Lesson Proposal: How to create a local test environment - June 17

Note: this lesson has been postponed due to technical problems - it is now scheduled for June 17!

OK, this has been asked for a bunch of times and is a really important step for doing development work. With code freeze approaching we would also like to get as many people helping with patch testing as possible as well. To do that you need a test site. But wait, people have different OS! What will you teach? We will cover each OS - Mac, Linux and Windows with a break between each.

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OMG, another vid - Checkout Drupal HEAD from CVS

OK, starting to feel like I'm spamming everyone. This is a really short, 6 minute, video that shows you how to use command line to checkout a copy of Drupal's HEAD version to your localhost. Assumes you have a local webserver set up and db created already.

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Lesson #5 Screencast -- CVS

The screencast is now available: (88 MB .mov file).

I'll be updating this post in a little while after I upload a more "raw" and higher quality version of the file.

Notes and IRC Log forthcoming...

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Dojo Lesson #5 -- Get your CVS on

2007-01-29 03:00 - 04:30 Etc/GMT-8

Here's an event to track the class about CVS and the Project module on If you've always wondered what everyone is talking about when they say "dww is the coolest for the new project release system" then this is for you: dww will be joining the call. If you have a module or theme that you would like to release on then you will learn how to add it, branch it, tag it, and create a project node.

Take a look at the class agenda to see the topics that will be covered.

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Dojo Lesson on CVS

Here's a wiki page to track the stuff to cover during the CVS/Project class. I'd like to cover the use of Project module on from a consumer perspective.


Anyone who is familiar with Drupal and writing php code. The course is useful to those interested in creating or testing out patches and also those who would like to contribute a module or theme.

Skills gained

Able to commit/maintain a module/theme and/or test/contribute patches.

General Agenda:

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