS which has potential to serve and solve problems of serving web information in sectors like Government, Education, NGO, News and Media as well as may helps community which would like to have information in there own indian languages.

Below link Gives list of Groups for Drupal 8 Translation Status Drupal 8 per language based on the 8440 source strings found in the latest Drupal 8 release (8.0.0-beta15)

How to contribute?
- If not already a member of the translation team, go to the Overviewscreen for your language and join with the big green Join button.
- Look at the team's Board page for information on terminology, review process, etc. if available.
- Find untranslated strings with the language link on this page.
- Submit suggestions for untranslated strings.

To filter Drupal 8 Core Untranslated Strings:
- After joining group on go to Translate tab
- Under Project filter put “Drupal Core"
- Under Release Select Latest Drupal 8 release (e.g.: 8.0.0-beta15)
- Under Context keep “All"
- Apply Filter
- You can then click on Reveal more filters option to filter by Status / Contains / Limit etc.

Current active key groups from https://localize.drupal.org/translate for Indian Language translation are as below:
- Hindi https://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/hi (65 Contributors)
- Tamil https://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/ta (39 Contributors)
- Marathi https://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/mr (22 Contributors)
- Gujrati https://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/gu (19 Contributors)
- Telugu https://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/te (15 Contributors)
- Kannada https://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/kn (12 Contributors)
- Bengali https://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/bn (11 Contributors)
- Malayalam https://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/ml (9 Contributors)
- Punjabi https://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/pa (5 Contributors)
- Oriya https://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/or (4 Contributors)
- Sindhi https://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/sd (1 Contributors)

Idea is to bring most of above contributors under D8 Core Indian Language Translators Group and help to make Drupal 8 Core available in Indian languages.

Agenda for D8 Indian Language Group:
- Organise Drupal 8 Core Translation sprints
- Plan meet-ups / Hangouts / Webinars related to Drupal 8 Multilingual
- Get involved with http://www.drupal8multilingual.org
- Showcase for Websites created in Indian languages and Drupal 8 Mulilingual features
- Put up new ideas

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Drupal India: Communication Channels have been bridged

Hello Indian Drupallers,
This is to bring to your notice that IRC, Matrix Room and Telegram group of Drupal India communities have been bridged, that messaging in any platform will be shared to other platforms and you can chat with platforms you are comfortable with with no mandatory need to create accounts in other platforms.
Follow the discussion here at: https://www.drupal.org/node/2902791

Thanks Ricardo Amaro (ricardoamaro) and Luís Pedro Algarvio (lpalgarvio) from Drupal Infra Staff, for all the help in bridging.

Join these platforms:

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Pan-India Virtual Sprints & Monthly Regional Meetups

Hello Drupal India,
Drupal India is second largest Drupal community in world next to USA. Indian community is diverse and one of the countries with more regional groups. Let's come together as a whole with an activity to connect all the Drupallers from different regional groups in India.

What's the idea:

  • Organizing virtual sprints on second Saturday of every month (interested people/organisations can organize in-person regional meetups).
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Launch of AddWebSolution's Website in Drupal 8

Glad to announce the stable version of our website: https://www.addwebsolution.com/ has been launch and running successfully with best performance.

We are open for helping with any Drupal website issues, feel free to drop a line over: https://www.addwebsolution.com/contact

Feel free to provide the improvement scope. Happy to hear and help too..!!

Let's socialize..

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Tools for translations

We have been maintaining the Gujarati Translation group over l.d.o

We see many submission using google translate which simply does not fit to the context of the word.

What translation tools do you use to add the translations? Can you share a few?


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TİVİBUSPOR-[CANLI-İZLE] Besiktas-Napoli-maçi-canli-izle

Event type: 
User group meeting

"LINK-1== http://cort.as/mHS4
LINK-2== http://bit.ly/2baQoOH

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Drupal Developer (Mid-level / Sr.) for Creosen Services Private Limited

Job Description Send me Jobs like this

Mid-level 3+yrs Exp/Senior Software Developer 5-6yrs Exp:

Should have min 1 Year of exp in Developing and maintaining DRUPAL, Content Management System networking sites using PHP5 and MySQL.
Should be using OOPS concepts in PHP.
Proficient in MySQL database.
Proficient in JavaScript and Jquery.
Good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3.0.
Knowledge of developing/coding/integration of website/portals using Drupal will be advantage.
Strong programming & communication skills.
Custom module development.
Responsive Theme development.
Mandatory Drupal.

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Jaipur Drupal User Group Drupal 8 Release Party

2015-11-20 19:00 - 23:05 Asia/Kolkata
Event type: 
Drupal 8 Release Party

Lets gather and celebrate in the release of the most awaited Drupal 8.

We will have an introduction of Drupal 8 and how its going to change the Drupal Ecosystem, followed by a Drupal 8 Cake, food and drinks.

Everyone is invited. Please RSVP here if you are planning to attend.

Address: The Forresta Kitchen & Bar, Devrajniwas, Near Moti Mahal Cinema, Bani Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302016

See you all!

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Call for Translator or Reviewer for Drupal 8 core Indian languages translation before Drupal 8.0.0 release on November 19, 2015

Dear all,
as we know Drupal 8.0.0 will be released on November 19, 2015 I would like to bring your attention to thread Help translate the Drupal 8 announcement and press release

Hence try to nominate yourself as Translator or Reviewer for Below set of Indian languages as possible.

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Making Drupal 8 Core translation available in major indian languages

I invite interested Indian community members for active participation and cooperation with genuine interest in translating Drupal 8 Core by making Drupal 8 Core Translations available in most of indian languages and help to gear up translation work on https://localize.drupal.org/translate

You can join https://groups.drupal.org/d8-core-indian-language-translators-group

Agenda for D8 Core Indian Language Translators Group:
- Organise Drupal 8 Core Translation sprints
- Plan meet-ups / Hangouts / Webinars related to Drupal 8 Multilingual features

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