Lesson #38: Drupal and the Desktop

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2008-01-05 11:00 - 13:00 Canada/Eastern

Only local images are allowed.Drupal is a powerful web application platform, we all know that. But what happens when we want to use it from the desktop in a software application? Join the world of Drupal web services in this lesson, covering how to break down the bridge between the desktop and Drupal through Services and Mono/.NET.

Although we will be using Mono and C# to communicate with Drupal, the knowledge obtained in this lesson could be easily ported over to other platforms and languages including Python, C++, etc.


Aww, I won't make it!

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I have an appointment at 9am tomorrow, and will be on the road.
Senpai (my d.o account)

Joel Farris | my 'certified to rock' score

I couldn't make it

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Will there be a screencast available?


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Since we didn't get the VNC server working, I'll be putting together a screencast demonstration within the next few days.

Here it is

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I've just put the video online. It covers putting together a software application that both receives and posts information to a Drupal website.

That's very useful! Thanks!

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That's very useful! Thanks!

need urgent help

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I have a desktop software that I want to activate the licence key using my drupal site.

I watched the vedio, it's usful, I did not worked in C#, instead I use a javascript based program. I am able to send http/s post/get requests.

I want send
username, password, activation time, Os and software version.

login to the site
create activation key(node/nodetype) and retrive the key

I have confusion with the xml data to be sent and settings on the service module.

experienced developers please help

thnks in advance

Drupal Dojo

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