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A group to discuss about PDF generation issues, use cases and development.

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Drupal Developer | NowLegal.com

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We are looking to hire a developer to create a SaaS e-signature solution to integrate and use within our existing Drupal application, www.NowLegal.com, and possibly for broader commercial use beyond Drupal. Please review the site to understand what it is that we do.

The degree of functionality, UI and UX should ultimately rival that of existing successful e-signature vendors such as docusign.com, echosign.com, et al. Please see this comprehensive list of e-signature vendors for further reference - http://digital-signature.findthebest.com/.

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Some advice from PDF gurus?

Hi all,
On behalf of one of my clients, I recently sponsored a new module by RealityLoop http://drupal.org/project/pdf_archive.
The basic premise is that I wanted to create a PDF version of a node and attach it back onto that node in a filefield. PDF_Archive uses Rules to determine triggers & conditions, and provides a couple of actions to create and attach the PDF, using TCPDF as backend.

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Create selection of interactive PDF

Hey all,

I have gotten a request, namely to build an (web) application which allows one to select certain pages of an interactive pdf (made in inDesign), and create a new file with those pages only.

Philips does this well with a normal 'print' PDF -> http://www.annualreport2009.philips.com/downloads/index.asp

I was wondering whether anyone has an idea how to select pages from a regular PDF and create a new document from that selection. And whether this functionality could be extended to interactive PDFs (made in inDesign).


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New PDF module

LaTeX Toolbar relies on html2ps and ps2pdf as opposed to a full-fledged LaTeX installation to generate PDF's.

Toolbar comes with about a hundred common mathematical symbols to point and click math markup.

For more information about html2ps see http://user.it.uu.se/~jan/html2ps.html

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print module for pdf generation

I have a webform created. I even have a print module installed for generating a pdf of that webform.However I do not want the links,select boxes,checkboxes and submit button to be visible in the webform which is generated. The pdf should be a general form through which the user can take a print out and fill in his details manually(using a pen) How do i do that? I'm using the tcpdf tool.

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New approach to generating PDF documents in Drupal using Views

I have create a new project that does using the views module to generating PDF documents directly without of using the HTML layer between. The approach is using the fields of the view to positioning the data on the PDF document. You can specify for each element the position relative to the page, relative to another element or write in to the Header / Footer.

This enable the system to generate more printable versions of the content. In addition you can set a background PDF as a template. With this approach we can overcome the following disadvantages of other approaches:



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How do I create a pdf of all the contents/nodes of content profile?

The scenario is I have an application that is user centred in Drupal 6 and it has some content profile nodes per user and some extra information attached to user (user_reference and node_reference). I need to generate a CV kind PDF of all the nodes (content profile) and other user related information as a PDF how do I do it? Is there a module to do it?

I have seen the use of Print module and ID-Pdf but need a module that can solve my problem or some method of doing it easily. Hope to hear from you all.

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Adobe MAX 2009 conference in Los Angeles, California

Adobe's annual MAX conference is taking place this October 4-7th in Los Angeles, CA. I will be presenting three Drupal related sessions at this conference for Adobe. Most of my sessions show people how to customize Drupal 6 through themes, modules, and its administration. My sessions are 1-1.5hrs, with one session being a lab (BYOL: Bring Your Own Laptop Lab).

Adobe MAX is a paid conference, and has something like over 200 sessions. Early bird discount still available (as of this writing).

Only local images are allowed.

My sessions are:

  • Customizing Drupal Using Dreamweaver - skill: Beginner - Learn how to install Drupal, a robust, full-featured web content management system, and publish your first pages. You'll be guided through common designer workflows using Drupal and learn how to customize Drupal theme templates. When this lab is complete, you'll be able to take your new skills back to work and be more productive.
  • Exploring Web Content Management Systems from a Designer's Perspective - skill: Beginner - Watch an expert guide you through a selection of today's popular web content management systems and learn which one is right for you. This session will include detailed demonstrations of WordPress, Drupal, and the Adobe InContext Editing service in action, covering installation and publishing.
  • Learn to Rock Drupal Using Dreamweaver - skill: Beginner - Explore the functionality of Drupal from a designer's perspective while learning about the most common workflows. Learn how to integrate Drupal with Dreamweaver and how to use Creative Suite 4 Web Premium to customize Drupal theme templates.

I have presented at MAX before, and attended twice. This conference is huge. Last year 5,000 attendees ran around chatting Flash, Flex, AIR, Photoshop, After Effects, everything Adobe. One of the new things Adobe has done at MAX is run un-conferences inside the main conference building. Last year there were four un-conferences going on all week inside MAX, adding to the already hundreds of sessions. This year I am involved with the Web CMS theme of the conference, promoting Drupal & PHP. Some of you know my Drupal Dreamweaver extensions and Theme Starter desktop software, so I am glad to be exclusively covering Drupal in my talks this year. One session covers the different approaches in Web CMS software like Wordpress & Drupal. For that session I will be sharing the stage for that session with a Wordpress counterpart. I hope that session turns into a feature flinging match as it'll help me get caught up with Wordpress limitations.

I'd like to promote the MAX conference to the Drupal community, and at the same time ask who is already planning to attend. We can meet up and rep Drupal together.

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webservice module developer | Zum

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Looking for a drupal guru who are well versed in module development in handling REST, XMLRPC calls to external api's. If you are familiar with facebook api, myspace api, or twitter api, it is a plus.

Work start in early July. Drupal version 6,

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PDF Converter for Mailing Label

Hi All:

I'm looking at making mailing labels from Views. Hopefully this could be a module I'd commit.

I'm wondering if anyone has advice for what PDF converter to use. I think the best thing would be to build templates or css files for Print module and an interface to select sizes (ie Avery 5160), most likely as a View style plugin. The Print module supports dompdf and tcpdf: http://drupal.org/node/306882 .

CiviCRM already has this functionality and uses ufpdf: http://acko.net/node/56

Any thoughts?



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Generate a PDF catalog from a bunch of nodes


I've been asked about this possibility: create a site containing a product list. This is the easy part. The difficult part is having everytime a PDF copy of this product list, that is having an up-to-date printable catalog, with cover and all that.

You get the point? Instead of having a printed catalog and a dude updating the website stuff, we only keep updated the website's product list and generate a new version of the catalog, including cover and other stuff, pressing "click" somewhere in the website.

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Drupal developers needed to democratize magazine publishing | The Bakersfield Californian

Employment type: 

PLEASE RESPOND TO jobs@printcasting.com

The Bakersfield Californian is looking for experienced Drupal
developers for an exciting new social media project. Using funds from
a Knight News Challenge project, we're going to make it possible for
anyone to be their own local media mogul. Sound interesting? Read on
for details!

The Californian is an independent, family-owned newspaper in central
California that has a reputation for innovation. We're leaders in our
industry in applying "Web 2.0" concepts locally, and among the first

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Print module now supports PDF generation


I have just added PDF generation capability to the print module (currently only for the D6 version...). It is currently able to use dompdf and TCPDF for generating a PDF view of the current page. The PDF support is still very alpha at the moment, but it's workable enough that I would like to bring your attention to it.

The objective is to be able to produce both simplified HTML and PDF versions of any page in Drupal. It also acts as a fully capable replacement of the pdfview module.

João Ventura

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3d party PDF lib in PHP


I wonder why did you decide to use tcpdf library as a basis for pdfview module? Are there any other alternatives in PHP better than this lib?

Honestly speaking, I was not satisfied neither by its abilities nor by its architecture. Everything in one class is a bad approach which doesn't allow to flexibly extend it.

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Module "Black-Hole" revival

There are a "LOT" of contrib modules out there. Even more so, there are a great deal of good modules that have been neglected. Lets be honest, a developers time is precious, and we all get spread thin and a bit scattered sometimes, and we leave our children (modules) to the way side for other things (like "bill-paying" modules/development so we can eat from time to time :) ).

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Quickbooks Module Introduction

I am sorry for the poor quality of the screen cast. I've never done one, and I used "wink" to do it. I'll probabley update the "how to" later down the road.

So, I made a screen-cast of my quickbooks module. It's very pre-alpha, and the screen-cast is not the best. But I did it quickly. I've been getting a few inquiries, and I figured this would be the easiest way to explain it. I'll be releasing it to the cvs by the end of this week so hopefully I can some collaboration on it.

Link to video: http://earnestberry.com/node/7/play

Currently what it does:
- Brings in customers

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Pdfview roadmap

Let's plan an informal roadmap for Pdfview.

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PDF use cases

What do you need from a Drupal PDF module? Do you need it to format a web page just to send it to the printer, or do you need it to generate a document like an invoice, a book, or catalogue?

How much theming and customization flexibility do you need?

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