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Google Code-In 2014 starts Dec 1st and Drupal is back!

It's that wonderful time of the year when Google Code-In students (ages 13-17) work on tasks for Drupal. Starting on Monday December 1st, hundreds of students from around the world will be contributing tasks to open source organizations competing to win an all expense paid trip to visit Google in California. Luckily Drupal was invited back by Google to participate in 2014 and timing could not be better with the beta releases of Drupal 8. Thanks Google!

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Notes from Drupalcon 2014 Community Summit

Breaking down the Barriers Between Developers and the Rest of the Community


  • Ian Finlay, Systems Analyst Coty
  • Jeffrey Esquivel,
  • Karl Kaufmann, @karolus
  • Johnny Martin, Encore Multimedia @johnny5th
  • Pierre Vilette, Montreal QC
  • Chadisten Lowery, Front-End Developer @chadsten
  • Pierre, Montreal QC
  • Hari Prasad Nidik, India
  • James, Austin, TX (State Government) Designer, HTML+CSS
  • Mark Etter, Urban Insight, LA

No Time for Documentation

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Drupal Ladder + Google Code-In = Perfect Match

Hello from the Google Code-In Drupal 2013 team ( and ).

We recently added every step/lesson in majority of the Drupal Ladders as tasks into Drupal GCI 2013. Students started taking on the tasks and are already willing to help grow the project. Luckily I mass imported all of the steps as a csv and now we can recycle tasks/lessons every code-in contest. You can see we have plenty of tasks open related and not related to DL @

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Building a mentoring guide/a new user howto

Before diving into this post let me tl;dr: Fostering good communication with new users.

So I asked around on #drupal-contribute to see if there was a guide for helping and guiding users who want to help out with Drupal. There does not appear to be one so here is an attempt to make one. The goal of this discussion is to create an outline which will then get folded into the Drupal documentation for mentoring users. Lets play out a scenario to show where guidelines could help.

A user comes into the irc channel and states they want to help with a project and asks "Where should I start?"

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Promote Drupal

Recently, I had to create a website, for a Penn State course, to search Tv shows. I was free to select any platform to develop the site on and I've picked Symfony php framework. However, couple weeks into the project I realized that Drupal could've saved me so much time and would've been much more reliable. If only someone mentioned Drupal to me at the right moment...

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