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Who's hiring in LA? (March, 2017)

Who's hiring in LA?

Inspired by the "Who's hiring?" threads at YC News, I'd like to try something similar here. (Yes, there's a pay-to-play Drupal job board, but it's not being used by any employers right now here in LA.)

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SCALE table + Drupal LA + Wonder Women Tech Conference July 16-17 Long Beach


I'm currently planning to promote SCALE at Wonder Woman Tech conference next weekend by getting a SCALE table.

They're a fairly new area tech conference iirc, this looks to be their 2nd year.


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Attention LA-area Drupal community webmasters, come and get yer sites

Hi everyone, after doing some house keeping it looks to me like all the sites that have been on the "musclebeach" server at SoftLayer since 2010 are either abandoned or have been moved off to other servers.

I'll be wiping this server no sooner than 2 weeks from today. The backups are in Amazon S3 and I don't plan to delete those.

If I'm mistaken and one of the sites listed here is not hosted or backed up elsewhere, please let me know within the next two weeks that you're the proper custodian of that site and I'll give you copies of the site backups I have.

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need your comment to improve my new drupal 6.0 websites

Hello All,

Please guide me to improve these drupal 6.0 sites.


Sonu Goyal

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SANDcamp 2013 session voting now open

Session voting for SANDcamp 2013 is now open at session voting: https://www.sandcamp.org/program/sessions/proposed (must be logged in). Please choose your desired sessions and help us work out the schedule.

SANDcamp 2013 is happening Jan. 24 - Jan. 26 in sunny San Diego, CA. Join us for 3 days of Drupal fun! https://www.sandcamp.org/
Register: https://www.sandcamp.org/products/registration
Session proposals: https://www.sandcamp.org/node/add/session (must be logged in)

See you all at camp!

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Come to BADCamp 2012! November 1st - 4th

On behalf of the SF Bay Area Drupal community, I want to invite everyone to attend this year's Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADCamp) hosted on the beautiful campus of the University of California at Berkeley from Thursday, November 1st through Sunday, November 4th. Now in its sixth year, BADCamp is the flagship Drupal event of the San Francisco Bay Area and is expected to draw almost 2000 attendees for four days of summits, sessions, sprints, and social events.

Only local images are allowed.

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Hey is there going to be another boot-camp starting soon at droplabs or elsewhere here in the L.A. area

I was wondering if there was going to be another bootcamp type series like the one that ended a month or so ago at droplabs.

One that is hopefully conveniently located enough for someone living in the South Bay, or maybe West-side, or Droplabs itself?

It's really time that I delved in much deeper :)

Kindest regards,


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Drupal Design Camp LA 2012 planning

Hi organizers,

Is anyone interested in a Drupal Design Camp LA conference for next year? It hasn't been officially announced or scheduled on the calendar yet, but if next year's DDCLA is anything like the one we had earlier this year it would be some time in February.

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help me view node content

hi all!
i buid a app with taxonomy
i want view content of a node, then see content of this node and 2 block "Older news" , "More news" show other news in taxo term.

thanks so much!

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Drupal Design Camp Los Angeles 2011

I thought some of the sessions were record at the Drupal Design Camp Los Angeles 2011. Have they been posted? The sessions at this camp were great, it would be a wonderful resource to have these screen-casts available.

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