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OpenScholar represents a paradigm shift in how the personal academic and research web sites are created and maintained. Built on the open-source framework Drupal, OpenScholar makes it possible to create academic web sites in a matter of seconds. Each web site comes with a suite of powerful tools from which users can facilitate the creation, distribution, and preservation of knowledge faster and more efficiently than ever before.
OpenScholar allows users to create genuine, feature-rich web sites on the fly in seconds and is designed to host an unlimited number of web sites in a single installation.

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A install problem which make me warry

I try to install OpenScholar and run it under WAMP in a Windows XP machine,but got the error below. My environment is Windows XP; Firefox 43.0.1; WAMP Server Version 2.2
I have modified php.ini two parameters: memory_limit = 2048M and max_execution_time = 0 before installation. Could you all give me some advice?

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I do not know how to install OpenScholar


I am a newer of OpenScholar and want to install it to test domain experts site building.

I downloaded drupal-openscholar-7.x-3.28.0 and openscholar-SCHOLAR-3.30.1 separately. But I do not know how to install it on my laptop which runs under the MS windows XP.

Could you give me some advices or documents ?

thanks very much.


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Sitewide taxonomy


I've created a content type and registered an app, but now I need to add a sitewide taxonomy that all groups can access. I can't see how to do this in OpenScholar, is it possible please?

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OS app creation

I have created an app. It is working well in the main site but not available(Build>apps) in vsites.

My guess is I need to put the app in spaces but do not now how to.

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drush errors in upgrade to 3.20.0

  1. I have downloade the drupal-openscholar-7.x-3.19.2.tar.gz

  2. Installed it

  3. Get it work

  4. I have downloaded openscholar-SCHOLAR-3.20.0.tar.gz

  5. extracted it to openscholar-SCHOLAR-3.20.0

  6. Moded openscholar-SCHOLAR-3.20.0/* to /home/marcelo/public_html/docentes/profiles/

  7. ls /home/marcelo/public_html/docentes/profiles/ openscholar patches scripts www temporary

  8. cd /home/marcelo/public_html/docentes/profiles/

  9. bash

Got a lot of errors. See they on attached file, please!

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Issue with customising a department vsite's home page in OpenScholar D7

Hi there,
I have latest openscholar + drupal 7.31 installation. I have the main site and 5 department sites and many more personal sites. I need to display a view generated block on the main site and not on the rest of the vsites. Currently view created block is appearing on the front page of the main site + front page of all the department and personal vsites. Can anyone provide some help on "How to display blocks on a specific vsite's front page but not on others" .

I have been stuck with this issue for a long time. Any help much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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Drupal Web Developer | Harvard Medical School

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Harvard Medical School seeks a highly motivated and creative developer to work as part of a team delivering web solutions with Drupal as our web publishing platform.

The Web Developer is responsible for research, iterative development, design experimentation, and software development on projects delivering CMS enabled (Drupal framework) web sites, native mobile applications for iOS and Android, and internal software focused on employee productivity, work stream automation, and collaboration.


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Page Redirect in OpenScholar

Hi All,

I was wondering what other people use to redirect OpenScholar sites to other non-OpenScholar sites (say a faculty member leaves and they want this site to redirect to their new one).

Do you use a Drupal module to do this? We are running the latest OS version (3.15, Drupal 7).

Thanks in advance for your time and help.


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[Solved] Default page doesn't accept relative URL

My OpenScholar site consists of a department site and subsites under it for lines of research, facilities and faculty, researchers and students.

Rather than have the site-url go to the standard OpenScholar login at http://site-url/home I wanted it to go to the department site which is at site-url/department.

It seemed from reading that what I wanted to do was change the default home page.

Admin/Configuration/System:Site-information has a section called Front Page which shows the default front page.

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[Solved] Slow page loads related to database logging

I have been seen extremely slow page loads, on the order of 20 seconds for a simple front page.

In order to figure out what was going on I enabled the Query Log by navigating to Configuration/Development:DevelSettings and checking "Display query log" and below checking "Display page timer" and "Display memory usage." Of course, "Save Configuration."

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[No solution] Upgrade to 3.12.1 completed with warnings and errors


I completed an upgrade to 3.12.1.

There were some warnings at the beginning of the process and many more at the end, some in the yellowish box with the yellow triangle with an exclamation mark and others in the pink box with a red hexagon with an X.

Should I be worried about these warnings (errors?)?
If so, are there known solutions?

The warnings (errors?):

At the start of /update.php:

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[Solved] Trouble with update.php and 3.12.1


  1. Has anyone seen the following problem upgrading to 3.12.1 or have any suggestions?

The process stalled at:
Completed 20 of 90 22%
Updating os_files module.

  1. I skipped some releases. Should I have first upgraded to 3.9.x then 3.10.x, 3.11.x and finally 3.12.1?

Thank you!

The problem details:
I upgraded from 3.8.1 to 3.12.1.
Update.php showed four warnings and then the update stalled. I left it overnight and it didn't change.

The four warnings were:

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Web Applications Integrator | Harvard Medical School

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Harvard Medical School seeks a highly motivated and creative developer to work as part of a team delivering web solutions with Drupal as our web publishing platform. This Applications Integrator will:

Design and develop new solutions using both Drupal and a wide variety of widgets and APIs, as well as maintain existing websites. Work with project team members to clarify business requirements, develop technical scope and documentation, as well as write, test and maintain Drupal website code.

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Publications Module not working

I am using open scholar 7.x-3.8.1 , publications module not working.
When I enable it at Build, when i want to add publications, it doesnt work. the link at the profiles to open the page for managing publications isnt working,
what might be the problem?

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OpenScholar translation


I'm using OpenScholar 3.8 and would like to know how translate it to portuguese. There is some simple way?

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EntityMetadataWrapperException: Unknown data property og_group_ref.


I am using Open Scholar. I created a content type called "Project" which has a field called "Team Members". This field is an entity reference to the "Person" content type. Rest of the fields in "Project" are text fields. While saving the content created based on "Project" content type, I get the following exception message

Notice: Undefined index: entity keys in entity_views_field_definition() (line 196 of .../profiles/openscholar/modules/contrib/entity/views/

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create new content types and interlink them


I am new to Drupal and OpenScholar. I am using OpenScholar to build an academic website for our research lab. I created new content types such as People, Projects, Funding. I want them to function in the same way as existing content types such as Publications, News etc i.e., it allows us to create new content of that particular type by using "Add New" link.

1) How can this be done for my custom content types?

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Problens to migrate OpenScholar from 2.0:RC1 to 7.x-3.8.1

Hi everybody,

It's possible migrate from OpenScholar 2.0:RC1 to version 7.x-3.8.1 ? And how to do it?

I was following the recipe:,

But the os_migrate module isn't present in the 7.x-3.8.1 version, I only found the os_migrate module in the branch SCHOLAR-3.1 on GitHub, so I copied the module and installed on 7.x-3.8.1, however when I access the admin/content/migrate after configure the module I get the message error below:

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Upgrade from 7.x-3.5.0 to 7.x-3.8.1: How to do it in a easy way?

Dear OS lovers,

I would like to upgrade from my 7.x-3.5.0 to 7.x-3.8.1. Drupal version is 7.22.

How is the easy way to do that?

I could extract the 7.x-3.8.1, upload to the server and run the upgrade.php script located on the drupal root dir?

Thank you very much.

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PaxHeader folder in prebuilt packages

I tried to download 3.7.4 and 3.6.0 prebuilt packages from
But all the zip's included PaxHeader folder with duplicate files, maybe a virus? Or maybe something went wrong with prebuilt package creation?

This does not seem right to me or there is nothing to worry about?

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