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Google Code-In Information Flyer

This flyer was created for Google-Code in 2015 as one of the assigned tasks. Here you will find an editable .PSD file where preferred changes can be made accordingly. There are also JPG files included to view the flyers. I couldn't make up my mind on which background color to use so I've posted all three pictures.

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GCI 2014 Wrap Up and GSoC 2015 Kick Off

Congratulations to Google Code-In Winners

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Google Code-In 2014 starts Dec 1st and Drupal is back!

It's that wonderful time of the year when Google Code-In students (ages 13-17) work on tasks for Drupal. Starting on Monday December 1st, hundreds of students from around the world will be contributing tasks to open source organizations competing to win an all expense paid trip to visit Google in California. Luckily Drupal was invited back by Google to participate in 2014 and timing could not be better with the beta releases of Drupal 8. Thanks Google!

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GCI is now an official drupal.org Organization

Drupal's Google Code-In contest is now considered an official "Organization" on Drupal.org thanks to a discussion @ https://www.drupal.org/node/2329051 and our organization can be found @ https://www.drupal.org/node/2332543 . Our GCI project contributions need to be proudly listed, but how should we go about this? Any ideas on how to organize all this awesome information at our new organization node?

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It was fun GCI, Welcome back GSoC

Our awesome community recently became a bit more awesome. Drupal was accepted into Google's Summer of Code 2014! Student applications started March 10th and are open until March 21st. It's not too late to become a student, mentor, or submit a project idea. Not available to join the GSoC fun...maybe you can send an email to your alumni university mailing list?

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My recent experience using Open Atrium for Google Code-In

I'm supposed to do a task at Google Code-In 2013 in which
I should install and configure Open Atrium site. I used
getpantheon.com services and the installation was quite
fast. Open Atrium has a lot of functions and modules and
I'm sure that I'll use it in my next projects. I hope I
will successful achive the task.
Was easy to:
1) install Open Atrium
2) start a discussion
3) make a screencast
Was confusing to:
1) set the people permissions( I'm not sure I was supposed
to enable the register for users or to change permissions

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