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Drupal Dojo Webinar -- Drush and Drush Make now avilable on DrupalDojo.com

If you missed Matthew Connerton's presentation "Drush & Drush Make (& features too?)", you can now review the presentation in the Dojo archives on DrupalDojo.com please visit http://drupaldojo.com/session/drush-drush-make-features-too.

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Drupal Dojo Calls for Mentors!

The Drupal Dojo and Drupal Kata are in search of Mentors!

Current Mentoring Opportunities:


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Managing blended learning and curriculum libraries across multiple languages

Is anyone already doing this in Drupal?
What services, tool, modules, other resources are you using?
Might you be interested in a Drupal Learning Project?

I had an amazing trip to Cambodia in January of 2010 working with Teachers Across Borders (http://teachersacrossborders.org.au) and considering solutions for professional development for in-service teachers.

We hope to eventually find a way to build a Drupal installation profile to support blended learning and cataloging of learning materials, particularly focusing on lesson plans and classroom materials across multiple languages.

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Are the dojos still happening regularly in Austin? I went by Triumph Cafe a couple weeks ago and didn't see anyone. Did the location change?


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Ready for a Boston Drupal Dojo?

I posted a wiki on Drupal Dojos, Hack Nights, and Cafés in your community after spending some time with Lynn Bender who started a Drupal Dojo in the Austin community. The general idea is to have a weekly opportunity to get together with other folks in the local Drupal community to work on projects and share solutions to problems.

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Local Drupal Dojo / Hack Night

I love the idea of NYC starting a regular Dojo, Gus Austin aka gusaus just posted a dicussion of local Dojo's . What do people feel about this, if there is any enthusiasm about it, I think we should reach out to our members that are entrenched in the local colleges or local Co-Working locations.

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Drupal module developer (Contract) | Fathom Industries

Employment type: 

We need to find an experienced Drupal developer to finish a new module for a client. Here are the details - please contact me at brian@fathomindustries.com to follow up.

Technologies involved:
Drupal 5.x
PHP (of course)
Ubercart 1.x

The module (which is about 40% complete) is a custom product type for Ubercart. In brief, it's creating an overlay image to visually show various product options that the customer can change on this product type.

Work that is still required:
Admin tool to upload the overlay files for the product options

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Vuelven las lecciones del grupo Drupal Dojo, esta vez "tiráte a la pileta con Drupal 6"

Ultimo momento: Ya empieza!

Instrucciones: http://webmeeting.dimdim.com:80/portal/JoinForm.action?confKey=joshk

No pierdan la lección sobre Durpal 6 que va a dictar el fundador del grupo Drupal Dojo, joshk, este domingo.

Está dictado por supuesto en inglés, pero promete ser muy interesante. Voy a enviar aquí instrucciones de cómo capturar el video, audio y chat (irc) de la lección en vivo.

Comienzo: 2009-11-23 11:00 US/Pacific (o sea, 19 hs hora Buenos Aires)
Qué: Tiráte a la pileta con Drupal 6

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Dojo Video Bushido

Hi All - I wanted to start a discussion with the Dojo resurgence and redesign in mind. My focus is on two points.

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Drupal 6 Forms API Screencast

This is a very introductory look at Forms API in Drupal 6.

The focus is on basic and practical application, and should allow the newest Drupal programmer to be able to go create his or her own form, in Drupal 6.

Attached is the code for your perusal--It's the same as what's demonstrated in the video, with a bunch of comments. (I would have attached a tarball, but it was not an acceptable file format)

The 30-minute screencast is hosted at blip.tv.

NOTE: In the video, I fail to use check_plain() when outputting some user-generated content...For the sake of you and your web site, don't forget this step. The attached code example is i believe doing it right

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