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Evil client = Evil code

So it has been a year almost and this client will NOT PAY ME!

SO, he changed the FTP accounts and now is ignoring my calls and probably making money off the site, BUT he left the USER1 acct unchanged...

Any ideas???

ps- Keep in mind he can always ask the hosting company for a copy of the previous day mysql, but I think they only back up for up to 5 days.

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Drupal Developer | Drupal Click

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 


I am a Freelancer from and we are a team of 5 members fully into Drupal CMS development. We have been rendering our services to clients all over the world for the past 5+ years.

Our specialized areas are PSD to HTML Conversions, Theme Integration, Modules Integration, Developing Custom Modules & API Integrations with third party tools. We can handle Drupal 5,6 & 7 versions development and customizations.

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Why I'm Seeking a Staff Job (humor???)


Is it just me? Argh!!!

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What is Drupal??

I propose we come up with a (or several) reusable DESCRIPTION(s) of Drupal for use in proposals to clients... you know, the people who aren't geeked out on Drupal, and, quite the contrary, have no (expletive) clue what it is, or what it does.... and mainly, WHAT THE BENEFIT(S) IS OF DEVELOPING IN IT IS(ARE).

I feel like descriptive text should distill itself down to about 2 sentences that provide a widely applicable (and perhaps wildly general) concept of why clients should commit to the Drupal platform.

Here's my stab:

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Making Agile Billing/Budgets/Estimating work for your clients

Hey fellow PMs - I kept seeing and hearing people asking about Agile and how to manage estimating and billing for clients within that method, and wrote a blog post about it:

Would love to hear your feedback (feel free to comment there as well if you like) and continue the discussion here!

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Preliminary questionnaire for clients who didn't define what they want

I've made a webform usefull as first step with clients who are not coming with a project clearly defined for you and/or form themselves.

Am I the only one who is seeing that so often ?

So here is a questionnaire and I've exported the webform so you can use it as a base for your own.

You should use the node_export module to re-import seamlessly the form.

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Best Practices for Managing Client Customization Requests In A Multi-Site Setup

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