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Orange County Drupal (OC DRUPAL) is your source for all things Drupal in the Orange County Area.

We meet the 3rd Wednesday of the month and welcome all skill levels to join us in growing the local community!

You might also want to check out some of the other Southern California groups if you can't make ours: * Los Angeles * Inland Empire * High Desert * San Diego. OC DRUPAL is closely organized with Orange County PHP (OCPHP).

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  • 2014-09-06 (All day) - 2014-09-07 (All day) America/Los_Angeles
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Plan and discuss the first Extreme Drupal Games (aka the "Golden Neckbeard" competition) for GLADCamp 2014

This year's GLADCamp conference will feature the first Extreme Drupal Games! This event will run throughout the conference, beginning on Friday, March 7th and ending when winners are announced at the closing of the conference on Sunday, March 9th.

We have a sponsor who will be donating 6 identical VMs (distro and stack TBD) for us to use during the conference. I've asked that each VM have a minimum of 2 cores and 4GB of RAM, but exact specs are still being worked out. These VMs are hosted at 1 Wilshire in Downtown Los Angeles, so there will be extremely low latency.

The plan right now is for up to 6 teams to compete over the course of the weekend, tuning both the stack and the Drupal application to get the best possible performance in the allotted time. The team with the fastest Drupal site at the end of the conference will be declared the winner.

Now that we have a date and time, the question is how we're going to load test and judge the teams. What are the rules? Do we test for both anonymous and logged in users? Will contestants be permitted to rip out pieces of the stack and install completely different ones? How about the use of premade scripts? Do we allow commercial software, or go 100% free and open source?

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SANDcamp 2014 Open for Registration

Hello everyone:

SANDcamp 2014 is live for business. Thanks to Jason Savino for making the website work this year with some new twists and Rich Yumul for importing data from the old site. We have six weeks to generate some social media noise and get SANDcamp rocking.

We have great keynote speakers: Jeff Beeman and Josh Koenig. Jeff is the solutions architect for 8-figure Drupal projects and Josh is, well Josh (Co-Founder of Chapter 3 and Pantheon).

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"Drupal 7 Media" book available from PACKT Publishing

I just got a copy of the new "Drupal 7 Media" book available from PACKT Publishing (http://bit.ly/19C7xN0). It covers in great detail the best Drupal community modules for media integration. I will post a more detailed review later, but this book looks like a great resource for media integration in Drupal. If you are wondering how to work with media in Drupal 7, this is a book to checkout.

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Blip.tv is deleting our videos! Let's save them

Hi everybody, I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that we have literally dozens and dozens of videos of presentations and lightning talks that were recorded at Drupal meetups and conferences throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area. Check them out:


This video collection has had tens of thousands of views. We also have another hundred or so videos of recorded videos from meetups over the past year that just haven't been uploaded yet. I'm pretty sure we have more videos than any other Drupal user group!

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Dries Day November 19th, more info at http://www.facebook.com/driesday

There's Earth Day for the planet and now there's Dries Day for Drupal. To celebrate, we're asking everyone in the community to spend the day on Drupal community projects: plan a camp, do a training, work on modules, push code, write documentation, read about Drupal 8 or whatever you find interesting. This is not a bad price to pay for all the great stuff in Drupal. If you're an employer, we encourage you to give your employees a paid day to work on Drupal.

It's simple to participate:

Have your team participate on Dries Day
Tally the number of hours your team contributed

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Drupal Watchdog magazines available to Southern California user groups

Hi all,

Droplabs has a huge surplus of new Drupal Watchdog magazines at our original Downtown Los Angeles location. If any organizers of Drupal meetups, conferences and workshops around Southern California want a stack to take back to their meetups, let us know!


These are being offered free of charge. Droplabs doesn't have the resources to ship or deliver these, however, so the only catch is you'll need to come pick them up.

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Posted this for you Jeremy

This came from a discusion about D8s new config system while at DrupalCampLA this year.


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New Meeting Place Needed for Inland Empire Drupal (IE Drupal)

Okay, I don't want to miss another IE Drupal meeting. I'm not sure if the reason for no meeting in May was solely due to a lack of a meeting place, but that's easily fixed. I'm willing to track down a facility that we can use long term, but I need to know where members would be comfortable driving to.

Take the poll!

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Why do you go to Drupal Camps?

I go to Drupal camps because I know that if I learn one new thing or meet one cool person who's willing to share their experiences with me, then it was a successful use of my time. Whatever I learn doesn't even have to be Drupal related, the point is I'm a wiser person for having immersed myself into the community. I organize Drupal camps because I want others to have that same opportunity, and it's rewarding for me to see people get together and share their brilliant ideas and work.

So, why do you go to Drupal Camps (big, small, local, international)?

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Reminder: Drupal Camp Phoenix is THIS weekend! March 8-10th

Coming up starting Friday - Drupal Camp Phoenix is a Free event with available pay-to-play trainings Friday followed by a full day of sessions Saturday. Take advantage of the nice desert weather and come on out, grab a spring training game with some Drupalists, or a hike through some cactus and increase your Drupal knowledge with a great list of speakers and sessions.

There is events Friday and Saturday night as well.

Hope to see you all there!

-- KW


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OC DRUPAL (Orange County Drupal)

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  • 2014-09-06 (All day) - 2014-09-07 (All day) America/Los_Angeles
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