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Broward Drupal Meeting Minutes - November 13, 2013

We held our Broward Drupal monthly meetup on Wednesday, November 13th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Remote participant(via Skype and
Orlando - Debra Wilson, Patricia Mathews

In Person (Greater Fort Lauderdale, Broward County Florida):
Jay Epstein @jeppy64, Ricardo Reyes, Carlos Kosloff and me @hectoriribarne

This month Jay Epstein (@jeppy64) continued to share the entity-based approach he uses to build Drupal sites. He started off by showing how to theme a view using a global field to use html without having to edit any tpl.php files.

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Can you suggest best practice for Main Menu organization?

Our existing website has a pretty clear menu structure:


Tours has a sub-menu of the different tours we offer, plus tour relevant items like Directions, Area Attractions, etc. So in the new site, if the viewer clicks on the Tours option in the menu (rather than clicking on one of the sub-menu items), I would like a page that lists the sub-menu links with a summary.

To do this, I created a view for a tour page that lists the node title and summary, and then used Views PHP module to sort the view by menu weight.

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Help Needed with DBTuner Explain Views

I've been looking at what it takes to create a Drupal 7 version of the DB Tuner module. I've run into some database issues and I'm not familiar enough with the D7 database and views APIs to know how to fix the issues. Could someone please take a look at this code and explain what needs to be done to get it working with D7?

function dbtuner_explain_get_views() {
// Disable Query Cache for this session temp

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Views block pager


I have a calendar block which is present in a sidebar next to a list of events, and the events details themselves.

What I need is for the view to show the date of the current event where appropriate. I know this isn't really a date issue so more generally I need to be able to set the start page of a paged view based on a contextual filter.

Any ideas?



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Drupal ile tag arama opsiyonları


Biraz özel bir arama metodu arıyorum, şöyle ki;

Views ile tag bazlı bir arama formu hazırladım. Bu aramada kullanıcı (a-b-c) taglarını yazıp aradığı zaman, içerisinde (a-b-c) tagları GEÇEN tüm nodeları buluyor.

Benim istediğim ise biraz daha farklı bir metod. Kullanıcı (a-b-c) kelimelerini arattırdığı zaman, içerisinde SADECE (a-b-c) ya da (a-b) ya da (a-c) ya da (b-c) ya da daha azı geçen nodeları bulmasını istiyorum.

Exposed filters içerisindeki opareatörler bunun için yetersiz kalıyor malum.

Yani sorum;

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Trimma från slutet av sträng


Jag ska visa telefonnummer på en webbplats, men endast de avslutande x siffrorna. Man ska kunna känna igen sitt eget nummer, men vara rimligt okänd för andra, tex xxxx5678.

Detta ska göras i Views, men jag hittar ingen metod. Någon som har någon idé? (Det kan förstås också göras i CSS, men det vill jag undvika.)


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Menus dinamicos

Hola que tal amigos, una pequeña asesoria.

Tengo una vista donde listo los últimos usuarios registrados al sistema (nombre linkeable),y tengo un menú superior con 3 ítem de menú ( quienes somos | productos | servicios | ), lo que necesito es saber como colocar los menús dinámicos ejemplo.

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Termos de taxonomia como argumentos para uma reference View

Boa noite,

Estou a desenvolver um projeto que numa das suas funcionalidades, relaciona notícias com eventos.

A Notícia e o Evento (tipo de conteúdo) são obrigatoriamente classificados por um ou mais termos de um determinado vocabulário de taxonomia chamado de Categoria.

As Notícias podem ou não estar relacionados com os Eventos.

O que pretendia saber é se mais alguém teve este requisito e como resolveu:

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Crear tabla con imagenes y sus caracteristicas

Hola buen dìa!

Deseo realizar una tabla que me permita mostrar una imagen con sus caracteristicas, pero no se con que se podrìa realizar, soy nueva en esto y no se si me conviene utilizar views, taxonomias o que me recomiendan? adjunto una imagen de lo que deseo realizar.

Gracias de antemano.

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