Drupal & Magazine/Newspaper information?

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I have to create an onlime magazine.
I have seen that many olnline magazines / newspapers were built with Drupal.

I am new to Drupal (I have developped sites with Joomla and Wordpress, but none with Drupal yet). So I am gathering information.

As I see that posts in « Newspapers on Drupal » have been posted a while ago with older versions of Drupal, I am wondering:

1° if Drupal is still the best low cost solution to achieve a professional result

2° where could I have up to dated information about Drupal distributions for newspapers and magazines + relevant modules + affordable Document management system…

I have seen these pages:
but are they still accurate, pertinent?

Thanks a lot for your help!



Hi Paul, Most of what you

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Hi Paul,

Most of what you would require for most features to build an online magazine/newspaper is right out of the box in Drupal 8. With Drupal you will get a professional result.

Depending on how you want your readers to consume the information, there are many contrib modules you could use to achieve the result you want.

From a publisher point of view, anything you want to add to a content type for say a news article can be achieved using Drupal field system out of the box.

For any specific requirement you want to implement into your site I would recommend posting in the support forums on an issue to issue basis.

Thank you for your

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Thank you for your answer.

Does it mean that almost all the suggestions indicated in the "Newspapers on Drupal" group are obsolete as they were specified for older versions of Drupal?

Where could I find relevant information about Newspaper / Magazine creation on Drupal 8?

Try Thunder

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Meanwhile dedicated (Drupal 8 based) distributions such as Thunder evolved.

Checkout http://thunder.org/

You can get an own 30 days trial instance within minutes:

On our website, we have a stream of community content related to thunder:
(Use the next buttons to find more. It also contains links to showcases, awards, ...)

We launched more than 10 news portals on Drupal 8. You can find project references here:

Thank you Your link reminds

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Thank you
Your link reminds me of the awesome toolbox Le Temps in which you were involved with NP8. I have to study this brilliant project.

For now, I do not see clearly what consequences occur if I use a distribution as I am new to Drupal. And what constraints arise if I choose Thunder (possible customisations, modules removed on distribution updates, hidden costs…). I have to check.

Drupal News Sites - we've built over 300

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We build profitable newspaper websites, they could easily be magazines, too.
We use D7, now moving to D8.

2 examples: http://livingstonenterprise.com/

Our company http://www.surfnewmedia.com/

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