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Vy för att visa olika användares skapade innehåll

Håller på att bygga en receptsite. Skulle vilja skapa ett block med en vy som listar olika användares recept. På användarens kontosida ska andra användare se denna användarens innehåll. Gärna en lista/block för blogginlägg och en annan för recept. Jag har skapat en contenttype för recept. Hur bygger jag denna vyn på bästa sätt?

Mvh David

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Drupal Developer | REI Systems

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Are you looking to do work that challenges you while being part of a collaborative and intelligent team? If so, REI Systems has Drupal Developer positions in Sterling, VA that may be exactly what you are looking for.

• Working with a team to create compelling and cutting-edge websites and web applications
• Turning design and user interface mockups into functional websites
• Custom programming and web application development
• Troubleshooting of existing client sites

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Skriva ut rad ur vy

Hej Allihop

Skulle vilja kunna ha en länk till att skriva ut en rad i view. Hur skulle ni gå till väga. Går det utan att länka till en sida med utskriftsmöjlighet?
Är det en fråga om php eller har finns det någon annan lösning?

Tacksam för alla svar

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How to implements View's relationships on a custom field?

Hi guys, I've created a simple custom field (via field api) that should "emulate" references, but allow to define the "reference" type (using a Taxonomy Term).

Basically, I have an entity_type (Company, created with eck module) that use my field to store employees, and the taxonomy term give me the employee type (commercial, owner, secretary, etc...)

I cant put taxonomy term directly in the user, becose a user can be an employee of two different companies.

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Taxonomi för endast den valda gruppen

Ursäkta svengelskan...

Jag försöker lösa ett problem jag har stött på, men har inte riktigt lyckats, jag hoppas att ni kan hjälpa mig!

Jag försöker att skapa en views (ungefär som ett tagcloud) där jag listar alla taxonomies för den aktuella gruppen (OG). I den valda gruppen så kan man publicera noder med tillhörande taxonomies.

Hur gör man detta, eller finns det någon modul för detta redan? Problemet är ju att den visar taxonomies som inte ens finns för den aktuella OG-gruppen.

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Problema con listados

Hola buenos dias a todos!

Hace poco empece a desarrollar una intranet con drupal y ahora estoy intentando desarrollar una seccion llamada facturacion, en ella debera mostrarse un listado con 4 campos, nombre de factura: que sera un link a una factura en formato pdf para visializarla, luego otro campo llamado estado, que pondra 'pendiente' o 'pagado' otro que sea cantidad, que sera el precio a pagar por dicha factura y otro campo con un link a otra pagina web externa para realizar el pago, (paypal por ejemplo)

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Views ve contextual filters problemi


Views'ta contextual filters yardimi ile taxonomy term sayfalari yaratmaya calisiyorum. Problemim su. Field'lara field_kategori alanini ekliyorum ve Exclude from display'i isaretliyorum fakat contextual filter eklerken listede bu field gozukmuyor. Yardimci olabilecek var mi?

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Adding navigation links to a view

How do you add the list navigation links for 'first', 'last', 'previous', 'next', and the numbers in between to the top of a view? They appear at the bottom by default, but I'm not sure how to add them to the top.
Thanks in advance!

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Drupal Themer | REI systems

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

REI Systems a growing web services and solutions company and government contractor is looking for a Drupal Themer to work in Sterling, VA.

Project within REI Systems is looking for a motivated individual with expertise in converting web page designs (mockups) in to HTML templates using CSS. Most of the assignment will be to create “themes” for Drupal based sites, which require solid CSS and xHTML skills. Selected candidates will work in a dynamic team environment, on variety of projects, ranging from simple sites to complex collaborative sites.

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Why is Views (on saving) spitting out a screen of garbage?

Could anyone provide any insight as to why views is spitting out garbage on saving content?

Basically it goes to a white page with loads of garbled text on it.

It appears to save the view but once it renders the garbage page I then have to re-navigate back to views (which is a major headache) to make any changes (and then again when I save its back to square one with garbled text).

See screenshot (which is only part of it).

Thank you


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