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Free websites built by University of Michigan grad students

We are seeking clients for a class at the University of Michigan School of Information. Students in this class break into teams to build websites.

We have about 30 students in the class this winter, so we need 10 sites to create.

That’s where you come in.

Do you know anyone that needs a site (re)built that would be a good candidate for our students?

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[DCMuc16] Can you smell the gingerbread and hot spiced wine? DrupalCamp Munich 2016 is coming

Hey Drupalistas!
We are just a few blinks away from the DrupalCamp Munich 2016 (31.11.-02.12.2016 CodeSprints @ Burda Media // 03.12.-04.12.2016 DrupalCamp @LMU Munich). As you know, this is our 2nd Camp after the great (and 1st) DrupalDevDays in 2010, and we think we will be great hosts again.

So, it's your part to submit your session prosposals until 14th of november and to be part of the special spirit of a camp with friends, Drupal, PHP, Symfony, beer, a lot of socializing, food, another beer, coffee, code sprints, very special welcome-bags, ...
We are thankful of our sponsors so we have a special prizing for students and WWCode. Please contact us for further information.
We look forward to seeing you at DrupalCamp Munich 2016 and to drinking a mug or two of "Gluhwein" or bavarian beer together.

Greetings from our Team

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Drupal Camp PA!

Join us for Drupal Camp PA July 30th and 31st in Pittsburgh!


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A11y toolkit module

Just wanted to blast it here as well that I made an accessibility toolkit module which provides a block to help provide ways of improving your site for different visual impairments; most resolving around dyslexia (like a font that makes it easier to read). We also store the setting in a cookie and in the future will do this on the serverside so it doesn't have to reload each time (as the screencast currently shows).

Support, feedback and improvement suggestions always welcome: https://drupal.psu.edu/blog/post/a11y-accessibility-toolkit-module

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Job: Drupal commerce site in Erie, PA

I've had an Erie, PA company approach me looking for a Drupal developer for their ecommerce website. Let me know if you're interested and I'll pass along your info.


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Hello Friends,

Good Evening,

If you have any problem in drupal Plz Share with me your problem of drupal , I will try to solve your problem . If you have any new concept or any logic you can share with me ....\

Thanks & Regards
Amrendra Mourya

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Education focused DrupalCampPA in Pittsburgh Aug 1&2!

Drupal Camp PA

When: August 1st & 2nd
Location: University of Pittsburgh
Drupal Camp PA will be held on August 1st and 2nd, 2015
Event URL: Drupal Camp PA Website - http://drupalcamppa.org/

Drupal Camp PA is focused on bridging Higher Education and Industry. We've got a lot of members of the Drupal PSU, Drupal Pittsburgh, Drupal Ohio communities, and elsewhere coming together to talk Drupal. While not exclusively for education, there will be a lot of developers from higher education institutions present including Write State, Pitt, PSU, CMU and more.

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Forcontu is offering 10 x Drupal Training Scholarships

Forcontu is offering 10 x Training Scholarships for the Expert in Drupal 7 online course (valued at USD1350). If you want to apply, complete the form before April 15, 2015. On April 16 we will announce the 10 winners of a scholarship to join the course completely free. The course will be conducted from May 4 to December 4 (7 months).

More information and registration at:


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DrupalCon 2014 Earlybird Ticket for sale

I am unable to attend DrupalCon this year because I can not afford it. I have an earlybird ticket. Its actually a non-profit ticket so if you are a non-profit you can have it for $320. If not, you can have it for the regular earlybird price of $400 and I will return the additional $80 to the Drupal Association. I don't believe I should make money at the Association's expense and I don't believe anyone else should either. Please contact Liz at e.delgado@pghtechministries.org

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ELMSLN packaged via Vagrant for easy spin up and try out

If you don't need to know how to setup vagrant and want to play:


This screencast is a series of 4 videos (for now, will be more in the future potentially) that show how to get ELMSLN up and running with Vagrant. This is the easiest way to setup this system as other methods require knowledge of bash scripting and a clean server to deploy against.

If you don't know what ELMSLN is check out http://elms.psu.edu/blog/post/elmsln-doodle-series

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