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Drupal Accepting GSoC 2017 Students - Call for Mentors!

Drupal is officially accepted into Google Summer of Code 2017 and is currently accepting student proposals. Students are encouraged to request proposal reviews on IRC in #drupal-google at Freenode.

Calling all mentors! Even if you don't have an idea or elite coder skills, you can still help. Drupal prefers to accept a small amount of projects with as many mentors per project as possible. If you're interested participating, contact me via d.o or find us on IRC. We're more than happy to team you up with potential students who will continue pushing Drupal 8 to the next level.

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Recherche Mentor

Bonjour je recherche un mentor pour m'aider à apprendre Drupal.
J'ai conçu 8 sites internet non-intéractif en HTML, CSS, et Javascript dans les 2 dernières années et je suis en train d'apprendre Drupal depuis 1 mois. Comme projet d'apprentissage je suis en train de construire un site pour un luthier à partir du thème suivant:

J'aimerais que le site ressemble à celui de ESP guitars:

J'aimerais bien que quelqu'un puisse m'aider.

J'habite à Lévis

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Chicago Web Pro Seeks Drupal Mentoring


I'm a longtime Chicago-based web professional who is looking to expand my Drupal knowledge and skills. Everything I've heard about learning Drupal points toward the need to establish a relationship with a mentor: someone who can point me in the right directions, tell me of best practices, and introduce me to all of the foibles of Drupal and its contributed Modules. So, I'm looking for an opportunity to work with an individual or team on a Drupal project where I can be eased into the process of implementing Drupal sites.

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Drupal Mentor for B2B Organization | Journyx, Inc.

Employment type: 
Part time
Not allowed

Journyx is looking for a Drupal expert to come on-site (North Austin) two hours a week for a one-on-one learning session with myself, a drupal user who has basic drupal knowledge and is looking to learn more. We have two websites that are drupal based - and a customer community that will launch soon. Journyx is a software company that sells to other businesses, so we prefer someone who has experience building drupal sites for B2B organizations. If you have any interest or would like to know more, please email me at Compensation information available upon request.

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DrupalEasy Community Mentors

Hey everybody,

I want to let everyone know about a mentoring program that I'm organizing for a group of students that I'll be training over the next few months.

The tl:dr version is this: I run a 10-week, 70-hour Drupal training program in Brevard County, Florida (home of Kennedy Space Center) for recently laid-off residents. With the retirement of the Space Shuttle, there have been over 8,000 layoffs - many of these people are skilled IT workers looking for new careers.

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Drupal Career Starter Program and Community Mentors

Good morning everybody,

I know that there's a lot of people interested in the 2nd edition of the Drupal Career Starter Program (DCSP) that we run in Brevard County, so I figured I've provide a quick update as to our fantastic progress. I also want to let everyone know about our DrupalEasy Community Mentor program - keep reading for more information about that...

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Building a mentoring guide/a new user howto

Before diving into this post let me tl;dr: Fostering good communication with new users.

So I asked around on #drupal-contribute to see if there was a guide for helping and guiding users who want to help out with Drupal. There does not appear to be one so here is an attempt to make one. The goal of this discussion is to create an outline which will then get folded into the Drupal documentation for mentoring users. Lets play out a scenario to show where guidelines could help.

A user comes into the irc channel and states they want to help with a project and asks "Where should I start?"

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Teach Drupal Classes | Boston Univ. Center for Digital Imaging Arts

Employment type: 
Not allowed

The Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts (CDIA) is seeking contract web designers and developers in Washington, DC to teach daytime and night/weekend classes in a variety of Drupal topics (and other web development topics).

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Drupal Dojo Calls for Mentors!

The Drupal Dojo and Drupal Kata are in search of Mentors!

Current Mentoring Opportunities:


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Senior Drupal Developer | GDIT

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Position Overview
General Dynamics Information Technology's Health Services Group has won a large military health contract co-located in Seattle, WA and Washington, D.C. This contract supports the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE for PH&TBI), Telehealth & Technology Directorate centered at Ft. Lewis, with an office in Silver Spring. There is an immediate requirement for a Senior Drupal Developer to participate in the development of web applications for the enterprise.

Essential Job Functions

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