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GCI 2014 Wrap Up and GSoC 2015 Kick Off

Congratulations to Google Code-In Winners

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CodeSprint UA 2014

This sprint happened during DrupalCamp Kyiv 2014, an amazing event which takes place in the capital of Ukraine 7 years in a row. Overall more than 150 people took part in the conference, with 1 day of sessions and contribution sprint on November 1-2.

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It was fun GCI, Welcome back GSoC

Our awesome community recently became a bit more awesome. Drupal was accepted into Google's Summer of Code 2014! Student applications started March 10th and are open until March 21st. It's not too late to become a student, mentor, or submit a project idea. Not available to join the GSoC fun...maybe you can send an email to your alumni university mailing list?

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English speaking Beijing drupal meetup and venue suggestion?

I would like to suggest a casual meetup in Beijing to get connected and network and share.

Also I learned how to contribute back to the community even though I am not a drupal expert(I am a little over 4 months since discovering drupal).
I would like to share things I learned from community members when I attended DrupalCon Munich recently and share my experience if you are interested in hearing.
-How to setup local setup for drupal core 8.
-installing git
-how to contribute and help on drupal 8 issues/reviews
Check for more info.

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Organization thread for the 1st DrupalConTribute

This thread is for us to use as a place to discuss organizing tasks and strategies, and the conference in general from both a leadership and participant point of view. Pipe up! Help out!

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Drupal Security Module Packages

Finally after several weeks of preparation the Drupal Security Module Packages are available.

About the Security Package:

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To Core Developers; I Need You, Please. :)

Only local images are allowed.I still haven't been able to establish a technical mentor for my SoU project. I need a Drupal developer with a fair amount of Drupal karma and a small interest in usability, for this project to be successful. I'll be plain; I'm directly asking Dries, core developers, and other similarly-respected folk in the Drupal community, for someone who can commit about 3 hours per week for three months.

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Announcing CiviCRM v1.7

We are pleased to announce that CiviCRM 1.7 stable is now available for download.

CiviCRM is the first open source and freely downloadable constituent relationship management solution. CiviCRM is web-based, internationalised, and designed specifically to meet the needs of advocacy, non-profit and non-governmental groups.

New to CiviCRM?

What's New in 1.7

The big news for 1.7 is CiviEvent - providing integrated online event registration and management for paid and free events. This release also includes a new "Contact Dashboard", which gives constituents a consolidated view of their subscriptions, contributions, event registrations and more.

Other release highlights include:
* Create and save re-usable email templates (with mail-merge tokens)
* CiviContribute plugins for and Google Checkout
* Use customized versions of templates for any screen
* One-click copying for existing Profiles, Contribution Pages and Events
* Restrict access to selected custom data fields and selected profile screens

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