H5P now available for Drupal 8, implemented as a field type

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We're happy to announce that we now have a release candidate available for Drupal 8. This brings all the H5P content types to Drupal 8 including:

Quiz, Interactive Video, Interactive Presentations, Image Hotspots, Accordion and more...

Feel free to give H5P for Drupal 8 a spin. Feedback will be handled every day if provided on the H5P forum.


drupal 8 instructions

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@falcon thank you very much for the update. I have hard time setting up the module on Drupal 8 (8.3.7) site.

I've enabled both h5p and h5p_editor modules. Ran cron. Enabled all the options under settings https://goo.gl/aGqMK4.

I've added H5P field to Page content type. When I create a page, module asks me to upload .h5p file. https://goo.gl/zEgBhv

I do not have anything under /admin/content/h5p https://goo.gl/jCkdDb

Hi,I'm sorry the hear that

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I'm sorry the hear that you're struggling. Have you chosen H5P Editor as widget for the H5P field in "Manage form display"?

It seems that you're getting the default widget from the H5P module.

Thank you a lot! That was a

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Thank you a lot! That was a problem for me. After switching to H5P Editor as a widget (https://goo.gl/RQLb8S) module started to work properly (https://goo.gl/VAxPkf).

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